Kahi Unkahi Episode 11 – Sherry-Anam Story

So today’s episode was all about Anam & Sherry. I am glad that Sherry has started to re-think about his decision of marrying Anam. He is still confused but he needs a certain push from the inside to come to a final decision about what he has to do. The episode today didn’t contain much because it was revolving around only one aspect & that was the relation of Anam & Sherry.

Starting scene was really cute especially when he addressed Zoya as Zoyee. It is pretty evident that the feelings Sherry had in his adolescent years are rekindled after he has laid eyes on Zoya but he is too confused or may be a bit scared because he knows the high standards of his Father. He has actually started to like her after getting to know her better as a person but he has Anam who is hovering over his mind currently.

Sherry’s mother, who clearly told Mariam about how she feels for Anam is quiet at the moment. I wonder why is she agreeing to this relation whereas she doesn’t like Anam at all. She being a mother should talk to Sherry in person & tell him that Anam is not a suitable match for a guy like him. I fail to understand her ignorance lately. Mr. Kamal is all in for this comittment because he likes the self-centered Anam a lot. It is kind of disappointing to see that the parents of Sherry are so unaware of what their son is actually going through. Mrs. Kamal did speak to Sherry about the confusions one goes through while deciding for marriage but she should’ve talk clearly about his choice.

Sherry couldn’t put in his word about the matter too & is acting like someone who doesn’t know what is going on. He should should his parents that he is not interested in Anam but then as I said he is kind of waiting for a push. On the other hand Anam’s mother has told her what she should be doing to grab this opportunity because they are kind of insecure. At one point they say they are completely confident about the abilities of their daughter but on the other they are totally insecure. It is kind of sickening to see them let their daughter on loose to grab a guy who belongs to a good family. It’s weird to see the things people can do or make their daughters do.

Although, we didn’t see much of Zoya but I always find it pleasurable to see the interactions of Zoya & her father. They have very simple dialogues but the relation they share is unique & totally better when compared to those who claim to have it all. They might no doubt each & everything but do not have the time to pay attention to what their kids are going through. I wish to see more of Zoya from now on. I feel the next episode is going to bring a major change in Sherry’s choice & he will reject Anam. Got to see it happen, I so can’t wait. :)

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Fatima Awan

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  • I wonder "Oont kis karwat bethnay wala hay?" how will sherry confess and declare his love for Zoyee? And how Anum is going to face this fact? Well…this triangle is going to be die hard interesting and thrilling!

    • I knowwwww!!! :) & It would be sooo interesting to see the perfect Anam defeated by poor Zoya once again, first Shahzeb & now Sherry himself who is supposedly Anam's Mr. Right!

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