Kahi Unkahi Episode 9 – Loving it!

I am already loving the drama as it if moving further. Today’s episode had less flaws but more originality but I feel they should have clarified a bit more about Ansar & Seema’s relation because it really seemed fishy.

Ansar has finally gotten married to a very nice down-to-earth girl Mariam. I claim that she is down-to-earth especially because of her behavior towards Zoya, the way she appreciated her, the way she became friends with her was something brilliant & wasn’t monotonous to see another rich snobbish lady treating Zoya badly.

It was a much needed message that had to be conveyed to Mr. Kamal in regards to Zoya. I loved when Sherry said to Mariam that he wishes she could change the thinking of Mr. Kamal so that Zoya can take a sigh of relief. But I must say that Zoya looked pretty both the days. She is one such lady who with or without makeup looks beautiful.

Now we can see that Sherry is intimidated by Anam & just blindly follows her because he knows she is incourteous but for now he has strong feelings for Zoya, be it in a since of pity or some old feelings related to their childhood but just to see them both in the same frame brings a smile on my face. It is going to be another war which Zoya would have to face when Sherry will fall for her because we see how Anam & her mother have already even planned the wedding. They are not easily going to let Sherry go to Zoya.

Shahzeb’s mother & Mrs. Pervaiz once again got to degrade Zoya just because she was serving the drinks. Everyone should understand that she is just helping Mrs. Kamal by sharing the burden of her chores but she is not the maid of the house because no one sends their maids to University for doing MBBS. Shahzeb’s encoutner with her mother was poorly done, he claims that he is going to wait for Zoya’s answer whereas he never popped a question of getting married in front of her ever. To Zoya that episode of Shahzeb & his family is over but seems like he is still waiting for her in the circumstance where she is totally oblivious. Shahzeb should first convince his mother & sisters & then approach Zoya but looks like it’s the other way round that too in a wrong sense

Sheheryaar Munawwar has done a great job & I feel he is well-suited for this role & he looks perfect with Ayza Khan. They both make a perfect lead couple. I am totally loving this drama like many others.

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Zahra Mirza.


Fatima Awan

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  • Hi Zahra & Salaam 2 u :-)

    Agreed. Absolutely lovin' it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best drama on the circuit at the moment, along with Aks and I think it's a notch better than ZGH. I think ZGH, although is a good story, may end up suffering the same fate as Humsafar – let's hope it doesn't end up being over-rated. Kheyr, dekhte hain because ZGH hasn't really taken off yet. Abi mein usski obituary nahin likhta ! LOL.

    The greatest dramas are those closest to reality because they are depicting our very own culture and sorrounding. The attitude of the Mr Kamal and Anam's family is absolutely despicable – The good for nothing ambitious 'I know fulaan fulaan so and so' types always looking to capitalize on the misfortunes of others, always scheming an new scheme, plotting a new beimani.. urrhh yuk !

    Salman is a dark horse. I think his shady character will come to the fore in due course, he is an absolute 'creep''. In typically Aussie fashion, 'God strewth, what a jerk !!' LOLLLLLLLLLLL :D What Salman is doing as a boss of that young lady is nothing new, it's happening all over Pakistan. People now don't mind a casual relationship – what ?? It shows how times have changed in Pakistan and we want to be more 'western' in our thinking. The family unit has unit has totally broken down in the West and so too the institution of marriage. 10 more years and Pakistan may end up being the same but I truly hope not because we are damn proud of the wonderful family orientated culture that has been passed down to us by our elders. I think Mary Mariam is a breath of fresh air and she will have a big role to play in the drama with regards to Sherry and Zoya's relationship, and I think she will win Salman's heart eventually :-) Hmmm, a good wife.

    Aur sunao, hope all is well with you – ahan, of course I must add the personal touch here, hai na :-) Abad raho. Take care. All the best. Speak to you soon, Zahra.

    I'm watching you….


    • Walaikum Asalam Brother. :)

      Long time. Good to see your comment. I know, I actually like this drama a lot & I feel the same when it comes to Zindagi Gulzar Hai. I don't find myself writing comments about it because with the end of the episode I don't feel I have taken something with me & it fails to leave an impact on the mind for now, may be it's the direction or what but I feel it is lacking behind. I absolutely love Umera Ahmed's writings but I feel the drama is not doing justice to the novel. I only like Samina Pirzada's character but the others fail to impress especially Fawad Khan who needs to work on his punjabi/urdu accent. (& here goes the punching on dislike button).

      About this drama well yeah I totally despise the characters of Mr. Kamal & Anam. As far as Mr. Kamal is concerned I guess he has done a lot to achieve what he has so in that sense his arrogance in justified because he belongs to a normal background but due to his devotion he has made a name for himself, but as far as Anam is concerned I totally don't understand what does she has to be so arrogant? What has she achieved? She has always been spoon-fed by her parents & still she claims that she is the BEST girl in town. Looks really hideous.

      & I guess it's ANSAR whom you're talking about, you must've mistook it as Salman. :) & I find Mariam's character nice too. We have a lot to see now. So I just can not wait for the next episode. :) Keep posting plus please ignore a few mistakes in the review because I literally had no time to proofread. :| Thanks for supporting once again! Keep doing the same in the future too. :)

      • No problem :)

        Hey, have you noticed the way the teen/early-mid 20's generation is speaking 'Americanised' Urdu ? I have noticed this in the last couple of years – they are ALL at it ! Did you notice that young guy in Bari Aapaa who likes Sharmeen (Ghazanfar's son) ? Even Sharmeen does it ! Haha.

        Sorry, but this is a wonderful, wonderful language and this young girls and boys don't have any grasp of it – yes, including bechara Fawad who is not a bad actor but is a typically Lahori guy and that's why you get this Punjabi twang in his Urdu delivery. Afsos se kehna parhta hai ke bahir ka boht 'influence' aa chuka hai hamari maadari zubaan main.. especially America :(

        • Mikaeel I think they dont intentionally speak like that, may be they pick it from teachers or fellow students in most cases, kids r forced to speak english in schools and at home too, my husband is a british born pakistani and he speaks both langauges in diffrent accents, coz both languages came naturally to him. but yes what u said is true for some cases:)

          • Thanks Mrs Asim !

            It's great to interact with you after such a long time. Khush raho, abad raho :-) Sure, you are right. It's all over Pakistan, like a rash LOL

            All the best :)

          • I agree to you Brother & to Mrs. Asim as well. Actually people believe that they can speak Urdu irrespective of the accent but they forget that accent itself is a very important aspect of any language. I believe those who are on the TV should work a lot on their accents & try to speak Urdu properly.

            & as far as what Mrs. Asim has said I agree to it too because it happens to me too I have a problem in speaking RAY as in the proper RAY so when I say ghar it becomes that english wala Gharrrr so I always used to get teased about pulling off an accent which I intentionally never did. So I guess same is the case of Sharmeen & many others. :)

          • lol I can understand coz I teas my husband for his inability to speak ray ( pahar wala). waisay bhi he can speak only easy urdu and make wrong use of words as nishana and nishani on wrong places;)

          • Mrs Asim ap apney showhar ke pol toh na kholeyn na !!! Then majbooran mujhe Asim Bhai ki side leni parrey gi !! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

            Unheyn kehna keh 'rewari' kehni ki koshish kareyn ;) Take care. God bless you both always.

          • lol pehlay 'gur' toa bol chukain:). I appreciate him alot coz none of his cousin or friend can speak in urdu so well,he enjoys it when I correct him.shukrea:)

          • LOL! That's really cute Mrs. Asim. My husband belongs to Hyderabad – India & they have a very slang Urdu (which I don't even consider as Urdu) so I always correct him & thank god he doesn't speak to me in Hyderabadi slang. But he always asks me about those bhari bharkam words used in our dramas so I love explaining it to him. :)

          • hmm thats why u r Mirza,just like Sania Mirza:) oo u r calling it slang, while daccan is home of urdu:) u r not living in pak or india, yes?

          • Heheheh lol no! I am not Mirza after marriage, I add it to stay attached to my late father. & about Deccan, yeah they do know Urdu but use shortforms while speaking & they sound really funny, they have their own lingo. :)
            Yes, you're right I do not reside in India or Pakistan I'm living in Sydney. :) How about you? :)

          • m in UK after marriage:) poles apart:) my cousin's family in sydney also have hyderabadi neighbours, here r mostly Gujrati muslims.my inlawas r from pak though:)

  • yeah! absolutely Loving it!!! Sherry is surprising me. he definitely looks best for this role. but i must say that Ansar’s track is getting more interesting. he is one such ” Munafiq” guy who hates bold and confident girls and always says bad about working girls. Oh God look at his own character. the way he explained his views about marriage and commitments to his girlfriend cum secretary, that was really an eye opener.” kesey kesey psycho munafiq logoun ki characterization present ki gayi hai is play main”..HATS OFF TO THE WRITER!!!
    definitely The Best Play of the Season!!

    • Whoa! I totally agree to you. I mentioned the same thing in my previous review as well that Ansar is full of contradictions. On one had he wants a sati savitri type of a girl who has never had been in contact with boys but on the other hand we saw him eyeing up Zoya & now has some strings related to Seema. Can't wait for his character to be revealed so that he feels ashamed but I feel bad that it was Ansar who got to stay with his parents but didn't inherit any of their good qualities especially of his mother's but Sherry who has been away from his parents is gentle & caring just like his mother.

      Can't wait to see more of this & kindly excuse me for a few mistakes, I had no time to proof-read. :|

  • I love the way how bad and good people are mixed up in both classes.

    Mrs. Kamal, Maryam and Sherry: how positive and down to earth characters they are.

    Anum, Mr. Kamal and Ansar are representing complex characters (not bad) Mr. Kamal has a problem with zoya just because she reminds him his own dark and struggled past when he as a driver's son faced hardships in such a complexed society.

    On the other hand, Anum is shown as a self obsessed girl who hates competition and thinks herself 'the best' (very common in our society). Ansar is a big hypocrite who always keep bad eye on women around him and acts in contradiction to his stated beliefs or feelings. Wow! love the characterization displayed in Kahi Ankahi.

    Cant wait to see more shades of these colorful characters..Loving it!

    • Thank you so much Salman for summing up the characters of Kahi Unkahi in such a quick manner. I know they have shown a good lot within the same circle of bad people too. I totally love this drama & feel it will end up being a complete hit. :)

      ps: Please ignore my mistakes in the review. Thanks!

  • sorry for very late comment, good review Zahra, n yes I also liked this latest episode, as we hoped, the story is getting better specially after Sherry and Mariam. m always surprised to note that some scenes in this drama are quite up to the mark and some are very poorly done( even dialogues and acting). I liked the way Ansar's character is being unfold. waiting to watch next:)

    • Thank you so much for appreciation Mrs. Asim. I agree that the drama is getting stronger especially after the introduction of Mariam's character. She has to face some ordeal of her own as well but will become more stronger. As the story is progressing we see lesser flaws & more positives now. :) I can't wait to watch rest of the episodes too. :)

  • Zahra ? Kittey eyn ? Forgive me for the Punjabi :P

    What are your thoughts on Aks & ETLS ? Shor machao na..

    • Hey! Lol! I don't mind punjabi because I myself am Punjabi. :P In fact I enjoy talking in Punjabi at times. haha!

      As far as Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si is concerned, I couldn't write a review because I wasn't well & didn't see the episode the day it was aired. Saw it today so, I crossed the limit of writing a review but I guess it was sickening to see what Mohsin said about Nadia & their expected baby. I know we could still grasp what Ruqaiyya was doing & not giving any privacy to Mohsin & Nadia but to question the daughter in law about the biological father is way beyond my tolerance. I guess they have now crossed all the barriers & a few barriers will be broken in the next episode itself. Can't wait to see though but I hope the tackle this part properly with less inhumanity.

      & about Aks…err! I ain't following it so I can't say much about it. :|

      • Not following Aks ? Oh boy, you're missing out on something. Dekhne wala drama hai. Just watch the scheming Aiza Khan & Saba Hameed.. Shows you how 'jahil' ignorant women, despite their education and excellant credentials, destroy homes with their plotting and cunning ways.

  • nycccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc its story s fabulous i love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :) :) :B :) <3 <3 <3 <3

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