Dil-e-Muztar Episode 6 – An Enjoyable Episode!

What a drastic change! I still cannot believe this is the same Adeel who was so indifferent towards Silah once upon a time. The stingy Adeel celebrated Silah’s birthday lavishly by giving her a gold locket as a present. That’s a big feat in itself for someone like Adeel, it shows how much he loves Silah. For me, the best scene of the episode was when they were celebrating Silah’s birthday and Adeel put the locket on Silah. Silah and Adeel looked like the happiest couple on earth!

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‘Kya Dekh Rahe Hai?’

Tumhara Dil. Kehte Hai Ke Aankhein Dil ka Ayeena Hoti Hai.

Acha Toh Apne Kiya Dekha?

Hamari Choti Si Kainat’

These dialogues left me in awe of the beautiful scene. Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas were both outstanding in this scene and their brilliant chemistry was too hot to handle! Adeel takes so much care of Silah that it surprises as well as amazes her at times to see this new side of him. She feels like she is at the top of the world when Adeel shows his love towards her, she just cannot digest the fact that Adeel can love her to this extent. He never fails to surprise her with his caring and loving nature. I loved the scene where he brings milk for Silah and makes her drink it despite her protests. Another scene that touched me was when Adeel went to shop for his to be-born kid. It seemed like he practically bought the whole shop! And the cute argument between Silah and Adeel about the gender of the baby made me laugh. Silah wants the baby to be a boy while Adeel wants it to be a girl! How typical! Adeel will definitely turn out be an amazing father.


Zoya’s character has managed to impress me so far as she is seen as a lively, loving, and caring person. She gets along with Silah very well but Adeel gets a little rude towards her at times as he finds her very annoying because she practically lives at their house! I felt bad for her when Adeel rudely told her that he is not interested in eating the breakfast she brought for them and she left their house with a heavy heart. But Zoya doesn’t look like a person who takes offense very easily; she came back yet again much to Adeel’s annoyance. She also proved how helpful she can be when she made food for Silah when she was sick and stayed with Silah at the hospital when she was in a critical state. I am sure Adeel’s attitude towards her will improve drastically now. Till now, I love her character and I have a feeling she would not turn negative as most of us had predicted.

Silah feels lucky to have Adeel by her side but she just cannot forget how much she has hurt her father. This is one thing which makes her sad even when her life seems so perfect. Adeel is aware of the guilt she carries in her heart and he tried to find the whereabouts of Silah’s father but he was unsuccessful in getting any information about them and could not find any way to contact them. Silah seemed touched to see that he cared enough to try even when she knew how much her father had humiliated him and his mother. One the other hand, Zamaan is regretting his decision and feels that he had done wrong with Silah. He asks Safeena to find some way to contact Silah but Safeena tells him that she already tried but no one knows where Silah lives. Okay, maybe they should have tried contacting her on her cell phone? What a blooper! I am sure they do not know where she lives but they could have contacted her on her cell phone!

Silah got a huge blow when she heard the news of her father’s sudden death. He had been unwell for a long time now and finally passed away. She went into utter shock and due to her already critical state; she ended up in the hospital. I felt bad for Adeel when he had no other option but to sell Silah’s jewelry for her operation.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode with a lot of cute scenes of Zoya, the romantic ones of Silah and Adeel and a few serious and intense ones too. I enjoyed the fast pace in the beginning but now I think they should slow down the pace a little bit. We want to enjoy one phase of the story before the show moves to the next one! What do you guys think? I hope we get to see more interesting scenes in the next episode!

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  • Well
    m loving ur style of writing….and 2ndly i think safina did tht
    purposely takeh sila se mil kar zaman narm na ho jai (property
    issue)..thts y she said keh unka koi contact nahi…even when they were
    in Pak to safina cal karti he sila ko but zaman usse contact mein nahi
    hota…similarly in canada when he wants to b in contact with sila he
    ask his wife keh kuch pata karo bcuz woh khud is condition mein nahi keh
    stress le…

  • I jst luv ds serial.. I lvd ur way ov writing also.. Nd yeah I agree wd u dat d track is moving very fast.. Hope to c more touchng episodz:)

  • one more cene at laughed at when zoya and her mother were talking, and zoya was watching a ghazal on t.v
    the lyrics were best chosen for that scene. and the reaction of her mother was so fuuny.

    • Lol! Yes. That scene was hilarious! :D
      Sarwat fits into the role of Zoya so perfectly!

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