Unseen Pictures of Muniba Mazar with Her Son

The saddest side of a person is the one that no one actually gets to see. Our history has a log of huge names of accident victims and survivors but the most significant figure of the Pakistani Media Industry is Muniba Mazari. We know her as Pakistan’s popular anchor. Activist, model, singer but above all, we adore her for her motivational speaking towards life even after meeting a life-changing accident.

Muniba was born on March 3rs, 1987 that makes her pretty young for the time when her life changed completely. The very beautiful Muniba was happily married to Khurram Shahzad from 2006 till 2015. She met a disastrous accident at the age of 21 after which she was handicapped and is now the only motivational speaker who is on a wheelchair but with great enthusiasm and positivity.

Muniba has a beautiful son Nael Mazari whom she dearly loves. Here are some extremely heart-melting pictures of the lovely mother with her lovely son. Have a look!

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