Unseen Pictures Of Singer Haroon’s Wife Farwa Hussain

The soul of the once-lovely and living Band Awaaz, Haroon Rashid has finally given a surprise to his fans and followers by marrying in an intimate wedding ceremony a few days back. Haroon has had been an eligible bachelor for all this time and for his extremely awesome looks and fitness was dearly loved by his female followers. With the news of his marriage, while few hearts would have broken off her fans, the majority of his fans were happy for him and congratulated the singer. Many celebrities from the industry stood up and shared their love and greetings to the new couple.

Haroon Rashid has been married to Farwa Hussain who is now known as Farwa Haroon. Farwa Haroon is an incredible person and has a lot of interest in nature and beauty. She belongs to Gilgit and loves the style our Beautiful Gilgit has to offer. Farwa is also fond of dogs and she and Haroon have adopted a dog named Bella too. Here are some beautiful Pictures from the notebook of Farwa Hussain. Have a look!


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