Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 11 – Satisfying!

Zaroon and Kashaf’s lives have gone on totally different tracks after University and the difference between the challenges that the two face in life were even more obvious today. Zaroon easily managed to clear his CSS exams and rightly thinks that ‘zindagi mei kitni aasani se kitna significant change aa jata hai’. He cannot in any way relate to the struggles that Kashaf, a girl who studied in the same college with him, has to go through in order to get even minor things done. Kashaf put her career on hold in order to help her mother to get her sister married. I have to say that although I was not really looking forward to this particular episode because I guessed that there would be more of Kashaf’s family and Zaroon/Asmara in this episode than anything else but the scenes in the first half especially were very heart wrenching. They were beautifully directed and I could feel the love that Kashaf, her sisters and their mother feel for each other. I did feel though that Rafia should not have insisted that Murtaza should attend the wedding in particular, I quite agree with the notion that if the proposal could have been finalized without the presence of Murtaza, the wedding could have taken place without him too. We also found out in today’s episode that Rafia even kashaf sidrahgave her jewelry to Murtaza’s second wife when he got married to her. I understood Rafia’s concerns in the first half of the show and she was right in hoping that Murtaza may just have a change of heart but later on I felt that Rafia was letting Murtaza walk all over her. And now after everything that has happened, I see absolutely no reason why Rafia should expect anything from Murtaza.

Did anyone notice the sounds in the background when Zaroon was writing his diary? The biggest change in Zaroon’s life will be that he will be moving away from his family and starting an independent life, something that he is very excited about. Luckily, there zarooonwere just a couple of Zaroon/Asmara scenes in this episode and the confrontation that the two had seemed like nothing new. The issues Zaroon is having with Asmara are the same which he has had with Sara for a very long time. I have to agree with Sadaf that it is difficult to keep track of time in this play and many times I am left wondering, how much time has elapsed between different happening. I am guessing that three or four months have passed till now from the time that Zaroon and Kashaf left the university.

I have to say that although I did not have any high hopes from this episode but for me at least it delivered for most part. I think it was important to show Murtaza’s attitude and also the way Rafia and her daughters struggled to get Sidrah married. It seems like things are going to move on for good in the rafia sidrahnext episodes and the tables will turn. How satisfying would it be if Rafia asks all these people who want to be best friends with her all of a sudden to leave them alone. A father like Murtaza deserves just that. I have to say that today’s episode belonged to Mansha Pasha, Sanam Saeed and Samina Peerzada and must give all of them and the director credit for breathing life in these scenes.

The Nigar/Haleema scene I think was quite unnecessary, everything else worked fine for me. I am guessing that we are going to see more of Zaroon and Kashaf’s lives separately for the next couple of episodes or so until they meet again. Overall, this episode was quite satisfying although the general opinion may be quite different! Bring it on guys!


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Agree with you Fatima that because we had low expectations from this week's episode, it wasn't disappointing. I have stopped expecting fireworks from this drama so when something 'great' happens at least I can act like I am surprised and happy ;) haha Also agree on the minimal Zaroon/Madamara scenes. As someone had said earlier, we know their relationship won't last long so there is no point in spending time on it.
    The first 13 minutes or so devoted to how EVIL Murtaza is yet again (as if we did not see that coming!) were easily forward-able. It was good to see the whole let me find a job, get a job, I am happy I have a job process for Kashaf was edited well. I am glad they didn't spend 30 minutes on just that today. It was interesting to see that Kashaf is working at one of Zaroon's dad's friends' company. And nice to see that Rafia's family was a little happy now that things are looking up. But at the same time, makes you wonder – is money everything in life? All of our lives revolve around that. It's indeed a sad reflection of society in general.
    Yes, the whole '"how much time has elapsed?" is an issue. We can only tell from people mentioning months spent here and there that probably a year or so has passed since Zaroon studied for his exams, passed them, and went for training and Kashaf found a job, saved some money, and got Sidra married during that time.

    Overall an OK episode since it was good to see the sisters happy, the mom happy, and Murtaza and his clan being same ol' same ol' and Zaroon moving out of his parents' home.
    Looks like next week will be spent on Murtaza coming back like a puppy dog to ask favors of his now CSS passed daughter and Sara will finally get that divorce that's been brewing up since the 3rd/4th episode (before she even got married lol).

    Thank you for posting a review so quickly once again! The story is finally getting somewhere.

    • lol Annie I find it very interesting the way you always know how many precious minutes were wasted on Murtaza and clan. I actually liked that scene because it made me hate Murtaza more, the explanations (so-called) he gives are so lame and it felt good to see that these ladies really can manage very well on their own. Thank you so much for reading the reviews and for your insightful comments. I always look forward to them.

  • Fatima your review,always spot on.todays episode was not so excellent but still enjoyable…you know what fatima i heard that zgh was re_edited because of its pace issue,earlier it was not gaining what was expected from it.anyhow best wishes from my side :)
    and another thing i wanted to discuss with you was the upcomming play of sanam saeed…OMG i was shocked to see her.what a different role.isy kehty hain selective kam krna.but me nai dekh sakhon gi :( eXXxams .chalo DOL zindabad bad me dekh loun gi ;)
    take care. :)

    • Xadee_Xaib, you know what? you are a sweetheart , I know how busy you are nowadays but you still take time out to read the reviews and comments. I love Sanam saeed's acting in Talkhiyaan too. Yes I saw the promo of her upcoming play and am looking forward to it:)) I think you were the one who suggested that I should watch Talkhiyaan, thank you for that because it is a very different show.

      • AwW thank you shoo much :)
        actualy mery exams march me hain tou zaida time parhny me guzarta hai…but i make sure to take some time out for zindagi gulzar hai and your review…i used to read your review regularly.but when you asked me to comment…it wasn't a big deal. :) bus ap ny dua krni hai mery exams k kiyae.

  • I like this episode infact the previous 1 was also a good episode for me bcuz yeh drama mere liye Fawad Khan aur Sanam Saeed ki LOVE STORY nahi balkeh Kashaf ki struggle ki story he from being ungrateful to gratefull 1……I think we should concentrate on the messages that Umera Ahmed has given us through characters of Samina Peerzada , Sanam etc…..rather then keh ZAROON AND KASHAF K SCENE….i mean guys come on…yeh drama sirf aur sirf entertainment keh liye nahi infact aur bhi bohat kuch hai iss drama mein FAWAD KHAN keh siwa……….last epi mein itne messages the..like HALAL and HARAM…jiska fark aaj kal hum bhol te ja rahe hain…but i was so dissapointed by some people reaction, keh this episode was boring and this and that…and fawad and kashaf keh scene…blah blah…….i mean HELLOoooooo…drama dekhne keh baad kuch seekh bhi lo sirf FAWAD KHAN ko na dekho aur bhi bohat kuch he iss drama mein dekhne aur SAMAJHNE keh liye……..and now coming to this episode…it was awesome as usual…1 thing i love about this drama that its so close to reality…kashaf keh job keh liye shukar he they showed keh usko REFERENCE keh zariye bohat achi job milli warna aam tor per toh sirf MERIT ki bunyaad per itni achi job mill jaati he dramas mein jo 1000 mein 1 keh sath hota he…..and nigar/ haleema scene was not unnecessary i think……it was good to see keh nigar ko bhi sharam aati he…..jab scene shoro howa tha…haleema ko dekh ker i thought keh yeh "woh waali prosan hain joh idhar ki udhar kerti hain aur moun per meethi banti hain" bcuz iss se pehle Rafia/ Haleema scene bhi dikhaya gaya he drama mein..but then i was happy to see keh kiss terhan se unho ne nigar ko sharmindah kia tha baap keh beti ki shaadi per shirkat na kerne per…. bgair koi taunt kiye bhi bohat kuch keh diya…..

    • Aiman totally agree with you Zindagi Gulzar Hai has a lot to offer and I like all the characters in the play, big and small. I was absolutely delighted to hear that Sidrah's wedding went so well, I am glad that Rafia and her daughters can pull themselves out of everything because they have each other and they are willing to work hard to see each other happy. Nigar just lied to Haleema that she asked Murtaza to go but he didn't, i think the woman is sharam proof lol. Thank you so much for always leaving a comment that really makes me feel like you see the play for what it is. You are so right she really is wo wali parosan!

  • Hi Fatima I wanted to ask you if you are watching the drama koyla ho gayi main on a plus. I watched the ost but I still don't know what that drama us about. What is the major story in that show and what will the climax have in store for the characters. Please let me know. I'm not sure if I should continue watching the show. It doesn't look like its going to get good.

  • The story is moving fast now. Murtiza scenes were important to highlight the difference between the achivements of those from rich backgrounds as compared to ones from a poor family. A girl who had topped had to put her career on hold just so her sister should get married. Where as Zaroon's mom was worried about whether her son will survive without all the luxuries he is accustomed to. The episode was relateable and very pivotal to the story. Poweful acting by Mansha Pasha and Kashaf and Rafia were very good too. Does Sidra's marriage mean we will not be seeing her in the episodes to come?? Kashaf looked lonely without her sister in that jhoola and that was conveyed beautifully.
    Brilliant acting by Waseem Abbass. He makes Murtiza so believeable and real. I think he was superb. The way he projected his guilt on to Rafia and his daughters – fantastic. Satisfying episode with some very powerful performances by Mansha Pasha and Waseem Abbas.

    • NDL I think Sidrah's marriage does mean that we won't be seeing her again since she is going to the US, so that would be another big change in Kashaf's life and we won't get to see the sister's scenes:( Yes hated Murtaza in today's episode and the credit goes to Waseem Abbass for such an apt portrayal. Thank you so much for the detailed comment and for reading the review.

      • I think we will be seeing Sidra again!. I saw her in Zaroon and Kashafs wedding pics, am sure glad because she is brilliant, she did great today:)

  • Fatima thanks for a great review. You said it all perfectly . Perhaps Annie is right ,that we have lowered the bar and are no longer holding high hopes but I ,like you, quite enjoyed this episode . I liked all the Kashaf and family scenes ,even the Aunty Nugar one's were bearable.
    Kashaf and Zaroon are forming their personalities from their different life experiences and in that sense it is working . I think a lot of our earlier disappointments were due to hopes raised by the promotion of an epic love story etc… but Now I understand this is something else. Its actually improving . I really liked Kashaf's character this episode and i think Sanam is doing great. Fawad was well Fawad as in he is why we watch.
    Bechari Asmara …please Zaroon put her out of her misery soon and us too :)

    • Thank you Sadaf. Good to know you are warming up to Kashaf:) yes lowering the expectations really helps and I guess most of us know now that this is more than just Z & K's love story. Thank you so much for reading the review and commenting.

  • I forgot to add… did anyone notice the liberal Feminist Ghazalla , making tea for JUnaid uncle and packing Zaroon's suitcase while he sniped at her ? Thank you to the ZGH team for finally adding some nuance perhaps that is why it's working now ?

  • The thing which I'm totally loving about this play is that it is not only based on romance between two people but other issues also which are not not given much significance are also being brought in limelight…which is really commendable (y).
    Today's episode was just solely based on the problems Kashaf's family went through due to Murtaza's ignorance towards them and the entrance of Zaroon in his new phase of life.
    Episode showed the other sides of both the characters ie Zaroon and Kashaf..
    Hoping that next episode turns out to be even more good than this.

    • Yes Kinza I totally agree with you, I like how ZGH is showing the different lives that people like Zaroon and Kashaf lead and how women can pull themselves out of anything if they have the will to do so. Hated Murtaza even more today.

  • By the way mere previous comment se koi yeh matlab bilkul na le keh i dnt like Fawad Khan or smthing smthing…i really like him.. he is a FABULOUS ACTOR….its jst that mjhe waaki mein samaj nahi aata keh aaj kal ki girls ko kia ho gaya he….drama mein itne ache messages diye jaate hain her episode mein lekin woh buss FK aur SS keh scenes ko roti rehti hain (sorry for using words"roti rehti hain")…i mean come on even if u r watchin this drama to see FK and SS love story..phir bhi kia hero aur heroin ki FAMILY nahi hoti kia???? aur family hoti hey to family problems bhi hoti hain..to plzz thora bohat unko bhi dekh lain aur unko dekhne keh baad unke +ve points aapna lain aur -ve ones check karen keh kahin aap keh aander to nahi……

  • Fatima,I agree with your comments but I think the conversation between Nigar/ Haleema was important. It shows that how people reacted, when Murtaza didn't attend his daughter's wedding and his relatives were there too.

  • Pathetic & a letdown this episode turned out to be, especially for those who have read the novel and r its loyal fans . Plot movement is incredibly slow. I won't be watching the next episode. This Kashf father and Asmara track r annoying.

  • Normally people don't go for CSS after doing MBA (which I guess what Zaroon and Kashaf have done). Zaroon's passion about CSS is understandable because he is doing it for exploring world with authority whereas passion of CSS for Kashaf is not understandable. Government job does not pay you much (by honest means which I believe what Kashaf's character shows) whereas she can excel in private job after doing MBA and can make more money and that's what she wants. I know many people after doing CSS have done MBA and switched their jobs.

    • AJQADIR, I have to agree with you because people who want to do CSS usually do Masters in Political Science or History but I think that if you are in the top 20 you can get into a good department which pays off in the long run, you get residence and car and the pay is good too.

  • Very Nice Episode … it is so real what they are showing …:) too great ..umera ahmed had done it again..and sanam saeed one of my very Favorite actress now onward ..she was looking so beautiful and pious at sidra wedding.. superb each and every short was superb

  • I liked this episode coz of its pace:) thank God they r no more stretching it like a rubber band,as someone mentioned about editing,yes in fact thats why it was more difficult to get an idea about time. Fatima now u r getting famous for ur 'instant' reviews;) good job ,keep it up:)

    • lol Mrs. Asim thank you so much, your appreciation really truly has meant a lot to me right from day one:) This review was actually a little late by my standard;) There might be a few things that make you question certain developments but yes overall the play definitely has a great deal to offer and I look forward to it.

  • I didn't have any expectations from this episode, and I am disappointed that it turned out to be even lower than that for me. :( To me, it was one of those, which even if I had missed, would have been okay. It added nothing to the story for me. Murtuza is an evil man. Rafia tried to get him involved in their daughters marriage, but the moment he heard that he was expecting to chip in finances, he did an about turn. Did I expected anything different? No. That Nigaar lied to Halima about not being able to influence Murtuza about attending the wedding, when she was the one who put words into his mouth in the 1st place. Did I expect anything different? No. That Zaroon is freaking about Asmara going out with guy friends? Did I expect anything different? No.
    And the time frames? I spent some time trying to fix that in my head. In the last episode, Kashaf took up a job, so that she would be able to study for CSS as well. Now she has a full time job, where she is giving studying a break. And in the next episode she has cleared the CSS.
    Fatima, for an episode which was this to me, I think you've done a beautiful job as usual, highlighting the nuances, and making it slightly more meaningful for me. :)

    • I know what you mean Roh, I am sure a lot of people feel that way but I actually felt happy for Kashaf and her family and hated Murtza even more so for me this was actually an intense episode in terms of how i felt about the characters. You are so right about Nigaar, the woman has no shame. I think we are being shown a few months later scenario, i remember the time frame issue did not work for me while watching SeZ too. Thank you so much Roh for reading the review and sharing how you felt about this episode.

  • quite boring episode!!!!!!!!!!it seems that director has re_written the the story on the main story line written by umera ahmed!!!!!!!having so many changes.AGREE OR NOT??????

  • fatima can u do something 4 the fans of ZGH!!!!!!!u will be really appreciated if u may collect bloopers or back stage of this drama 4 all of us……..hope so u will repy

    • roha khan that is a very nice suggestion but all i can do is to collect pictures because I don't have access to the videos.

      • some picturs r available on you tube of back stage of this drama but bloopers would be more enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • well i am not one of those who just want to see zaroon and kashaf but i think that is the basic reason why we are watching this drama.i loved to see that how kashaf and rafia managed sidra's marriage and how a girl like kashaf who belongs to a middle-class family and have issues with her father too,manages to bring some change in their lives is something inspiritional.
    overall i enjoyed the episode and m looking forward to the next one!!

    • maryam hussaini I am glad you enjoyed this episode. thank you so much for sharing your views about it. Keep commenting:)

  • My comment just disappeared! have had issues posting here from mobile devices and iPads. Sometimes it just won’t post,, can you guys check that Fatima

    • Anyways I had written a long comment, but basically enjoyed the episode as I also have stopped expecting it to be the next big love story after Humsafar which it led us to believe! It was smooth and flowed well! Sidra. And Kashaf were fab! Kashafs struggles continue to attain her goal and z does everything easily, really hits home about the differences in background! The issues are very real for many people and the whole wedding prep scenes were done well. Sidra and Kashaf made me cry, such emotional dialogues…beautifully delivered! Definitely one of the better plays except for evil murtaza who just gets worse every episode, no words for him!

      • SK actually I like ZGH the way it is, I was so happy for Kashaf and her mother today, she is such a good daughter. Yes the scenes with Sidra and Kashaf were very moving. I also liked the way Zaroon says to his mom pehle ap nahi hoti thi ab mei nahi hu ga (or something like that), if the mother is not there for the kids they never get over it. I actually like Murtaza's characterization, his flawed arguments and double standards are shocking but the fact is that there are sadly so many men ike that who do not own their own kids. The scene where Sidrah tells her mother why she was sad and how her father was renovating his house was also so sad.

    • Sk I checked in the spam folder and the comment is not there:( I will try to get the issue sorted, so sorry for the trouble.

  • i just love zindgi guzar ha nd umaira ahmed for writing such a fantastic novel. I had read this novel for many times nd i liked it every time .thanx umaira

  • Fatima y do u nvr make reviews of other dramas (eg. Bari Apa) like u use to? the only ones I c r muu (mirat ul uroos) and zgh (u noe wht dat is). cn u pls make a review 4 ba (luk above) plssssss!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

    • gagoga I am reviewing Bari Apa for dramapakistani.net , if you want to read my reviews of BA you can read it there:) Thank you so much for liking the reviews. Which other plays are you watching right now?

  • Hey Fatima, I’ve been a silent reader of your reviews and would like to commend you for your astute and pragmatic penning of them. I for one am very happy with the pace and flow of events—-the only thing that comes to mind is the confusion and blurring of timelines that others have also commented about. Keep up the good work—and looking forward to your reviews. TC

    • Tazeen it always makes me so happy when one of our silent readers decides to speak up so thank you so very much for deciding to post a comment. I am glad you have been enjoying the reviews and the show, I hope you will be commenting more often now:) You take care too, it was great to hear from you.

  • Hi fatima , too busy with my kids, just wanted to say hi and appreciate ur review…nice review as always this episode was good I want to see how kasha nd zaroon ll meet again,,,,

    • Baacha thank you so much for taking time out to read the reviews and for commenting:) Your appreciation means a lot to me.I missed you on the ZGH threads. I think we will see Kashaf and Zaroon together again in the 13th episode.

  • I feel, Zaroon and Kashaf per pora episode khatam ker diya karo.

    ZGH is the only drama which i am watching. And i think its gr8 and writer done very good job. Why we need more interaction b/w zaroon and kashaf. Better u guys watch indian episode.

    Socho agar ye indian drama hota to kiya hota. Kashaf Sir Abrar ko invite kerti sidra ke shadi main. Sir abrar ke apearance or yahan se Sidra ke maa Samina peerzada ka appearance dono aik dosray ko daikhtey, 3 martaba sound ata tishaaaan, tishaaan, tishaaan. Samina Pirzada kehtee… Ibrar tum.. or drama khatum. Wait for next episode what was the relation b/w sir ibrar and kashaf's mother. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • I think they give silent treatment to their father when ever he comes do not sit with him this is not a father they deserve instead of this they should not have a father raffia is a strong woman who worked hard agh is one of the bestdramathank you hum still some flaws in 10th episode but 11th episode cover all

    • Erum you are very right and also Rafia is not always that welcoming too, the way she looks at Murtaza shows that she does not love this man at all and this drama goes to prove that mothers are the ones who can make or break a home. Rafia managed to raise three wonderful daughters who are intelligent, confident and caring and despite of having a father like Murtaza they turned out so well solely because the main influence in their life was their mother, a great role model.

  • ek baar pir baazi maar li fatima aapi ne….the u define,the way u argument…remarkable,,,!!! ALLAH KARAI AAP KO BHI ZAROON JAISA PIARA LIFE PARTNER MELAI…

  • Hi, Fatima i m also one of ur scilent reader.but i feel always surprised how many readers u got over here.and people like ur reviews.but 1 thing i want to say itny lamby chory reviews likhne k bjay short cut baat kia krain to ziada acha rhy ga. or ab ap itni famous ho gi hn to reviews likhne k sath sath logo ko showr b dn. bohat afsoos hota js mulk mn bijli pani gas daal roti porri nhn hn wahan log itna time dramas discuss krny mn laga dete hn .hamary writers ne b hamy jidher lagaya hn hm log b usy rah pe lagy hwy hn.hm uk ur amarica m picturise hony wale drams to deakh kr un pr lambi lambi discussion to kr sakty hn lakin un ki achi values adopt nhn kr sakty jese hamari koom dramas k liy bedaar hn agr ayse apne country k liy bedaar ho jay to kia baat hn……..?????????

    • Amza thank you so much for your comment. I think these dramas and drama discussions are meant for the people's entertainment and since this is a drama site so we share only drama related things. And havent you noticed some of our dramas also highlight the problems that you are talking about, like even ZGH deals with many of our very real social issues. What do you think?

  • HiAmza · 4 minutes ago
    Hi, Fatima i m also one of ur scilent reader.but i feel always surprised how many readers u got over here.and people like ur reviews.but 1 thing i want to say itny lamby chory reviews likhne k bjay short cut baat kia krain to ziada acha rhy ga. or ab ap itni famous ho gi hn to reviews likhne k sath sath logo ko showr b dn. bohat afsoos hota js mulk mn bijli pani gas daal roti porri nhn hn wahan log itna time dramas discuss krny mn laga dete hn .hamary writers ne b hamy jidher lagaya hn hm log b usy rah pe lagy hwy hn.hm uk ur amarica m picturise hony wale drams to deakh kr un pr lambi lambi discussion to kr sakty hn lakin un ki achi values adopt nhn kr sakty jese hamari koom dramas k liy bedaar hn agr ayse apne country k liy bedaar ho jay to kia baat hn……..?????????

  • Umera ahmad's writing always leaves strong impression on da fans of hr work. ZGH discusses the strength of a woman as well as issues related to family relationships. one thing i dont understand is why only r women expected to sacrify to make her family not da men as zaroon's sister is expected to. i mean if she surrenders…its acceptible and may b a general public demand would it also b bt if zaroon's father compromises for the sake of hz family… is taken to be as OMG what a poor guy is he. kia umera ahmad k nzdeek compatibility issues kuch nhin hoty?????? ya esy problems ka only solution yehi hai k larrki HI sacrify kry bcz agr mrd ne compromise kia to wo to thehra mzloooooom bechara. aur ye elite family ki girls kia itni hi spoiled hoti hain. main ne to bohhat well behaved lrrkian bhi is class main dekhi hain. kia sirf ghareeb ghr ki lrrki hi ghr bsaana janti hai??????? aur ye ghareeb ghr ki bohat ACHCHI lrrkiyon ko reward main behd ameer ghr ka highly qualified, the most handsm and well set set lrrka hi kyun milta hai???? kia wo apny jesy kisi ghareeb hardworking krrky k saath shadi kr k us ki family k saath hnsi khushi ghr nhin bsa skti????? aur ye ameer ghr ki (alwyz) spoiled lrrkiyon ki qismat main un ko theek krny wala hsbnd hi kyun??????? koi un k mizaaj jesa kyun nhin????? ZRA SOCHIYE

  • >