Celebrities Who are Known For Their Social Work

Serving Humanity is the best thing a person can do to please Almighty. It really does not matter how much you are capable of doing to help others, all it means is to make a start from something. You never know the little help that you offer to a person in need, is what he is all looking for. These days when the Pandemic Corona Virus has taken the world with the blow, it is indeed a time to think about the ones that are in the worst shape right now.

Like many of us, some of our celebrities have a soft heart and are always found standing up for the rights of the people and have been helping out the needy.

Below are some of the very aggressive social workers who happen to be celebrities as well. Have a look!

Hamza Ali Abbasi

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Hamza has always been up for social issues. He has been sponsoring kids of sex workers for few years and feels that sometimes it is good to tell people so they become educated about this as this is an ignored area where no one comes, no charity nor any NGO.


Mahira Khan

mahira shehzad zeba

Mahira Khan, for her global prominence, has played her role in helping the kids who are deprived of the basic necessities of life.


Shahid Afridi

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Prominent cricketer Shahid Afridi has also taken part in social activities and is often seen as a social volunteer.



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Iqrar started as a host but is now all known for his social work.


Shehzad Roy

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He started an NGO and has been fighting for the rights of children.


Feroze Khan

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Now that he has given up the media industry and has turned to the almighty with all his heart, he has been trying to work for humanity, for sure, Allah likes those who care about the needy.


Hadiqa Kiyani

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Popular pop singer, Hadiqa Kiyani has also volunteered on many occasions in the support programs of the people suffering in the society.

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