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Hira Mani – Complete Information – Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani started her career in showbiz as a host and now she is a well-recognized Pakistani actress. She takes pride in the fact that she is the only married female actress in the Pakistani drama industry who managed to make it this far although she joined the industry when she already had children. She is known for her bold statement just as much as she is for her performances and dramas. Lately, She has worked in some of the biggest dramas. She shares great on-screen chemistry with her co-stars which makes all her performances easier to relate to.

Hira Mani gives credit for her success to her husband who always motivated her and also directed her in the right direction. In an interview, she shared that it was only after she met her husband that she realized what her strong points were. She was always an overconfident woman but most often her confidence was criticized by people around her. Her husband made her realize that this was actually her most strong characteristic.

She always loved being the center of attraction. In her mind, she was always the ‘heroine’, someone who was pampered by her brothers. Her brothers loved taking pictures of her and complimented her all the time. This was the reason why She was always really confident. Hira Mani was a natural performer, she was known for her acting and singing talents in school and college. Even with all this confidence and talent, Hira Mani never really thought about pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. She grew up watching Bollywood movies and she was a big fan of Sri Devi from a young age.

Hira Mani exclusive interview Part 1| Ibex Media House

It was only after she got married that she started hosting alongside her celebrity husband. When she started hosting she was criticized a lot for being too blunt at times. A year later she starred in her first acting project with her husband. It was actually her husband’s advice to her that she should leave hosting and start acting. She had never even thought that she would become an actual heroine! Her career in showbiz was like work for her, something she gave her best but she had never envisioned that she would make it this far.

She is also one of those few celebrities who does not let any of the criticism get to her. Although very often she comes under criticism for some reason or the other but rarely ever has she paid heed to it. Surely, the love that she gets from her fans outweighs the criticism she is subjected to. People also love Hira Mani because of her off-screen persona. Unlike many other celebrities, she keeps things real off-screen and has no starry tantrums.

Hira Mani Biography, Dramas and Love Life


Hira Mani Age

She was born on February 27, 1989. She is 31 years old.

Hira Mani Family

She is married to Salman Saqib Sheikh, known as Mani in the industry and otherwise. The couple has two handsome boys named Muzamil and Ibrahim. Hira loves spending time with her family and when she is home, she is a wife and a mother, not a celebrity. She shared in an interview that it isn’t easy juggling work and family at the same time but it becomes easier for her because she is doing what she loves. Her life revolves around her children and she plans their days around them.

Hira Mani on balancing TV and motherhood and the success of Do Bol

She also shared in an interview that leaving her kids for long hours and sometimes days has never been easy. She always felt that this was a big sacrifice on her part because she misses her children a lot when she is away for work. Hira feels that God rewarded her for this sacrifice with fame and respect. Hira’s husband and children have always supported them. If it wasn’t for her husband, she probably would never have realized that she could make it this big in the industry.

She has 3 brothers, her father worked in the bank and her parents had a love marriage. Growing up, she was always the apple of her brothers’ eyes. Her mother used to love listening to romantic music and her parents were very romantic otherwise too. That is why Hira Mani believes that she is really romantic by nature and she grew up dreaming of getting married to the man of her dreams.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani’s parents, brothers, and even the extended family was really supportive of her when she joined the industry. She also tried her best to make sure that she worked in quality dramas and did not let her family down.

Hira Mani Kids 

She has two kids, both of them are boys. Their names are Muzamil and Ibrahim. She focuses most of her energy at home on spending quality time with her kids. When asked in an interview what Hira Mani’s ideal date with her husband will be, she answered that her kids did not give them enough space to go on dates. She loves going swimming with her kids and husband. In her opinion that is the only way of ensuring that they are not busy on their phones and spend quality time with each other.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani Husband

Hira Mani’s husband was a celebrity long before Hira joined the industry. In fact, he was the one who encouraged to co-host a show with her. He continued to encourage her throughout, he was the one who advised her to start acting. Hira always praises her husband whenever she gives any interviews. In one such interview, she revealed that her husband loved her so much that he actually stopped sharing his own stance publicly because it was affecting Hira’s career. She revealed that Imran Abbas and Naveen Waqar refused to work with her when they were offered a project alongside Hira because she was Mani’s wife. Mani realized this and he decided to not share his stance as openly as he did before because of this.

Hira Mani From Do Bol in Gup Shup With FUCHSIA | Part 1 | | FUCHSIA


Hira shared her love story in interviews not once but twice even though after sharing this story people judged her a lot. Her husband Mani was at that time her friend’s friend, they liked each other and were dating. One night when Hira and her friend were doing a project together, her friend was on the phone all night talking to Mani. Hira was engaged at that time to someone who was a banker and she was due to get married soon. The next day she asked her friend who she was talking to all night to which she replied that she had been talking to Mani. That is when Hira actually got Mani’s number from her friend’s phone, without her knowledge and she started talking to Mani with a fake name.

She was only 17 years old when she got into touch with Mani for the first time not knowing that he will her husband in the future. Hira was always a big fan of Mani because she could always connect to whatever he said on television. She always felt that there was a connection between them even though she had never actually talked to him.

Hira Mani's Most Interesting Interview | Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada

Hira Mani’s two engagements broke before she finally decided that she had found the man of her dreams in her husband Mani. Hira Mani in an interview shared that her husband made all her dreams come true. He gave her the kind of life which she always wished for. Their love story is definitely unique in so many ways.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani Sister

She does not have a sister but she is really close to her brothers. Growing up she also had a lot of close friends so she never really missed not having a sister.

Hira Mani Family – 30 adorable Pictures

Hira Mani Son

Hira Mani’s son Muzamil, who is her older son is really close to her. He also has an Instagram account of his own with 16.6k followers. He was in the news few months back after he shared his views about the popular Hollywood film Joker. He shared it was a tormenting experience for him. Often in interviews She mentions her son and keeps on saying that it is really difficult for her to leave her kids behind and go for work. Muzamil, however, keeps on calling her since he misses her a lot.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani Children

Hira Mani’s life revolves around her children in a big way. She loves making plans for their future and she does whatever she can to make sure that they are constantly learning something new. Although Hira is a big star, she has not invested a lot of time in ‘planning’ her career on showbiz. On the contrary, she puts that energy and time into her family and children.

Hira Mani Wedding Pics

She got married in April 2008. Here are some wedding pics which show how much Hira has changed over the years.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani Dramas

Khala Surraya –  2012

Meri Teri Kahani – 2013

Janam Jali 2 – 2014

Preet Na Kariyo Koi – 2015

Sun Yaara – 2017

Bilquees Urf Bitto – 2017

Yaqeen Ka Safar – 2017

Thays – 2018

Aangan – 2018

Dil Mom Ka Diya – 2018

Do Bol – 2019

Ghalati – 2020

Kashf – 2020

Hira Mani Images

She keeps on sharing beautiful pictures on her Intagram page. She has also done many photo shoots in the recent past. She always loved posing for pictures even when she was young. Here are some beautiful images of Hira Mani.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani Instagram

She makes sure that her Instagram account is always buzzing with activity. From her random thoughts to her family pictures, Hira posts everything on her Instagram page. She has more than 3 million followers on Instagram. In an interview, she shared that after her interview with Samina Peerzada, her social media following increased overnight. Since then she has been getting more followers with every passing day.

Sometimes Hira’s posts on Instagram are also subjected to criticism. In recent times some of her posts relating to Coronavirus were not welcomed by her followers. That is when her husband explained why they were posting pictures of distributing rations. Hira does not interact with her followers a lot on Instagram but she makes sure that those who are following her get a clear insight into her life through her Instagram account.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira is incredibly popular on social media. She gets a lot of love from people and has a massive fan following.

Hira Mani Dresses

Although Hira Mani loved dressing up from a young age but she is not brand conscious. In many shows and on her social media handles, she has shared that many times she is quite happy recycling old outfits. Also, she shared that there have been times when she had to go to an award show and she had no idea what she was going to wear. In one of her interviews, Hira shared that when she joined the industry, she became brand conscious and that made her life hell. She went into depression because she was running after material things.

That is when Hira realized that being obsessed with wearing the best outfits and owning the most unique things was something so shallow which was affecting her mental health adversely. Since then dressing up does not come on top of her list at all.

Even then, more than once, the outfits and even the dupattas which She wore in her dramas were instant hits. So much so that girls used to go to the shops and get these clothes made on order. Here are some gorgeous pictures of Hira Mani in elegant dresses.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family

Hira Mani Bridal Shoot

Hira Mani started doing more bridal shoots recently. She looked stunning in all of them. Hira had a different look in all these bridal shoots and she carried all these looks superbly. Here are some beautiful pictures of Hira Mani from different bridal shoots which she did for some of the leading designers in the country. These bridal shoots instantly went viral.

Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family Hira Mani – Complete Information - Age, Instagram, Family



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