Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 2

For the first time ever I feel like an actress and a character has managed to do justice to the dialogue “vo sub jaisi nahi hai”!! Had it been anyone else except Mahira Khan I would have had a very difficult time relating to everyone’s “fascination” with Shano. Shano’s character and the way Mahira Khan has brought out the best in it makes this show a treat to watch. Love at first sight is a very common phenomenon in our dramas but most of the times it is also the most unconvincing element in any plot. Although Khalil and Shano haven’t met yet but I am already convinced that Khalil has all the reasons in the world and more to fall for Shano the second he lays his eyes on her! Shano is genuine, she is innocent and Mahira Khan has outdone herself in this role. The person responsible for Mahira Khan’s grooming in this play deserves a huge applause for doing an excellent job of not overdoing the make-up and making Mahira Khan look much younger than she usually does. Mahira Khan has completely won me over as Shano in these two episodes although I am most certainly not her biggest fan!

Okay enough about my fascination with Shano (Mahira Khan!!), now let’s talk about tonight’s episode. On the surface not much happened in tonight’s episode but there was so much that the viewers got to know about Khalil’s character tonight. Khalil is full of nakhras when it comes to food and he has a short temper. He expects to be treated like royalty. The most heart-warming aspect of Khalil’s life however till now has to be his relationship with his family. I enjoyed every second of Khalil’s conversation with his mother when they were on their way to the village. The way his mother prepared him for what was coming next and his responses made for a very interesting conversation. While Shano is a very easy going person, Khalil is the exact opposite. He is used to being pampered and he likes things his way. Khalil wants to see Shano, he wants to know what this girl is like but he keeps on pretending that he does not care even though she is the reason he is there in the first place.


The manner in which everyone in the family treats the engagement between Khalil and Shano as a sacred bond that can never be broken was actually very touching! The simple life in the village has been shown beautifully in the play. Except for Shano’s parents everyone else seems genuine. The welcome that Khalil got and the way there was a fuss surrounding everything he wanted since he had come to the village after such a long time had to be one of those many aspects of the play which managed to grasp the gist of the simple life beautifully.


This episode of Sadqay Tumhare just like the last one had a magical feel to it; this play till now is like a beautiful art film. Simple is beautiful…that is the phrase that came to my mind many times while watching tonight’s episode. From our heroine to the story of play, everything is simple yet appealing! Sadqay Tumhare takes you into a world of its own the second you tune into it. I must add that watching this play online is not half as much fun as watching it on live television because the picture quality of the play is compromised tremendously when you watch a recording. Adnan Malik has managed to portray all the different characteristics of Khalil’s personality impeccably; you’re not sure whether you should like him instantly or you want to know more about him before you make up your mind! Samiya Mumtaz is my favorite actress but we see her being typecast all the time, in this play however she plays a role completely different from what she has done till now and she is brilliant as usual. Shida’s half-hearted smiles and bitterness showed in the way she talked and her facial expressions.

This recent installment of Sadqay Tumharey just like the last one appeared to be a labour of love. All the scenes were perfectly shot, the timing of all the actors was flawless and the script has definitely managed to evoke the feelings of anticipation which I am sure Khalil-ur-Rehman wanted to stir up in the audience. I am very sure that I am not the only one who is eagerly looking forward to Shano and Khalil’s first meeting. I will definitely be watching this episode one more time before the next one goes on air because watching it only once does no do justice to it!!

Do share your thoughts about this latest episode, did you like it as much as I did?

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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