Rare Old Pictures Of Ahmed Jehanzeb

Pakistan has always been known to have versatile pop-singers who have contributed a great deal in the music industry but when it comes to Playback singing and classical numbers, the field had remained sparse for a very long time. In times when bands like Junoon. Strings and Awaaz received fame for their rock and pop, Ahmed Jehanzeb worked differently. Ahmed Jehanzeb Jehanzeb started his singing career when he was only 8 years old and that brought him a lot of fame.

Jahanzeb is one of the rare singers of the country, who have been skilled in classical music. Jahanzeb was trained under the guidance of Ustad Rais Khan, who made him his shagird in a ceremony called Rasm-e-Gandha Bandhi held at the Sheraton Hotel in 1988.


Here are his old childhood pictures that have brought a lot of memories of the old time.


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