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I have to say that I liked the first episode of Numm much more than this second installment. Tonight’s episode was too slow for my liking and the fact that there was a lot of Neelam in this episode did not help at all. Not only is Kanza Wyne overacting but sometimes it is very difficult to understand what she is saying. The only question that kept on ringing in my head was that why was Bare Sahab putting up with all the batameezi and asking Wali Bakht to do the same? Has it got something to do with acquiring more wealth or does marrying his grandson to Neelam gives him some kind of a political edge or has it got something to do with blood ties? Bare Sahab’s character is very interesting, on one hand he is very authoritative and on the other he comes across as very friendly and progressive. The girl playing Neelam’s sister cannot utter a single line properly and the scenes with her in them were definitely worth forwarding. There are many good actresses that age who could have performed this character very well. Even though the character is rather insignificant but these small details make a huge difference.


Neelam is a muun zor ghori for sure; no wonder the only person she actually gets along with and wants to be with is Amtul. Amtul just like Neelam is an outcast, not only this she is also the only person in the house who did not have anything to do with Neelam’s marriage to Wali Bakht. Besides that, we already found out in the last episode that Neelam doesn’t really get along with normal people around her which is probably the reason why she had to befriend a tree. What has Neelam’s life been till now? Why is she the way she is? I hope we find out soon because she is not just upset because of the forced marriage but she has some serious issues otherwise as well.


The only mystery that was revealed in tonight’s episode was that Mahjabeen was married to Wali Bakht based on the tradition of Vani, although usually younger girls are married to older men normally to settle disputes but Sikandar Bakht clearly told Wali Bakht that Mahjabeen was not his wife but just “Vani”. I couldn’t understand anything in the flashback scene in which the panchayat gives the judgment because of the overpowering background score. So I am very eagerly waiting to find out that what were circumstances under which Wali Bakht and Mahajbeen got married.


The only person I truly felt for after watching these two episodes was Wali Bakht but at the same time his laid-back attitude towards the entire situation and his reliance on the life of luxury was actually quite disturbing. But, it is also true that it isn’t that simple to break away from the system you have been raised in and are dependent on.


Fawad Khan’s acting was spot on as usual but he really should get rid of the brown leather jacket and also the cigarettes! Sania Saeed was brilliant in tonight’s episode; Mahjabeen is nothing like the Bari Sarkar she is playing in Aseer Zaadi but a viewer can’t help but appreciate her acting skills in both the roles. I must add though that I am not feeling for her character just yet, maybe because I need to find out more about her past. Usman Peerzada is fantastic too and Farah Shah could not have been better. In fact the only good thing about this latest episode was the performances. Everyone gave their best except for Kanza Wyne but that too is not her fault because she is a newcomer and she needs a lot of time to brush up her acting skills. It is the fault of the producer who decided to choose her for playing this very important character and completely ruined it for the viewers. The dialogues in tonight’s episode were not powerful or intense at all. I can’t help but compare this play with Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi and I have to say that the dialogues in Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi are far more intense. Having said that, I must confess that you cannot judge a play on the basis of two episodes alone especially when the first episode was quite good. So, I will reserve my judgment for now.

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The main theme of the play definitely is to show the viewers how the feudal feel about women; how women are exploited at the hands of the high and mighty who are not outsiders but their near and dear ones. In my opinion, there was nothing extraordinary about this episode except for the excellent performances. The background score was very loud just like the last episode and it was very difficult to understand what was being said in many of the scenes.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Nice Review for an episode that was slow and dull.
    I really don’t feel anything for any of the character here.
    Fawad Khan looks too laid back and casual. Mahjabeen appears self assured.
    Neelum, her mother and sister…all three are incongruous.
    Background music is mismatched.

    All credit must go to Fawad Khan …that we all are watching and commenting on this drama.
    Let’s see if get any blood out of this stone.

    • Thank you Anwar Suhail for following the reviews and for giving your honest. straight from the heart feedback:) Hope is all we have at the moment. I think I was more disappointed than others because I liked the first episode.

  • Assalam u Alikum…Aap “Aseer Zadi” dekh rahi hain?? If yes to plz plz plz uska bhi review karain na…aaj kal sub se acha wohi drama aa raha hai..aur koi uska review nahi ker raha…kion???

    • Hi Aiman, I didn’t like the first episode but I really like it now, Mariam will be reviewing it for reviewit soon.

    • Waeliukum asalam Aiman, long time no see. Aren’t you watching Kankar? Apne enlightened views share kur liya karein kabhi time nikal kur;) Aiman Mariam will be reviewing Aseer Zaadi soon InshaAllah.

      • Hmm Mariam bhi achi hain..but ziada acha hota agar aap bhi web per nahi kahin aur likh lain…
        M watching Kankar (2,3 dramas hi toh ache hain aaj kal)…logo k views perhne main ziada maza aata hai..BTW aap kon kon se dramas dekh rahin aaj kal??? m watching Kankar,Aseer Zadi , MKPYH , KKC & Rishtey kuch adhore se (time pass..actully diff cast aur 2 new heroes…aur storyline bhi diff hai, inspired from indian dramas but in Paki style…)…

        • You are right about that, the discussion on the Kankar thread in particular is quite interesting. I am watching Aseer Zaadi, MKPYH, Darmiyan, Taar e Ankaboot, Halki Si Khalish, Aunn Zara, Adhoori aurat (not regularly but i do catch up;), Kadurat, have to catch up with KKC too – the list is long. I am looking forward to Ek Kasak Reh Gayee.

          • Taar e Ankobat?? uff Allah i m sick of Faseeh Bari …itne ziada dark aur BOLD dramas…naaa ji hum to nai dekhte…Halki si khalish bhi hum dekh rahe.kaafi diff story hai but slow hai…Aunn Zara epi 9 takk dekha frwrd kar kar keh..patah nahi but OKB and Maya k couple main woh Spark missing hai jo ache-onscreen couples main hota hai is liye chor diya (aur mjhe OKB as Aunn se bhi prob hai, yeh woh Aunn nahi jo novel perhte howe imagine kia tha mene…OKB ne isko apna rang de ker bilkul change ker diya..m jst nt able to connect with him),Adhoori aurat ko mene Adhoora hi rehne diya…lolxxx shoro main dekha but geo k Depressing dramas…a BIG NO…Kadoorat shoro ki 2 epi dekhi but thn lost interest in it..Darmaiyan have Saira in it but promos bohat boring the to try bhi nahi kia (like numm)..

          • haha that was a nice way of summing it all up;) Oh yes I am watching Ullu Baraye Farokht too. A friend highly recommended tare Ankaboot so I watched it, yes the topic is bold but it isn’t boring till now. I watch Adhoori Aurat because I have to, ab yeh na peechna kyun haha!! Yes I really liked AZ at first but now some of the episodes are good and some are okay. Yes Darmiyan has Sara and I started watching it for her but I have to say that she has looked and acted better in all her other plays. The play has not been directed well and some of the things are highly unbelievable, javeria and Adnan are too old for the roles they are playing but I am still watching it when i get time lol. I think Halki Si Khalish may be going the Yahan Pyar nahi hai road – I really hope not though.

          • the plays which i am following now a days are kadurat,mere humrahi,mkpyh,darmyaan,halki si khalish,kkc,rishtey kuch adhore se and kankar.tara e ankaboot is liye nahi mein dekh raha kyunki is ke writer hain fasih bari jin ke pehle 2 dramas qskb and mohabbat jaye bhar mein mein ne dekhe aur woh dono hi bekar nikle qskb to ab mein nahi dekhta aur mjbm to mein ne uski 3 ya 4 episodes dekhe us ke baad usay chor diya aur hina dilpazeer to fasih bari ke har dramay mein hoti hain though she is talented actress.waise main yeh chahta hoon ke aap ek article likhen un actors aur actresses ke baare mein jo same writers aur directors ke saath kaam kerte hain like mahira khan with sarmad khoosat,maya ali with faiza iftikhar etc and i know aap adhuri aurat faisal aur ayeza ki wajah se dekhti hain aur yeh dono aap ke bohat favourite hain.anyways lekin please aap yeh article zaroor likhye ga.

    • By the way, yes I am watching Aseer Zaadi; didn’t like the first episode but really like it now:)

  • Okay … After watching second Episode … I must say that #Numm is a difficult show to understand …Some where it looks Different from the other shows at the same it’s hard to understand about the Character … Okay Can understand about wali can’t Neelum ‘Bade Sahab and Mahjabeen and One of the Most Wali’s Mother .. OMG she is so Werid some time about Neelum she looks same like Wali’s Mom … lolxx

    Episode was Slow But Not bad … I am happy that Not dargging one … things are happening very fast … Hope we ll have more good next Week …!

    About the actors … Every one doing Awesome Usman uncle .Fawad Khan Sania Saeeed ‘Farah Shah and the gal kanza Too … !

  • Hi Fatima , how are you? I am glad you are writing the review .I have so many questions about the system and the custom but I am afraid to ask. Hopefully I will find the answers. I donot understand Nilum the way she speak. Wali being educated how come he is so lay back,and doesn’t do anything constructive. I feel for women.I wish I could talk to you more on the phone so I can understand better. Nice review.hope to hear from you,how is your family.

  • Its right Fatima its too early too judge on just two episode and may be things improve in next episodes. We cursed Ashk but Ashk was better in earlier episodes in grabbing attention of viewers and it went wrong after neelum munir and fawad khan marriage i think after sixth episode. The idea of revealing and unfolding story gradually is not bad, if done well it keeps viewers engaged, but if done bad like NUMM it makes proceedings unnecessary complex.

    Also what type of Vani is this, marrying an elder women with younger men. In our feudal culture its common elder women are married to quite younger boys within family, so family land do not go outside of family but this practice is not Vani, it is termed as mismatch marriage (bayjor shadi). Whatever depicted in this drama on the name of Vani so far seems not correct. My knowledge about vani is limited, all what we read in newspapers, where always younger girls are given as exchangeable commodity to elder men mainly to resolve some conflict so maybe someone from the areas where Vani prevails can shed light on this hidden type of Vani which is revealed to us by NUMM writer.

    This second episode is more dull then first one, so far the most compelling part of drama is Fawad Khan. Kinza Wayne, she is not acting but yelling and shouting in some scenes, in old days of PTV dramas, such actors were called “safarshi”. Production quality is also not best especially background music sometimes it feels like background music of a dracula or sherlock holmes thriller film. Show looks even more dull with a bit dim lighting at night time, it seems, drama is shot during load shedding. But perhaps it feels dim because there is no paint on walls, they are merely brick walls,

    • I don’t mind dark but it is difficult to sit through dull! Agree with you on all accounts, it is always a pleasure hearing from you.

  • loved your review Fatima , you analyse things so well. You are right Kanza needs to work on her dialogues skills but otherwise I think she has made a an effort . Re the getting along with Amptal ..I think the director should have wiped of Kanza’s scary Eye makeup so she looked like the schoolgirl Neelam is supposed to be .Then we could see that despite her bravado Neelam is probably scared of Wali. She hardly knows him and suddenly he is her husband , it looked like she is using Amptal as a protective barrier first in the bedroom against Wali and secondly in the house against Mahjabeen .. this serial is not as bad as I thought but yes you are right the editing could make it better .

    • Thank you Sadaf, you are too kind:) Agree with you about the eye make up. That is very interesting observation Sadaf, I didn’t feel like Neelam was scared at all but you never know – you usually are right about things:)

  • good review.well this 2nd episode was slow and i agree with rashid nazir ali that production values of this drama is bad first the background music is so loud and then the drama is shot in so much darkness.fawad and sania are doing their job very well but i think sajal ali could have suited the role of neelum much better than kanza wayne because neelum ka role 18 ya 19 years ki girl ka hai aur kanza to kaafi bari lagti hain is liye i think she is not fit for this character well this is just my opinion i hope that kanza proves me wrong by doing good acting but i think sajal would have been best for this role.hope that drama has a good and fast pace in the next episodes.

    • I agree with you Fahad, Sajjal Ali would have done very well and she looks that age too. Thanks a lot for following the reviews and for your valuable feedback. Yes, I hope it picks up pace too.

  • just to be different may be i am not so critical of neelam i think she is portraying a spoled brat very well.vadera backround,,outrageous enviorment and system, may be,convent boarding school all have its can see through vulnerability from her pretty bewildered face. she is a victim of circumstances like every body else.

  • Though drama appears dark, dull and depressive, but it’s intriguing and lot depends on how the director and writer shoes to unfold the story and the past events.

  • Drama is dull, dark and depressing, yet intruiging and a lot depends on how writer and director choose to unfold the story and past events.
    I have this feeling that it will improve.
    I’m missing Zaroon.

    • You said it Anwar Suhail, I miss the ZGH discussions! You are right it can be very interesting indeed but after watching this second installment, I do not have high hopes. Your views about Kanza’s acting because she is ruining the play for me!

  • Character of Neelum is weird as like the character of Mahjabeen.
    I may be offensive to the reviewer on the issue of Kanza’s performance.
    She is doing to the character as is required of her by director. and in that sense she is giving the best of her abilities. She is not behaving like a retard moron, but it’s engraved in her upbringing how to take things in what perspective. She is shown damn bold when she speaks to BARA SAHAB at dinner table and there is shown the change in mindset.
    The other weird thing is the unexpected attachment and chemistry between Neelam and AMTAL.
    The reviewer gave a good example of ULLO drama, but i would like to add that dialogues in that drama, especially the dialogues of Nauman Ijaz and AAPI jee were awe inspiring and worth remembering for long as compared to dialogues of BARA SAAB in Numm. Once again very deep body language is shown by SANIA SAeed and i bet very few people wil understand it in its natural way.
    People are criticizing here the custom of WANI, let the play reveal all aspects how it went to itl.
    Unfortunately, for fawad khan please switch back to zindagi gulzar, ashk and humsafar. wali bakht is the amalgam of his previous characters and that is the most worrying aspect of this drama. Fawad must give out something new from his side.All depends on him.
    The writer has made a difficult writing to understand and director has even chose the difficult dimensions to portray it. People in Pakistan are superficial and materialistic they always like simple easily comprehensible stories . :)

    • Vicky thank you for taking time out to read the reviews and for giving your feedback. i agree with you about UBFN.

  • well ds episode is not dt bad…bt yeah neelum bother me a lot…i already tolerate sania now ds neelum is too much irritating…bt story seems 2 be get more intresting…n plz let nme know if someone understand d speech at d tym of sania,s nikah…despite all ds still w8ing 4 nxt episode

  • Numm is missing alot of elements… its boring , dull… cant stick to it … Fawad khan is brilliant but on the other side neelum is more or what we call childish !! Dont understand “baray sahab” … on one side he is happily accepting all the stupidities neelum n her sister do…but the other way he never give such freedom to wali or mah jabeen … !! U reviewed the episode zabardast fatima.. ur review pushes me always to comment :) All the best !!

    • well yes this drama is dull, i just read on some other forums this drama is given the name of english word “NUMB”

  • Fatima, very interesting review. As usual, you have caught and analyzed so much more than ever catches my attention!
    I just caught up with this episode, and after reading the feedback here I’m wondering if I’m the only one really enjoying Neelam, her role and her acting!
    I think she is brilliant. Gritting her teeth, spitting out venom and always having the last word. With so much sense too, that she actually ends with everyone shutting up!
    I quite liked this episode. I thought it was the beginning of “something” between Wali and Mahjabeen. So far they seem to have taken their relationship the way it is – she is more like a caretaker, and he didn’t know what happened when they were married, but as he grew older, he probably was very embarrassed about having a wife who was so much older.
    It seems Neelam is inadvertently opening Wali’s feelings about Mahjabeen. Feelings that he never knew, acknowledged nor experienced. To me it appeared that Neelam insulting Mahjabeen was bringing out some concern in Wali for her feelings. It might just be the start of emotions in that relationship.
    A few scenes/dialogues that I really liked:
    (1)When Wali tells her that his mother is not Paagal, and Neelam replies saying she never said that. I loved the way she said it and walked off.
    (2)Bade Sahab’s shocked laughter in response to Neelam’s question of “why honeymoon?”
    (3)Also at the dinner table when Neelam tells off Bade Sahab. That was hilarious! She had the last word as usual, and his bolti was bund!
    (4)Neelam reading to Amtul – that was lovely! And the smirk she had on her face when Wali walked in to the room to find his mother sleeping there.
    I’m looking forward to how this story is going to pan out. I really hope that one of the women don’t become the sacrificial lamb with rona dhona and dramatics.



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