Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 9 – New Characters Introduced!

The pace of this show has become very slow now and it seems like the story has become stagnant. Irfa and Shayan’s relationship is deteriorating by the day and the cause is none other than Maleeha. Previously, Shayan and Irfa’s fights were not so serious or grave in intensity and they used to reconcile very quickly and put everything behind them but now Shayan’s attitude towards Irfa has changed drastically. He not only gets very angry but also shouts at Irfa now! My sympathy goes to Irfa who bears Shayan’s careless attitude and anger. Irfa has no one to look after her in such a sensitive condition but she found help in the form of Dr. Bilal(Shahood Alvi) who happens to be her neighbor.

I cannot believe one can get as careless and selfish as Shayan who has left his wife alone in such a state. While Irfa’s health is worsening, Shayan is busy going out for dinners and movies with Maleeha and if Irfa complains about him not being there the whole day then all she gets is the lecture on her orthodox thinking. How pathetic!

I do not understand what Shayan wants at this stage. He knows very well why Maleeha is taking so much interest in him and he is also aware of her growing obsession with him. Not only Maleeha but Adeel Faooqui has also mentioned what he has in his mind, in an indirect way though. He has started to play his games and he had the audacity to ask Shayan if he was content with a typical wife like Irfa and if he has ever considered marrying for a second time. What shocked me the most was Shayan’s lack of refusal to such a question! He seemed very nervous and uneasy but he did not refuse Adeel Farooqui. What is going on in his mind? He keeps on reminding Maleeha about his wife and he keeps on telling her that his life is being affected by their outings and he needs to spend more time with Irfa but every time Maleeha manages to convince him to come along with her. Adeel Farooqui has decided to launch Shayan with his own name all of a sudden. I am sure he has an ulterior motive behind this sudden decision. I have a very strong feeling that he will somehow manage to convince Shayan to marry Maleeha in exchange for launching his career.

Dr. Bilal has proved to be an angel in disguise for Irfa as he helped her when her condition was pretty bad. Irfa is under immense mental stress because of Shayan and his careless attitude. She needs to be cared for at this point but instead she is left to deal with everything alone. Dr. Bilal has not only been helpful, but also very kind towards her. I felt extremely bad for Irfa when she kept on calling Shayan when she was unwell but he kept on cutting her call because he was out with Maleeha and in the end, she went to Dr. Bilal’s house to ask for his help. Irfa once again let everything go when Shayan bought flowers for her, but she managed to convince him to try to change himself for their child.

I do not understand what is wrong with Dr. Bilal’s wife, Manahil. She just cannot stand Irfa’s presence in her house and refused to let her meet her husband when Irfa was unwell. At first I thought she was the jealous type but then the last scene showed a different story altogether. She was jealous of Irfa because Irfa can become a mother while she cannot. I guess we will get to see the full story of Dr. Bilal and Manahil in the next episode. But one thing is for sure, Dr. Bilal loves his wife dearly. I would love to see more of their story and what part they will play in Irfa and Shayan’s life.

Saba Qamar once again managed to steal the limelight with her brilliant acting. Mohib Mirza was also pretty good but could not match up to Saba in this episode. Sana Askari plays the role of Maleeha very well. I hope the pace increases and we get to see what happens next!

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Mariam Shafiq



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