Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 11 – Review

My heart went out to Irfa in this episode as she was left helpless and without any support by Shayan who is busy enjoying his own life. I cannot believe Shayan could turn so indifferent towards Irfa who is not only her wife but has been his true companion since his childhood. He is busy climbing the stairs of success and leaving his most beloved possession behind and running after fame and people who would never appreciate or love him like Irfa. He just does not care about Irfa or his child which is very disappointing. Shayan has always been self centered throughout his life and even now he is showing his selfish side by involving himself with Maleeha when he knows how hurt Irfa would be if he leaves her.

Shayan was in for a shock when Maleeha suddenly proposed him for marriage. He knew Maleeha liked him but he did not expect her to confess and propose so openly. The worst part is he did not decline the proposal but asked for some time to think about it! Deep inside his heart he does not want to betray Irfa but his own feelings had always been more important than Irfa’s. He has always taken her and her love for granted and does not realize her true value. He admitted to Maleeha that he has taken a hasty decision by marrying Irfa as he was not in the right frame of mind and needed emotional support at that time since his mother had passed away. His dialogues to Maleeha ‘Tum Mujhe Pehle Kiun Nahi Mili’ shows that he is just as interested in Maleeha as Maleeha is in him. He decides to go to Italy for whole two weeks even after Irfa told him how critical her condition is and how much she needs him by her side. But for Shayan roaming in Italy and enjoying his trip was far more important than Irfa. Irfa did not argue further as she knew it was of no use as Shayan would never understand or accept his responsibilities.

Irfa innocently asked Shayan if he would call her from Italy and he replied:

“Ager Tum Yaad Karogi to Mein Bhi Karunga”

Irfa: “Muhabbat Mein Mein Shartein Nahi Hoti, Tum Mujhe Nab Hi Yaad Karo Mein Tumhe Har Pal Yaad Karti Rahungi”

But alas, Shayan never bothered to call her as he was too busy enjoying his time with Maleeha. Even when Irfa’s condition turned serious and she had an early operation, he did not receive her call. Irfa has given up all hope on him now and has stopped waiting for his call. All she cares about now is her baby’s health and her well being. Saba Qamar stole the show with her brilliant acting and beautiful portrayal of emotions. She completely fits into the character of Irfa and you can see all the emotions through her expressions, she does not need to express her feelings through dialogues which is a quality that a few actors possess. She has come a long way in her career and has turned from a mediocre actor to one of the best in the industry.

Dr. Bilal has once again proved what a kind hearted person he is by helping Irfa in the worst situation possible. He took her to the hospital when her condition was critical and stayed at the hospital throughout the operation. He also provided her with moral support when she needed assurance from someone. I am sure he will always be there when she needs help and provide her with support.

Minahil attitude is still cold towards Irfa as she went to her house and told her to stay away from her husband again. This time Irfa got angry and Minahil sensed how upset she was and to make up for her rudeness she invited her for dinner. Dr. Bilal wants her to try to be friends with Irfa but she is in no mood to socialize and come out of her shell.

The show has become very slow. I hope the story moves to the next phase soon. Do share your views about the episode!

Keep watching!

Mariam Shafiq



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