Kahi Unkahi Episode 13 – Sherry-Zoyee Story

Well I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was interesting & focused much on Zoya & Sherry which most of the viewers were waiting to see. I totally loved seeing them together because they make a superb pair.

Zoya has finally achieved what she wanted & now she can materialize her dream which she thought for Rajjo. Her mother took a good step & it actually gives us a dimension that even if we start taking care of small things around us, it does make a huge impact over all. Sherry was totally in for supporting Rajjo because she is related to Zoya in that matter.

Sherry kind of confessed his feelings for Zoya but is still confused & can not come to a final decision. At one point he told Zoya to be with him forever & then we saw Mariam telling him about Anam’s shopping for engagement ceremony. I hope they cover this thing up as soon as possible & in the next episode we get to see a full fledge dramatic confession of Sherry. Their scenes were absolutely cute, their shopping, looking at her pictures & taking care of small things related to her, it was a treat to watch.

Is it just me or Zoya really looked beautiful in that black dress? It was well suited for the occassion & wow just a little touch up & she turns out to be such a flawless beauty. I think Ayza Khan is one of the few actors who can carry both the non-makeup & the glamorous look. Poor thing had to go through all that once again which she faced during her childhood.

I am kind of getting tired with Mr. Parvaiz & his whole family. Ever since the story has begun all we see him is scheming & plotting to make things his own which actually do not belong to him. He is a partner yet he is always in a competition with Mr. Kamal & how he has his high hopes set for his daughter to come & conquer this empire. I guess he should get the fact straight that what doesn’t belong to him won’t become his no matter how hard he tries. He couldn’t progress much through out his life & didn’t do much except turning his childern into spoiled brats & there he is hoping to reach the sky that too by taking someone else’s support. I hope they get exposed soon & their scenario comes to an end.

I have an objection on the needless displays of hard-drinks & trying to show what the elite society is like. I know it is really common these days in the society parties of Pakistan but still the media reaches out to the whole world & they should at least take care of the image they are portraying of Pakistan. I know it is a drama but then it shows the acceptance of such a intolerant thing within our society. Anam’s brother is seen all drunk & misbehaves with Zoya as usual. That scene looked like  scene from Salman Khan’s movie ‘Meinne Pyaar Kiya’ where the friend is the hostess & her brother misbehaves with the guest. Anyhow, Sherry shouldn’t have left her alone but it was indeed sweet to see him worried about her all the time.

Now the real predicament will start when Sherry is going to be at the police station & Mr. Kamal arrive with the intention of giving everyone a surprise but he doesn’t know he’ll be getting a big one himself. LOL! Can’t wait to see what happens

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Fatima Awan

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  • WowwwwwWWW!!! Super Duper Bombastic Episode!

    Yuppppp!!! the party scene reminds me one of my all time favourite movie Main nay Pyar Kiya" but I loved it in that way :) :):):) It was sooo cute! I am now in love with sherry and zoyee's couple and their friendship plus romanchik track. The way they have shown them together, seems very natural and out of this world. (looks like they are really in love) This couple can beat the popularity of so called Indian and Turkish romantic couples. Hatttts OFFFFF to the creation team for making it possible in Pakistani Drama History after a loooong time. Kahi Unkahi has given a different touch to Pakistani dramas. so far loving every bit of it and watching those cute scenes of sherry n Zoyee again again…Dil nahin Bhar raha ;)

    • Haha you seem to be such a huge fan of this drama. :) I know all those bits & parts are really well managed. I absolutely enjoy watching it too. :) I hope we keep on seeing Sherry & Zoya more now.

  • Nice review, and not just one scene i think whole story resembles maine pyaar kiya in a way. They just added extra things to it.

    • Thank you for appreciating Nik. :) Yes, it has a very unreal story like feel to it but it's really going great. :)