Kahi Unkahi Episode 9 – Loving it!

I am already loving the drama as it if moving further. Today’s episode had less flaws but more originality but I feel they should have clarified a bit more about Ansar & Seema’s relation because it really seemed fishy.

Ansar has finally gotten married to a very nice down-to-earth girl Mariam. I claim that she is down-to-earth especially because of her behavior towards Zoya, the way she appreciated her, the way she became friends with her was something brilliant & wasn’t monotonous to see another rich snobbish lady treating Zoya badly.

It was a much needed message that had to be conveyed to Mr. Kamal in regards to Zoya. I loved when Sherry said to Mariam that he wishes she could change the thinking of Mr. Kamal so that Zoya can take a sigh of relief. But I must say that Zoya looked pretty both the days. She is one such lady who with or without makeup looks beautiful.

Now we can see that Sherry is intimidated by Anam & just blindly follows her because he knows she is incourteous but for now he has strong feelings for Zoya, be it in a since of pity or some old feelings related to their childhood but just to see them both in the same frame brings a smile on my face. It is going to be another war which Zoya would have to face when Sherry will fall for her because we see how Anam & her mother have already even planned the wedding. They are not easily going to let Sherry go to Zoya.

Shahzeb’s mother & Mrs. Pervaiz once again got to degrade Zoya just because she was serving the drinks. Everyone should understand that she is just helping Mrs. Kamal by sharing the burden of her chores but she is not the maid of the house because no one sends their maids to University for doing MBBS. Shahzeb’s encoutner with her mother was poorly done, he claims that he is going to wait for Zoya’s answer whereas he never popped a question of getting married in front of her ever. To Zoya that episode of Shahzeb & his family is over but seems like he is still waiting for her in the circumstance where she is totally oblivious. Shahzeb should first convince his mother & sisters & then approach Zoya but looks like it’s the other way round that too in a wrong sense

Sheheryaar Munawwar has done a great job & I feel he is well-suited for this role & he looks perfect with Ayza Khan. They both make a perfect lead couple. I am totally loving this drama like many others.

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Zahra Mirza.