Kahi Unkahi Episode 8 – Some interesting developments

So the story has started making progress & it is showing what all the viewers were waiting for. Sherry & Zoya’s encounter & a little progress in their friendship. The episode did offer something new & the story seems to have a perfect pace with a very good direction.

Anam has finally admitted in front of her mother that Sherry is her Mr. Right & she has called her dibs on him. She is leaving no stone unturned to attract Sherry towards her. I kind of had an issue with what Sherry says to Anum about Zoya that I don’t mingle with the servant’s daughter but on the other hand we see him acting up all freely & frankly with Zoya. Anam’s mother is totally in for this & she has adviced Anam that she should not let go of Sherry by any means.

I understand that a girl should be confident but not too over-confident that she goes around bragging about herself & a friend of hers as a couple that too in front of his family. That scene was a bit over the top. I enjoyed Ansar’s intervention & his scene for the first time, but Anam has shown her true colors. I wonder why didn’t Mrs. Kamal or anyone else exchange some glances when Anam misbehaved & argued with Ansar, because they all are pretty decent & don’t loose talk with one another but to see Anam replying back instantly should have been a shocker for them & they should have reacted on it. By now I guess everyone in the family of Mr. Kamal should understand pretty well that Anam is not a person who can fit to their family or work towards the unity of the whole family as well.

Mr. Kamal has once again asked Bashir Ahmed to keep an eye on his daughter & to make her realize that she is not a kid any more. Even though they sent Sherry away but still the idea of their friendship & prospect relationship hounds him deep down.

Mrs. Pervez finally achieved what she wished for & told them about what has happened between Zoya & Shahzeb but Mrs. Kamal’s reaction & her dialogue was spot on when she said Mr. Kamal can totally relate to the situation. It was kind of sweet to see Mrs. Kamal take sides with Zoya & tell her husband that there must be something special in that girl for which Shahzeb approached her. On the other hand I felt it was a justified scene where Shahzeb talks to his sister & asks her about Zoya. They didn’t ignore that part & showed that Shahzeb still has feelings for Zoya.

It was a bit confusing to hear the remarks of Sherry about Zoya. First he claims that he doesn’t remember his friendship with Zoya but he says that he remembers everything of his childhood related to Anam (whereas she wasn’t even his friend) & also we saw him reminiscing about Zoya when he visits his school. He claimed that he doesn’t want to continue his friendship with Zoya but the moment when he sees her for the first time he was pretty excited & asked her curiously that was she Zoya? & now once again he said that guys should be aware of the introvert, innocent girls like Zoya but we see him freely making her laugh that too in front of her mother, he was so casual with her which gave the impression that he is actually enjoying her company or kind of likes her.

I so wish that all such confusions are cleared out in the next episode & we get to see more of Sherry-Zoya scenes because I find them cute together. Zoya’s feelings even if she negates has resurfaced for Sherry & she can’t stop thinking about him. It was something cute to see too. I loved Zoya in the last scene because she looked really pretty. Can’t wait for the next episode as I’m wondering why was she crying.

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Fatima Awan

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