Mera Yaqeen

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Mera Yaqeen Review – Last Episode!

                                                           ‘All’s well that ends well’ This phrase applies to this show. It may have many flaws but its ending was superb. The whole episode was mind blowing! I was totally hooked till the end. Usually last episodes turn out to

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Mera Yaqeen Episode 20 – Brilliant Episode

A new chapter has finally begun and that too in the second last episode. It should have begun a long time ago. I absolutely love the direction and dialogues of this serial. Sarmat Khoosat has not done a bad job.

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Mera Yaqeen Episode 19 – Maha Is Back!

We go to see a lot of twists and turns in this episode. This show is finally picking up its pace. We saw Maha trying to get her hold back on her house. Everyone was surprised at first and then

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Mera Yaqeen Episode 18 Review – Seeds of Doubt Planted

One word for this episode: Brilliant. The pace was fast and the story has finally moved on to the next phase. Maha is back! Yes, she is finally able to move and is on the way to recovery, thanks to

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Mera Yaqeen Episode 17 – Intentions Revealed

We got to see a lot of development in the story as well as true insight into the characters in this episode. First of all, I would like to mention the strong bond that has been developed between Asfan and

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Mera Yaqeen – An Overview

Mera Yaqeen started off with a good note. This serial is directed by the one and only Sarmad Khoosat of Humsafar fame and written by Seema Munaf. It portrayed a perfect couple, Asfan and Maha played by Faisal Qureshi and

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