Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Next Movie with Karan Johar in 2020?

It has been quite a while that we have not seen any of the projects coming from the ways of Shah Rukh Khan as his last movie Zero, was not able to perform as per the expectations of the great SRK. All the SRK Fans have been requesting him to announce his next project for 2020 and seems like the wait is over.


As per the close reveals from Karan Johar, it has been dug out that Karan is planning to make a come-back of his and Shah Rukh’s duo with a movie which will be very different and very mainstream. He aims to give Shah Rukh the next blockbuster of his life with the project.

srk and karan

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Something further interesting here are the rumors or probably the news, that Ranbir Kapoor will also be a part of the movie which again raise a question over who would be the lead in the movie since both of them are extremely crucial actors and have a great experience working with Karan Johar.

when karan johar and shahrukh khan proved they are absolute bff goals 2

Lets just wait and hope that something officially is revealed from the sources.

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