Highest Paid Actresses of Pakistan – 2020

Every art comes with a huge fortune behind and acting is surely one of the best forms of it. However, the income in the entertainment world is just not dependent on a particular factor but a set of factors that contribute together to make a celebrity rich and famous. Here are 10 of the highest-paid actresses of Pakistan who take more than your imaginations for one episode of drama they work in. Have a look!


Ayesha Khan – $1500/ Episode

Though she has left acting, the last it was known as the said amount.


Aamina Sheikh – $2500/ Episode

Aamina Sheikh

The leading actress has given some great hits in the drama industry. The Maat actress takes around $2500 per episode


Sajal Aly – $4000/ Episode

Sajal Aly 1200x1120 1

The queen of Hearts, Sajal Aly is all loved by her fans for the phenomenal acting she doe on screen. She is one of the highly paid actresses right now.


Ayeza Khan -$4000/ Episode (Aprox)

Ayeza Khan 1 2 1

The stunning and beautiful diva is a mother of two and a great actress, all at the same time. Ayeza is now seen in many dramas and based on the TRPs and groups she is working with, the said amount is approximately what she is earning for now.


Sanam Baloch – $4400/ Episode

Sanam Baloch Hot Sexy Pictures 1

Sanam Baloch, comes next in the list. Indeed worth it!


Saba Qamar – $4800

Saba Qamar opens up about her abusive relationship of eight years

Magnificent actress for a decade, Saba Qamar is surely one of the finest actresses Pakistan has got. She deserves to be paid that much. What do you think?


Mehwish Hayat – $5000/ Episode


The actress is now more seen in the films but her doors for the drama screen are always open if the offer is appealing enough!


Mahira Khan/ $5200

Mahira Khan 850x491 1

The name that is all loved not only in Pakistan but abroad too, is Mahira Khan. No doubts she is the highest-paid actress of Pakistan.


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