Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 6 & 7 – Review

ayzaThis play surely sheds light on a social evil that is highly rampant in our society and is very widely accepted in the name of status symbol; the social evil I am referring to is dowry. The way Ayza gives her parents a long list of all the valuables she wants in her dowry was actually something very relatable because I have seen many girls around me who consider dowry their birth right and like Ayza’s mother points out if the parents do not fulfill the unreasonable wish lists the children consider them ‘gunahgaar’. Ayza has been very smart till now, having direct communication with Hammad has yielded the desired results and now Hammad too feels like it is obligatory for him to have a grand wedding. This is another aspect of the play that is very real, there are many men who do change their standards overnight after they get engaged or soon after they get married. The things that were unthinkable for their mothers and sisters become easily acceptable when it comes to their new wives. Rafia is losing her son fast at the hands of the bahu she dearly loves and feels proud of and honestly speaking she still has no idea what is coming her way!

There are two things I found very interesting in these two episodes. The first was that although Akbari has spoiled Ayza so much but the truth is that she is not willing to spend a penny on her marriage, everything that she says to her son is only to blackmail him into given into her demands. When she finds out that Ayza will take Guddu with her, she instantly talks to Rafia because she knew only too well that she won’t allow it and that way Ayza will get another servant and she will get to keep Guddu!! The second interesting thing that I noticed was the way everyone blames other people for someone’s actions. For instance Akbari blames Asghari for convincing Rafia to talk to Amna about the servant issue, Akbari blames Amna for Ayza’s father’s limited budget, Rafia thinks that Ayza is a very nice girl and it is Akbari who wants a grand wedding and there are so many other examples.

Aima does not like it at all when everyone gives (undue) credit to Ayza for the cooking and rightly so too. The differences between the two sisters became more apparent in these two episodes.aima

There are two things that seemed somewhat awkward to me. They made it sound like the set that Ayza chose was very heavy but it did not sound like that to me, I think all middle class families give this much gold to their daughter-in-laws. Secondly how could a diamond ring which Hammad has brought for Ayza be equivalent to the property that Rafia will have to sell now?

These two episodes focused on Ayza more than Aima and the issues that were discussed by the family members were more or less the same as the ones in the previous two episodes. The only new development had to be the change in Hammad’s behavior towards his family, which we could all see coming!

Although, everything about Mirat-ul-Uroos till now has been very relatable but I have to say that the screenplay is not engaging enough and the story till now has been very predictable, which takes the excitement away. There is not even one character in the play that stands out and makes you take notice and no outstanding dialogues that give you goose bumps. Honestly speaking I expected much more from an Umera Ahmed play. Missing a couple of episodes would mean you haven’t missed much, so for now the drama definitely lacks the must-watch factor.

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • v nice review fatima… u r ri8… umera ahmed..name e kafii hy bt drame is not intresting,v poor directed,lack of cute dialigues etc… u r v excellant observer…

    • Rana Bilal thank you for taking time out to read the review and for liking it. You are right about Umera Ahmed , that is usually the case but Mirat-ul-Uroos has been a very average play till now.

      • Faitma ur review has always been up to the standard;;;;; really enjoyed it. they need to focus on main issues rather than dragging amani's character one main thing is amin is unstuble for this role she doesnt fit in stubborn n bullying type character,,,,,,, its going slow but gud 2 c totally family oriented show having not a single vulgarity

        • irfan thank you so much for reading the reviews and for liking them:) You are right about it being a family drama, that is something i mentioned in my first review as well:)

    • Thank you Nyla for taking time out and commenting:) I have a feeling that is just the way it will be for the next few episodes too *sigh*

  • Thanks , Fatima I didn't watch the episode 7 and don't think I will watch it after your excellent review ….lol…why watse 40-45 mins when u can read about it in few minutes :)

  • ur right fatima. i have seen it after 2 episodes and i dont think i missed something in the drama. an average story and average dialogues

    • kashhaf long time no see, I hope you will comment more often now. Yes the story and screenplay has failed to impress till now, there are definitely no major flaws but it is definitely not engaging enough too.

    • G uneza lacs tu chahyeh hotay hei for shadi and especially for a grand wedding like this one but they made it sound like the ring cost lacs too and no one buys a ring that expensive unless they have tons of money to waste. your views about this latest episode?

      • i find most of the scenes repetitive…..same thing again n again…waiting for something new to happen.

  • hmm good observation:) u r right about gold set ,in Lahore atleast its normal to give 8 tola(not true for karachi though). but I think when their budget was for 5 tola then 8 would sound too much,speacially ajkal, when gold rates r high:). story is sooo very old that it had to be predictable yes I agree about dialogues, it seems as the play was written in haste, everything is just normal. though I hope it would get better by the time.

  • I don't know who advised Umera Ahmad to write the script of this play. This drama is ruining her image.

  • Yes I really don't understand the point of anything here and why the play is dragging so much. I guess all of us know by now how stupid and greedy Ayzaa is then why drag the whole thing. Lets just get them married and let the real show begin. I also feel that Aaima 's intentions are misrepresented her. May be better written script wouldn't show her getting jealous but really getting concerned with the problems Aaiza is bringing to everyone. Very poorly written script and executed in a pathetic way

  • Nice review Fatima. Yes, I couldn't agree more. The ring thing is highlighted a bit too much, it's not that Hammad must've spent his half year salary on 1 diamond ring for which Daadi & Rafia were getting worked up about.

    But I have an issue, Aiza's father sent her to just STAY with her Daadi as she was alone but why did he never send her any pocket-money? They have been telling again & again that they weren't living lavishly after sending Aiza away but that really doesn't sound right that sending your daughter away means getting rid of her expenses plus now when the Taya had to arrange for the car looked something embarrassing so what were they doing while they knew that Daadi is spending the money sent by Taya on Aiza?

    Plus we hear it all the time that Amna is a wise-spender & doesn't spend much & all this while they knew they had two daughters so why didn't they save much for them because Amna is shown as a futuristic person plus her husband retired lately so that's why he is a pension holder, not that he retired ever since their daughters were toddlers? It seems that Aiza is taking advantage of this situation because she knows her father didn't spend a single penny on her all her life so why not make him pay altogether?

    I found Rafia's predicament funny. She was the one who wanted a grand wedding & suggested the selling of the plot so now when Hammad has agreed to it why is she getting sad? Obviously she'll have more to face in the future because of her favourite bahu.

    • Zahra totally agree with you, that really is very strange that her father never send her any money before and now thinks it would be very wrong if the taya abu gives money for the wedding even partially. I think Rafia can sense the changes in Hammad, that is why she reacted the way she did. she is a very hyper character, if i had not seen a few such aunties in real life i woul have thought her character was unreal lol. Really enjoyed reading your comment, very good observation:)

      • HAHA lols @ those aunties in particular. Yes, I know, though this drama may be lacking that spark but no doubt all the characters are really real & relate-able. & oh boy Hammad flipped like a coin, Ayza has taken all the meaningless things from her Daadi. & I actually dislike Daadi for building up her life on false standards. Her one son earns well, ohkay but that doesn't mean that she can diss her pension holder son.

        • Zahra I agree, the characters and even the happenings are indeed what we see around us in real life, I just wish that the screenplay was more engaging and the story a little less predictable. Yes the daadi is really annoying and she is to blame for all that is wrong with Ayza but the dad really should have known better than to hand Ayza over to her! we also saw him bragging about how well Akbari had raised Ayza in the first episode…how could he even think that! Loving your input by the way;)

  • Very high obsetvation! There is nothing new in story. We expect great dailogs from Umera Ahmed. There are just ordinary dialogs, nothing like "shehre zaat" or " zindagi gulzar hay". Maybe umera name is just used here And she didn't write it….?????? What do u say????

    • Uzma I don't think Umera Ahmed will get her name linked with something she has not written herself but yes you are right the X factor is missing!

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