Kankar Episode 3 – The Encounter!

For me the best thing about this latest installment was Arzoo and Kiran’s friendship, the few light hearted moments between the sisters and of course Sikandar and Kiran’s encounter. Sikandar and Arzoo finally met and the conversation between the two revolved more around Kiran than anything else. Sikandar seemed cold and arrogant in the few scenes that were shown today; I would have liked to see more of him so that the viewer’s could understand his character better. I have to say that Fahad Mustafa wasn’t exactly the perfect choice for playing this character because he does not seem very comfortable in his role. What he does looks a little too much like acting, with so much spontaneous and natural actors around that is just not good enough. However, the scenes between Kiran and Sikandar were very well done. Fahad Mustafa seemed much more comfortable playing the man who was love struck, arrogance doesn’t really suit him. Sanam Baloch’s acting like always was top-notch in every single scene; she emotes effortlessly and is always in top form. Just when I thought that Kankar may never grow on me, I was pleasantly surprised when Sikandar and Kiran’s encounters changed the feel of the entire episode.


I must confess that the way all the girls in the play (with the exception of Kiran) are obsessed with the idea of marriage is a little annoying. Irim is only twenty and she reacted as if it was the end of the world when she found out about Shoaib’s engagement. Rukhsar throws a fit when she finds out about Irim’s engagement and Arzoo’s only purpose in life is to get married to the man of her dreams! I have most certainly seen girls who are in love with the idea of being married at this age but I have to say that watching them on-screen isn’t actually delightful.

There are a lot of characters in the play and many families involved. I am wondering how Rukhsar’s track in particular is relevant to the main story. The problem with too many characters and too many tracks is that if the focus is lost then any play can become very tedious. I am hoping that the focus will be on Sikandar and Kiran because I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of them. For the first time I am actually looking forward to the next episode because I am waiting to find out how the entire family is going to react when Sikandar will break the news to them and how it will affect Arzoo and Kiran’s friendship. I also want to know why exactly Sikandar fell for Kiran instantly. Was it because of her overflowing confidence? He seemed like a completely different person after the encounter.


Kiran is very close to her father and Kamal isn’t exactly in Kiran’s father’s good books. How will he react to the proposal, is a million dollar question too. The “ap ne poori duniya ghoomi hui hai, hur kisam ke khanay khaye hun gay” dialogue reminded me of what Kashaf said to her mother about Zaroon! When Kiran comes back from Arzoo’s house, her clothes seemed a little inappropriate; nothing matched and they were completely out of place. Other than that I am in love with Kiran’s character; her confidence and carefree attitude is subtle and fresh.


For me this episode was the best one so far because the last few scenes gave me something to look forward to. I am hoping that the play will pick up pace from the next episode and hopefully the focus will be more on the main characters. The actress playing Arzoo is very cute, her dialogue delivery may not be perfect but she has a good chemistry with Sanam Baloch or should I say Sanam Baloch is all chemistry, she makes every single scene worthwhile. Honestly speaking, I have great expectations from umera Ahmed and don’t want to be led down. Please feel free to share your views about this latest installment.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Fatima Awan, I appreciate your perseverance and steadfastness.

    Earlier today I read your " random thoughts on pakistani drama".you highlighted relevant and pertinent issues. I agree that our writers and producers should also focus on family dramas and light entertaining serials, which has been our strength.

    • Anwar Suhail Thank you for the appreciation and acknowledgement, it really means a lot to me.
      Totally agree with you, we definitely need more such plays, I wish they hadn't relaunched AunnZara, it started off quite well. Such things just leave a bad taste in the mouth.

  • I agree Fatima, Kran is the best characer and Sikander is still cold. And yes after the encounter scene, waiting for the next episode! Loved the kitchen garden scene which later made Kiran realize that she will marry a rich guy so she can have a kitchen garden. She is very experimenting and thats good. :) Although in the next episode's promo Aarzoo's mum will create a havoc between Aarzoo and Kiran's friendship. As always girl is always blamed :/ and Sikander is the one liking the girl who is actually calling him Sikander 'bhai'. Well all I can say is this is turning out to be a Jane Austen saga. Its revolving around marriage.

  • Iam a bit bored with this drama but still willgive it a chance. its so so nothing

    • Fareen we are hoping that the story will get interesting from the next episode, lets see.

  • Fatima great review.Though I disagree with you on one point that Fahad isnt a good choice for Sikader.I found him perfect.He did all the scenes with ease and yes the girl playing Arzu is reallly cute.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ruba:) I am glad that you like Fahad Msutafa in this role.

  • can someone suggest me good dramas to watch these days? just got over with exams and im clueless at the moment what to watch.. i really love watching sanam baloch's dramas but not sure how good is kankar.. any suggestions??

  • Started watching this drama to fill the gap ZGH left,find it so so till now but find Sanam Baloch character refreshing ,like the kitchen garden idea a lot more people need to do it.hilarious that she is thinking of marring a rich man to have a kitchen garden ,when she won't need it.Hope Fahad Mustafa character will grow on me till now find it very intrepid .will still watch it not many good dramas to watch.I am watching Silvatien ,rahi,ulo not for sale and kash aisa ho.Pl recommend any other good drama.looking forward to num and the Mahira khan drama.

    • Pinky watch Dil-e-Muzter and AunnZara started off well too. Yes Sanam's character has to be the best thing about this play till now. I think the story will get better now.

  • Natty you are right about the kitchen garden scene, what a novel idea, definitely there should be more people experimenting with things like that. Arzoo's reaction seemed very positive when her mother tells her about Sikandar and Kiran. Yes the "bhai" bit was very loud and clear lol

  • Great review as always, this episode has been best of all telecasted so far. This episode has made us kept waiting for the next episode, something which was somewhat missing in last two episodes.

    As usual you have noticed and mentioned something which not many persons may have noted in this episode, and to me that was the most pleasant scenes. As you mentioned "a few light hearted scenes of sisters". Though scenes of sikandar and kiran were perfect but these scenes showing the relationship were equally interesting and near to reality. Also too much stories based on sibling (sisters to be precise) rivalry would let a TV viewer think that sisters are after each other all the times. But these scenes have truly depicted the how the relationship of sisters is in our society in most cases.

    I must say It is something special to umera writing that apart from main sequence of story, the side roles are also well crafted. Especially the relationship of siblings in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Durre Shahwar, Daam is worth mentioning

  • Hi Fatima Awan,
    I think it's actually not a bad idea for some to write a book or treatise on "Pakistani Drama". Starting from late 60's until now, we have produced memorable dramas, serials long plays. Pakistani drama has stood the test of time. Despite upheavals like separation of East Pakistan, Ziaul Haque's draconian era, back drop of 9/11, extremism and terrorism, Despite all these misfortunes and calamities, our drama industry and drama culture has displayed reseliance and survival instinct.
    Over the years, I have done research, and watched quite a few popular plays of yesteryears. Old dramas like Ankahau, Tanhaiyan, Zer Zabar Paish, Kiran Kahani, Alpha Bravo Charlie were far more progressive in a nice positive way. Unfortunately, later breed of writers( Zia ul Haq's children they are called) turned the clock back. Now by and large our dramas have become retrogressive despite obvious zazmatazz.
    Writers like Bano Qudsia, Ashfaq Ahmed Anwar Maqsood( many others) set the bench mark. Though we are doing OK, but I can't think (with due respect) of a single writer at present with that creativity and depth.
    I think one should write on History of pakistani drama and it's correlation to our cultural and political ethos.

    • Hello Anwar Sohail, that sounds like a wonderful idea. I totally agree with you Pakistani dramas have come a long way and have survived through some bad times but now we are obsessed with a few topics, there is quantity but lack of quality. I think if someone who has been associated with the drama industry for a long time writes something on the topic that you have suggested, it would be most appropriate. I wonder why Anwar Maqsood stopped writing scripts for dramas.

  • I am kind of late to watch this and comment but it was a good episode so here I am :) Thanks for a great review Fatima . I agree with you why are these girls so obsessed with marriage , it just isn't normal . I understand marriage is important but people have other stuff in their lives too . From the promos it looks like Arzoo will give Kiran the benefit of the doubt as far as Sekander liking her ? As to Sekander , I think he is just looking for something , anything different from what his mother has proposed . Not too impressed with Fahad Mustapha at this point .

    • Sadaf it is always great to hear from you. Totally agree with you about the girls, I have seen many such girls around me and the primary reason for their obsession is that their mothers mostly are obsessed with getting them married. Yes, same here Fahad Mustafa is okay.

  • Thanks for nice review but I'm not impressed by Kanker so far. I find the story annoying, with every girl obsessed about marriage. Don't like fahad Mustafa . Kindly recommend a drama that is better than DeM, Silvarein and Kanker. Thanks.

    • Sorry Fatima Awan, above comment is from my young niece. She is being naughty today. Cheers

      • No need to be sorry, I am glad that your niece decided to drop by. Can I know her name please?

    • You know what there has hardly been any play in which i liked Fahad Mustafa instantly but gradually his characters do grow on you and you feel like he is doing a good job. I didn't watch Ik Tamana Lahasil Si so can't say how he did in that. I think he has been concentrating more on the Morning Show and less on his acting career. Why don't you like DeM, it is entertaining and happening enough.

  • I just keep hoping that somehow they will replace Fahad Mustafa with someone better.

    The story is getting a little slow for my taste, but I hope its not another love marriage gone awry.

  • well when it comes about the epi 3 it just is more than well said by the reviewer here.fahad mustafa is a complete misfit he seems acting it has a very shallow personality nothing intense,hopping he gets the whole romance thing under cover in a better way.not really lookin forward to it cx the story is too old to be bothered now

  • i think ur only obsessed with sanam baloch & nothing else she is not that out standing actor that ur portraying. and the story is typical digest material even not up to the mark.

    • Yes I think the same you are fan of Sanam Baloch..but i cannot watch Kanker just for Sanam Baluch. it is too boring. Three episode are more than enough for me thank you.

      • Yes, I am a big Sanam Baloch fan, I don't need to portray anything, people have a free, thinking mind of their own to decide whom they like and what they want to watch!

        • yes… agree with fatima.. me toooo,, a big fan of sanam and love her acting.. for me she is on top in acting :)

      • Its all about different perspectives,each person likes some actors and some characters and so its totally understandable if you are hooked on the screen due to their talented acting..! There are many people here who admire Sanam's acting (I'm a great fan too) :)

  • hahahaah i guess writer can't take criticism….sorry to say dear fatima but m feeling sorry about u as u deleted my comments ………….poor you are

    • Scroll down and you will see your comment, it hasn't been deleted! I am very "rich" when it comes to taking criticism so bring it on;)

  • I'm really late this time :(
    Anyways the review and the episode both were remarkable! I'm more glad than surprised how every time your review is a complete expression of my views!!! :)

    • Hi Esha, i am glad that we are on the same page:) It is always great hearing from you, better late than never:)

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