Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakhti Episode 7 & 8 – The Confrontation and Apology!

The latest installment of this show was full of drama, laughter and much more. We finally saw the confrontation between the Barood and Bhatts this week. Initially, they were pretty much enjoying each other’s company until Dadi Jaan made her dramatic entry. I felt pretty bad for the whole Bhatt family when Dadi insulted them so badly! She should not have called them words like ‘low standard’ and ‘low class’, that was pretty rude of Dadi Jaan. After that, there was no way Badi Ammi was going to do rishta with their family and this left both Alishba and Sikander helpless once again. photo(8)

Alishba and Sikander both lost hope for a while but then they were back again with a bang! They resorted to the oldest trick in the book: blackmailing. When nothing else works, this formula always works. Alishba blackmailed her parent by faking suicide, desperate times call for desperate measures! She finally made her father agree to go and apologize to Sikander’s family. One thing I find unbearable in this show is Amber’s overacting. She truly needs to learn how to act! Her overreaction to Alishba’s ‘suicide’ news was just too much to bear. The best part of this ‘suicide’ fiasco was Alishba’s treatment with Ahmed Nafees, she was so angry at him that she literally wanted to claw his face out! The poor guy got scared seeing this new side of her and went running to his mother and Nani.


Sikander also resorted to emotional blackmail to end Badi Ammi’s anger towards him. Mohib’s overacting in this scene was hard to digest! She finally did agree to the marriage when Alishba came with her parents to apologize to her for Dadi’s behavior. It was not easy though, initially she was furious to see them in her house and told them to leave immediately but it was Sikander’s mother  who finally spoke up this time. Sikander’s mother was quiet all this time because she felt indebted to the Bhatts for supporting them after Sikander’s father’s death. But when Sikander told her that she was sacrificing his happiness in the process, she spoke up against Badi Ammi for the first time. When Badi Ammi saw how much Alishba and Sikander loved each other, she finally agreed to the marriage but she also clearly said that she did not want to keep any relation with Alishba’s family. Well, at least she agreed to the marriage!


Now came the task of informing Dadi Jaan about Sikander’s and Alishba’s marriage, and this time Dada Jaan did not let Dadi Jaan or Durre have their way. He made it clear that Alishba will get married to Sikander whether they agree or not. Dada Jaan’s character is one of my favorite ones in the show. He might be half deaf but he can definitely speak up when needed. When Zahid came to apologize to his mother and to give an invitation for the ‘Haan’ function, Dada Jaan gave the final verdict that everybody will go to the function for Alishba’s sake. Now the question is, will Dadi Jaan really go to the function? I really hope so.


Baddi Ammi might have agreed to the marriage but not wholeheartedly. She refused to attend the ‘Haan’ function as she did not want to confront Dadi Jaan again. Sikander’s mother told her not to repeat the mistake she made years ago with her own son because by the time she realized her mistake, it was just too late. When Badi Ammi still did not melt and insisted on going back to Lahore, Sikander and Chachu created another drama to make her agree. That drama was a little hard to digest though. How did Badi Ammi ever fall for that drama is just beyond me.

Hamza was not seen much this week and I definitely missed him. I really loved the scene between him and Haniya though. It looks like Haniya is finally melting towards him and since she is thinking of ending her engagement with Saif, Hamza might have a chance now.

Now let’s see if Dadi Jaana and Badi Ammi make their appearance at the ‘Haan’ function!

Till Next Week!

Mariam Shafiq


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