Yeh Shaadi Nahi Hosakhti Episode 13 & 14 – Sikander’s Flop Plan!

The week’s episode revolved around the reaction of Badi Ammi and Dadi Jaan upon seeing each other in the same house and how Sikander dealt with the whole situation. Overall, the episodes were full of entertainment as one twist unfolded after the other.

Just when Sikander was about to execute his plan, Badi Ammi gave Sikander a huge shock when she handed him the list of the guest that had to be invited to live with them in the house. The best scene was Hamza’s reaction to this news! Hassan Ahmed has excellent comic timing (as I have said many times before!) and he never ceases to amaze me with his outstanding expressions.

photo(8)Waseem Abbas was equally entertaining in the episodes. I really love his character; Jolly and full of life. His Punjabi accent, expression and dialogue delivery all are just perfect! All his dialogues are so well written by the writer, I thoroughly enjoy each one of them.

photo(9)Anjum Shehzad has done a fantastic job with the direction of this show. I loved the way he created suspense among the viewers by not showing what happened after Badi Ammi and Dadi Jaan confronted each other. Sikander narrated the whole event to Hamza and these scenes were my favourite scenes in the two episodes. Sikander’s plan turned out to be a huge flop and Hamza and Chachu left no chance to laugh at his situation. The bonding between these three is just perfect!

photo(6)After their confrontation, Sikander and Alishba both were back to square one. Both the Dadi’s showed their stubbornness and again refused to give permission for Alishba and Sikander’s marriage. Sikander convinced Badi Ammi with a bit of emotional blackmailing but the demand she kept was enough to make Sikander pull out his hair. Sikander was busy dealing with her Badi Ammi while Alishba was trying to convince her Dadi Jaan who was a harder nut to crack. The two Dadi’s might be poles apart but surprisingly, they kept the same demand. I am glad that they did not drag this track and both of them got convinced soon.

photo(4)Sikander’s fake apology was a bit over the top and I am still wondering how Dadi Jaan got convinced by this apology. Well, I have no complains here. I am really glad she finally agreed to the marriage. I was kind of tired of watching every one trying to convince her again and again.

I was glad to see that the story had finally moved forward to the next phase. From now on, we will get to see the bonding between the two families and how they will adjust with each other. The scene where the two families were singing and dancing together was a pure delight to watch.

Once the tension was over, we also saw some cute scenes between Alishba and Sikander. Previously, whenever they used to meet their only topic for discussion were their family problems. It was refreshing to see them care free and enjoying each other’s company. Mohib and Urwa have really good chemistry and their scenes are always a delight to watch.

Soni and Ahmed Nafees had instantly bonded in their first meeting; there are surly going to be more interesting scenes between these two in the coming episodes. I also see a future track between Chachu and Durre. I am really glad that Durre finally gave up with her scheming in the end! Though I doubt Ahmed Nafees would give up anytime soon.

One thing that I have found distracting is Mohib’s hair in this show. In some scenes, his hair looks absolutely fine but in other scenes, it resembles some bird’s nest. All my attention diverts from the scene to his disastrous hairstyle! He really needs to do something about them. Compared to this, his hairstyle in Kaash Aisa Ho was much better!

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Mariam Shafiq


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