Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 14 Review – Irfa Gets To Know The Truth!

Another heart breaking episode! Situation is taking turn for the worst for Irfa as she faces new problems and hurdles every other day. Just when she thought Shayan’s attitude was finally improving and he had started caring for Rahima and her, Maleeha came and gave her the news that she and Shayan had gotten married. This news shattered her and broke her heart! She had not expected Shayan to take such a drastic step without thinking of her and Rahima! I do not think Irfa should have expected anything else from someone like Shayan. He had never stuck to one thing in his life as he needs change all the time.

Shayan has started to get irritated by Maleeha’s attitude, constant demands and mood swings. He is not the type of person who would tolerate such a behavior and this is the reason why he stopped going to Maleeha and spent more time with Rahima and Irfa. Even irfa was surprised at this sudden change and was happy to see Shayan spending some quality time with her and Rahima. She finally felt that her family was complete now that and her dialogues reflected her feelings:

“Bohat Acha Lagraha Hai Tumhara Rahima Aur Mere Saath Hona. Aisa Lagraha Hai Meri Duniya Mukamal Hogaee Hai”


But her happiness was short lived as Maleeha came to pick Shayan up from his house and forced him to come with her. Shayan was again seen lying to Irfa as he did not tell her that Maleeha had come to pick him up. However, Irfa got to know that Shayan had lied to her when Dr. Bilal told her that he had seen Shayan with a woman in the parking lot. Irfa’s attitude towards Shayan changed after that and they had another fight. He again told her that he had made a mistake when he married her and his words once again left Irfa hurt. According to Shayan, Irfa always complains about everything and as an artist he needs his mind to be at peace. Shayan only cares about his own life and his peace of mind. He just does not care what other people go through because of his careless attitude.


It is good to see Dr. Bilal and Manahil happy in their life and I look forward to their scenes. Dr. Bilal is such a caring and loving husband and never complains about not having kids. Manahil herself makes such a big issue out of it even when Bilal has told her a million times that he does not care if they have children or not. Manahil’s attitude towards Irfa has also changed as she went so far as to invite Irfa to Bilal’s birthday. Bilal seemed surprised and happy to see the change in her attitude and compliments Irfa that she managed to create a place in Manahil’s heart which is a big feat in itself. Irfa laughs off at the compliment and tells him that she does not know how to make place in anyone’s heart and in reply Bilal said a beautiful line:


‘Jo Insan Khud To Ehmiat Deta Hai Woh Dosro Se Ehmiat Pata Hai’

If Irfa would start giving importance to herself then automatically other people would also give her importance. She just needs to change her outlook on life. Well said Dr. Bilal! Let’s see if Irfa would change herself after Shayan’s betrayal.

Irfa was extremely hurt after getting to know about Shayan and Maleeha’s marriage and in her emotional state; she took the decision to leave the house. However, Shayan refused to let her go and tried to put some sense into her. He told her to think about Rahima and her health as she needs his support for her treatment. He failed to show a bit of remorse on his decision to marry Maleeha and created the subject very casually as if it was not a big deal at all!

Adeel Farooqui is trying to put some sense into Maleeha and tried to make her understand that she cannot expect Shayan to leave his daughter and wife for you as they have been a part of his life way before you had come in his life. If at this point, he leaves them then somewhere in the future he can also leave you for someone else! It was the first time I agreed with Adeel Farooqui. I doubt he would take much time to leave Maleeha if she keeps on pestering him about everything!

Irfa would not leave the house because of Rahima and it does not seem like Shayan would change or feel guilty about his decision anytime soon. So what will happen next? I am curious to know how the story will proceed now. Let’s see what is in store for us!

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Mariam Shafiq


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