Showbiz Mothers Who Got Divorced And Are Now Filing For Child Custody

Marriage is without a second doubt one of the most beautiful things in the world and the best thing that can happen to an individual. This sacred bond becomes even more beautiful when the loving couple is blessed with children who make life even more worth living. However, sometimes the whole concept of marriage backfires and at times despite the couple’s best efforts to reconcile, things do not work out and take a sad turn, namely divorce. Divorce is the opposite of marriage and is the saddest thing one can go through. But, at times it might be necessary for the sake of children, for their future to be better. Celebrities in the Pakistani showbiz industry are no different. We loved some of these couples and the audience considered them the perfect couple, the reality however was somewhat different and destiny had other plans for the couple. We have collected a list of Pakistani actresses and celebrities who have been granted a divorce and are now the custodian of their children.


Veena Malik

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Humaira Arshad

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Fatima Sohail

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Syra Yousuf

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Bushra Amir

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