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Silvatein Episode 22 – Review.

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Ohkay so some people can never change but the people around & the surroundings can. However, in this case, nothing is changing, neither the people nor the surroundings. I have kind of held it back but I can’t help saying now that the show has shown zero progress in terms of the story. The main focus is just about establishing more & more about the nature of the characters but I guess we know our characters in & out, so when are we moving on?

I mean we all know that Natasha is the one who shows her generosity & the smile she uses miserly at those specific moments when she is hoping for things to turn her way. Every member of the family, after spending a whole lifetime with one & another obviously understand what sort of a nature they share. What’s their mindset & what are they fishing for. In this matter, I tend to get annoyed by the fact that Zeb is being so ignorant of Natasha that she flips whenever she has an ulterior motive. She has proved it over & over & over again, repeatedly, monotonously & continuously but still Zeb is unable to understand that Natasha is plotting something once again.

Ohkay, we all know that Natasha is the evil one & Zeb is the angel, but where does it take us? YES! No where. What good has Zeb’s angelic behavior done to Natasha? Nothing. Why can’t Zeb take things a bit more lightly but maturely like she used to when she was single. I just couldn’t conceive of this fact that we’d get the whole peer fakir thing that too so stretched & dragged & with such details in this story line.

Rayaan has been open about his opinion about Natasha & he is actually right. I understand him completely. His subtlety, his kindness is the best thing for me in this whole drama. The way he is worried about each & every family member including Natasha, despite the fact that he hates her is marvelous. He has personified the ‘head-of-the-family’ label & has earned all the respect because he is entitled to it.

It really bothers me how Bilal blindly trusts his wife Natasha even though she also has been really vocal about her evil plans. No doubt she is sugar-coating all her gibberish in regards to Zeb but he must sit back & think again for a second that what made Natasha change her heart & mind so suddenly for Zeb? I mean c’mon, he’s her husband & no husband is such a fool. The only thing that bothers me for sure is the extremes of the natures of all the characters excluding Rayyan. Zeb’s complete conversion to introversion, Natasha’s constant negativity, Bilal’s unimaginable innocence & awe for Natasha, all this has really made it unreal for me.

Rayyan is the only character which I can actually see as a reality because when he knows how to be sweet & caring, he also can handle the harshness & knows how to extend some too. I hate to see him suffer within because of Zeb’s deaf & dumb treatment towards him. No doubt, she does what every wife do for the husband but is holding so much back, completely forgetting that Rayaan has never given her a reason to not rely on him. He has always been there for her, has always stood up for her, has given her a shoulder to cry on or has been all ears in listening to her problems but Zeb is pretending a bit too much. Rayyan, who is her husband – couldn’t get her candid with him after doing so much for her & even after living with her. But Mikaal, who was her ex-fiance that everybody knew about makes Zeb switches back to her care free mode in front of everyone & especially Rayyan too.

All this mind games have actually made me tired. I think I just can not use any more energy in understanding what is going on behind each & every word that is uttered. I really hope that the story progresses & we come to an end where all these people have a closure with all the issues.

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