Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 13 – Asmara/Zaroon – Farhan/Sara – Ghazala/Junaid!

They say that all good things come to those who wait so I sat through most part of this latest episode waiting for the time when Zaroon and Kashaf will finally meet again and the last few minutes were just not rewarding enough. I must confess that I feel somewhat cheated because I had very high expectations from this episode.  There have been many episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai in the past too when there were hardly any Zaroon/Kashaf interactions but I enjoyed them nevertheless because they had a great deal to offer. The first half of today’s episode was extremely repetitive with the same issues resurfacing over and over again. Am I the only one who wants to skip the scenes with Asmra in them? I am sorry I do not want to sound biased but honestly speaking there is nothing new about Mehreen Raheal’s character or her acting. The arguments that Asmara and Zaroon had were nothing new either. The Zaroon/Asmara track could have been easily wrapped up by now. The fact that Sara and Farhan are having the same issues does not help at all. I think both these relationships and the different issues Zaroon/Asmara and Farhan/Sara are having have been dragged on for way too long.


Zaroon’s conversation with Osama was a breath of fresh air because Zaroon opened up with Osama more than he has with anyone else till now. Just when I started wondering where Osama had gone and whether he was going to be back or not and what became of HIS infatuation with Kashaf, I was pleasantly surprised to see him telling Zaroon exactly what we all have been debating about for so long now. He told Zaroon right in the face that he talked to other girls openly too and that he was being a hypocrite. I do not think that Zaroon was comparing Asmara to Kashaf all this time even subconsciously but Kashaf is definitely closer to his ideals than any other girl he has met till now. His major issue with Asmara is that she does not give what he says and how he feels enough consideration and that she goes out with her male friends who Zaroon does not like. Honestly speaking any other girl who wants to make her relationship work would gladly compromise on these issues without feeling like a “slave” or “kaneez” but these women have a mind of their own.

The highlight of the episode had to be that Murtaza finally realized that he has not done anything for his daughters and they owe him nothing. I expected him to still go ahead and ask Kashaf for favors but the fact that he did not do that went to show that he knows better now. I found Kashaf’s dialogue regarding the “bemar zehnayat” and the reason why most people opt for CSS and do not become doctors, engineers etc self contradictory. I wish we could all have a clearer idea as to why Kashaf opted for government service after doing MBA if this is how she feels about people who would rather get into government service than go into any other profession. She said herself that any other private job could have been more lucrative monetarily. Rafia defended government service more than Kashaf so was it Rafia who wanted Kashaf to do CSS all along? I thought clearing CSS exams and getting into that kind of a job was Kashaf’s dream.

Junaid finally decided to say out loud how he felt about Ghazala ignoring her kids all these years but the way he did it was quite unimpressive and I must say that it is too late for all of that now. Ghazala’s attitude later on when Junaid tells her that Farhan is going ahead with the divorce went to show that nothing that Junaid says to her matters in any way. It is almost annoying the way all these three women completely fail to understand what their men mean when they ask them to compromise or to teach their kids to compromise.

Kashaf family

Rafia’s dialogues about how people’s attitudes change towards others and the reason why most people work so hard to change their circumstances was something that truly made me think. I love how some of these dialogues have so much depth. I liked it when Kashaf asked her mother if Murtaza had apologized for his wrongdoings. Since the change in Murtaza’s attitude has come right after Kashaf’s success so I am wondering if the remorse is genuine, after all that he has done it can’t be too easy for Kashaf to forgive and forget.


Kashaf and Zaroon’s meeting which was the reason I looked forward to this episode all week was so brief that there isn’t much that I can say about it. The precap suggested that Kashaf’s attitude towards Zaroon is not going to be any different even after all this time maybe because she does not forgive and forget easily. I am really looking forward to finding out what Osama has to say to Kashaf.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I am always in awe of your talent to take in each episode, and be able to express yourself so clearly so quickly, Fatima. You have an amazing gift, and it makes me so happy that you share it with us.
    I really liked this episode. It gave a lot of substance to what has been going on and on and on for a while now.
    I even liked the Asmara track. Her tone was softer when she was talking to Z, which kind of gave me the message that she really wanted to understand where he was coming from. Suddenly, If I may add.
    Zaroon is so confused. He is amazing. He has double standards on the double and he doesn't know what he wants. The conversation was Usama was brilliant, and he was put in place all the time, but didn't have any valid explanation for anything.
    I also cannot understand why he thinks that Kashaf would have been the kind of girl he has in mind. He wants someone to put his feelings and likes and dislikes before hers, and I cannot remember a single moment when he got an iota of that from K, personally, or what he knew of her in university.
    The whole Junaid/Ghazala track was just put there. To me, it appeared to be put there to emphasize that G was the one to blame and substantiate Z's sudden claims that his mother did nothing for them.
    To be so focussed on career, and knowing what a person wants for himself, and his claims that he comes from a "neglected" home is very contradictory to me.
    I still don't understand what Farhan's issues are, but I do understand that Sara's stance today, that she will not change at all, and he has to do all the changing doesn't work in any relationship. Unfortunately, socialising and independence of a woman has been made out to be the issue here, with no more depth to it, so it comes across as the men are justified and the women are not.
    I saw some shame in Murtuza when he said that he has never done anything for the 3 daughters and therefore cannot ask for favours. I still cannot forget that he was horrid in not attending Sidra's wedding. And that thought forces me to believe its only K's achievements which have brought the change of heart.
    From the preview, we are gettting more scenes where K is putting Z down at every opportunity. He obviously doesn't see that as someone who is challenging a man's authority.
    Fatima, thanks again. Always lovely to come and pour out the heart here as soon as we watch the episode. :)

    • Roh you are too kind and it is always great to read how you feel about each episode. You are right about the change in Asmara's tone, I guess she reminded me of Madiah even more today for that very reason lol You are right about the issues but I guess there are women out there for whom going out and socializing is more important than making their marriages work! That is how they are and nothing in the world will change them, look at Ghazala she won't budge! I think deep down Zaroon has a lot of respect for Kashaf because of her academic achievements and because she does not hang out with other men:D Since that is one of the main issues.

      • See? now that is the main issue – hanging out with other men. He is really confused. :D Wonder what he will have to say about K going out for dinner with Usama. :D

        • LOL I was thinking the same thing – what if Usama posted that picture of him having dinner w/ Kashaf on FB – phir tow Kashaf is Off the List! ;) lol

        • i sumwhat agree wid zaroon… now that they;re engaged , he simply is not comfortable wid asmara hanging out wid random guys .. nd the reason is that now they;re committed to each other , he wants to be the sole man in her lyf, which is quite okay cuz asmara too wudnt like if Z started going out with a bunch of girls to concerts n all, would she? he himself said that he doesnt want a sit-at-home wife, but he doesnt want his wife to be as rigid in her freedom as his mom and sister either..as for kashaf, she's still single and unattached , so there's nuthing wrong in her going to dinner wid osama

          • I don't think it was implied that Asmara is going out on dinner dates with Nofel alone. She hangs out with her group of friends some of whom are men.

          • Almas I also think that a man has that much right too but I also want to see who breaks off this engagement and also Zaroon should not have given in to all the pressure. Zaroon was always in two minds about the engagement. I personally find these issues quite petty and I am not even sure what these men want for their women and why are the women not willing to compromise at all. Does Zaroon want Asmara to go out with him alone? Or can she only go out with her girlfriends only. The issue before was that Zaroon hated women who wanted to dominate men and now the real issue is Asmara meeting her guy friends who Zaroon does not liked….lol confusssiinnng!!! All we know is that Asmara is not the girl for Mr. zaroon.

          • Fatima, its a big communication gap if u ask me…neither of them is willing to elaborate their points nor are they willing to compromize…nd yes i agree Zaroon is confused big time…he had doubts about getting engaged to asmara since the very beginning but the reasons he gave at that tym wer plain stupid which no one could digest so ultimately he had to give in ! what i feel now is that zaroon just liked hanging out with asmara cuz she was pretty and even at that tym their compatibility was less than 1%..and now when it comes to getting married, he wants a super idealistic girl which he knows asmara can never be ! so y not try to find a common ground and work on it? marriage is all about compromises … so yes they hav no other option but to break off their engagement amicabely …they r just not meant to be ! and in my opinion only kashaf has the kind of guts required to handle a confused guy like zaroon . . !

          • Almas totally agree with you both the parties have to compromise to make a marriage work, that is the only way it can work out.

          • Sorry for interfering in this conversation – but I just had a opinion to share. Though Zaroon does appear confused but I don't think it is that difficult to see what he wants out of a girl and he is not wrong in pointing out Kashaf's name. He basically is kind of looking for a balance between Kashaf and Asmara. Kashaf is clearly quite arrogant but as a person she is better than Asmara in the sense that she is smart, confident, driven and she is friends with guys but doesnt show that unreasonable level of frankness. Like Zaroon says, he doesnt have a problem with Asmara being friends with anybody but he doesnt want her hanging out with late at nights, or taking trips. Being a guy belonging to their society, he understands how those guys eye women because he does it too. And, what he wants out of his chosen girl is to keep her values in mind and not just reciprocate the same feelings towards every guy that happens to "shower his love" on her. I dont think he would have a problem if Asmara tells him she cant stay out late with him – thats the kind of attitude he would expect. The scene where he had to drop Kashaf home did show him to be a bit of a hypocrite but the way Kashaf communicates is often very annoying. He reason for refusing the ride was not wrong but it just had to communicated differently.

          • Maya thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, I am glad you decided to be a part of the discussion:) Keep reading and commenting.

          • fatima , as i am totally zaroon kind of guy i can completely understand him … the reason why he want asmara to go out with guys whom he dont like is that he knew what kind of guys they are … and no one can listen to the conversation that men generally do about such liberal girls even if she is their friend … and the most important thing zaroon wanted is how much asmara CARE about him … i think as junaid said to zaroon that asmara is at his parents place so he should not put restrictions on him … if asmara ask zaroon before going out with her male friends you can say take permission or take him in confidence …. in single line make herself little flexible ther relation could work … and zaroon is not at all confused

        • Roh in Z's defence it wasn't just hanging out with other men but also hanging out with men he does not like and the way she mingles with them… I know i know confused Mr. Z!!

  • Great Review!! Summed up my feelings! I knew the k and z scene would be at the end…they are just dragging z and Asmara, and still the engagement hadn't ended…aah!! Yes it was all repetivive stuff…but the highlight for me and I loved this scene so much was osama challenging Zaroon. and it is all the things we have been saying and the issues we have had with zaroons character!! I was like go Osama…that was a well written scene. All my questions thrown in the face of Zaroon!
    Again though showing too much extremism from Sara and Asmara. Nothing new! However I did Like the fact that junaid didn't just blatantly side with Zaroon and did state that both his kids need to compromise to make relationships work. Otherwise it was all repeat scenes, just between different characters. All the excitement we had was relegated to two minutes…very disappointed!

    • sky: absolutely. All the questions we have been thinking about thrown right on Z's face. And no answers that made sense from him. Will the engagement end next week? or will Sara' marriage end next week?

      • Many men do not have answers, as it is obviously wrong, but this is common attitudes in sub continent. They can be womanizers galore but want decent wives who don't have "labels." as free with men etc. I'm glad this was highlighted. If you are decent yourself, I have no qualms with getting a compatible partner, but why on earth are you putting down those girls that you yourself hung out with…hate it!!

        • Agree SK that it is a very common mindset in the subcontinent. It is completely baffling to us but I know I have met men like that who want their wife to be totally shareef while they are free to flirt around here and there a bit as long as it is nothing serious.

          • Ooh not again!! This tried and tired stereo typical debate won't lead us any where. However I'm pleased to find so many Experts on mind set of subcontinent's men here on this site. Freud would have been proud if he would over hear this scholarly debate.

    • Yes SK I felt exactly the same way and actually did not even want to delve into the details of those two minutes. I hope the next episode does not leave us with this feeling too, although I have to say that the exectations this time around are not going to be very high.

  • great review Fatima . As always I am in awe at the speed and depth of your thoughts. That beemar Zehneeyat wala dialogue was true to a certain extent that people like jobs so they can be big time officers with power to dominate others and forgo other professions which are more creative as such.
    I actually like this episode a lot and no one hit me but Asmara seemed quite reasonable in this episode. Zaroon is quite right about Asmara 's behaviour but he should change too . Marriage requires a commitment from both sides. Mehreen Raheel really impressed me today .she had the right tone and acted much better. She also had the right idea, there is another woman and it's Kashaf …. not the real Kashaf but the image Zaroon has created in his head …kashaf's character ….. but he has not included her personality which may be just as hard a nut to crack as his mothers.
    Roh , yes Kashaf is putting Zaroon down , but he likes that ….its called the thrill of the chase …married life is 180 the other way as we will surely see.:) looking forward to next week. All I can say is I Think ma''am Sultana Siddiqi should take it easy and just concentrate on bringing HUM TV back to the USA … My nerves cannot bare any more destruction …..

    • Yes Mehreen Raheel was impressive today.
      Walnuts and almonds will help the nerves as Hum Tv not back to USA in near future.

    • Aww thank you Sadaf. I think Hum people are trying their best, hope for the best:) I am glad you enjoyed MR's acting today, I have so had it with her and want this track to end. Z and K are attracted towards each other in their own weird way and yes you are right about the thrill of the chase bit but then the thrill factor will end once they are married and Z should just be bored with K. I think it is more of attraction than thrill.

    • I too liked Asmara in this episode. Her relationship with her mother is very nice too. They seem close.
      Yes, Z is liking K putting him down. Its all about what he likes and not. Its all about him and how much "stamina" he has to take whatever he chooses to.

  • I agree with Roh…jo kuch mjhe kehna tha woh baat woh already keh chukki toh repeat nahi karongi koi baat buss ek point jo aap log miss ker gai last scene ki…kashaf keh chehre per ek constant smile thi zaroon ko dekh ker aur uski tone bhi kaafi fresh thi…..esp when zaroon says "bohat khushi hoi aap se mil ker" and her reply "mjhe nahi hoi"…yeh alfaz uske lehje se bilkul match nahi ker rahe the…..and also the way she said "dhamki na do mjhe"..aisa lagg raha tha jaise koi bohat ache dost baat ker rahe hain….well it was gud epi for me…and nice review Fatima as always except for 1st paragraph, ….and i hope u knw it y…

      • No annie u misunderstood my comment mein yeh kehna chah rahi hoon keh kashaf ki smile aur uski fresh tone uski inner feelings ka bata rahi thi keh woh zaroon ko kitna bhi ignore kerna chahhe , kitna bhi yeh dikhana chahe keh zaroon uske liye ahmiat nahi rakhta but somewhere inside zaroon do affect herself…woh ander se zaroon ko dekh ker khush thi lekin zahir yeh kerna chah rahi thi keh usse zaroon se mil ker khushi nahi hoi…hats off to sanam saeed for such brilliant expressions…..

        • ah ok Aiman I thought you were confused by her happy expressions like me ;) I do agree that subconsciously she likes his attention (which is something Sidra wanted to tell her once) but would never ever admit to that.

          • i agree with u annie and do u ppl remember ke jab maria ne kaha tha ke zaroon class ka sab handsome larka hai aur kashaf ne uski baat ko ghalat keh kr koi aur handsome dhonda tu use nhi mila!

        • mera to khayal h k wo proud the k zarooon se km nae h wo b,,means job etc hppe u unrstand my point aiman

          • saba ya may b u r right..infact i think it is definitely one of the reasons…but 1 thing kashaf ander se kitne bhi ehsas e kamtiri mein mubtala ho lekin ussne kabhi zaroon aur kissi aur ko yeh zahir nahi hone diya…woh pehle bhi zaroon se sar utha ker baat kerti thi…but ya ho sakta he zaroon ko us wakt dekh ker khud usko feel howa ho keh aaj mera aur iska status barabar he……but iss baat keh liye woh smile kion karegi????

          • satisfy ho jata h na jb insaan to aise smile aa e jati some kind of tasali k yes i got that …….

    • Bilkul janab I know why:) Thank you so much for the comment Aimen even though you may not agree wit everything I said in the review. By the way which smile are we talking about? the one Kashaf gives to Zaroon when the two are introduced or the one that came later on? Yes agree with you the "mujhe nahi hui" bit sounded more like it was meant as a joke.

        • Loved loved loved it… Sanam Jung is toooo cute and her acting was flawless, loved her smile… These two will look wow together. Have you seen the OST video??? Super wow nahii?? The story maybe nothing new but this couple is going to melt our hearts for sure.

  • What a stupid episode, finally even the reviewers have run out of ideas to make excuses for the drama, those false platitudes about the depth of the story and the amazing "message", is'nt working anymore. This is the 3rd consecutive disappointment [starting from 11th episode] which is long and dull as well. Asmara track has been stretched way too much, and Sara's issues are'nt relevant to the story. The papa son papa mama exchanges in the first half wouldve really put off most audiences, also their favorite character Kashaf was nowhere. Mehreen Raheal has becum so annoying ppl r praying for Zaroon to plz finish this chapter early as possible, Osama [ Shehryaar Munawar] acting skills and excessive use of english makes him parrt of the annoy club of Mehreen R. He is as good as the table infront of Zaroon's father, which actually was in most of the footage.
    ThebKashaf/Zaroon interaction was even less i'd already predicted this interaction won't last more than 2 min. in the end of drama or would probably b the last scene. Next week preview is also easy to predict where they tried to add sum crappy confusion. Asmara track will again get screentime, Abba will also be seen more than viewer can bear, Osama will propose Kashaf, highly likely Kashaf will instead asjk Osama to consider her younger sister shenila for marrying Osama, which will eventually happen.

    • Agree Royter that next week will be the cat and mouse chase for a little bit while the rest of the epi will be devoted to Sara/Asmara issues. And yeah pretty sure Osama will marry the younger sister as K will tell him she's not interested.

    • you were so right predicting nothing worthwhile would be shown and like many other episode wht we actually look forward to would be given just few lousy last minutes.

  • I thought today's episode was good on a couple of accounts:
    – We got to find out more about Z's confused personality. It was good to have the Osama-Z scene and the Z-confused writing this diary scene. It opened up Z a little more to us and I liked how he owned up to the fact that that's the way he is and he's not willing to change on that. Also liked the fact that K is in Z's subconscious and Z is in K's subconscious when she mentions that some people get everything for free.
    – We got to see that Murtaza is not completely evil. He does have a human brain lo' and behold! that must have grown out over last week!
    – We got to see a little more of Junaid and his POV and confronting his wife that education is not everything. Manners do matter too. We've all met those padhay likhay mannerless people ;-)
    I did forward the Sara scenes because that relationship was a train wreck to begin with and it's a pointless subplot in this whole thing.
    Both of Asmara's scenes were well done and have to agree with Sadaf she did not bother me today.
    Fatima – you should have listened to our advice and Afia's daughter's advice – we were expecting the last scene to be the Z-K scene when we saw the preview last week lol We are now used to Hum TV and their previews and what not to anticipate ;)

    Question to all: Why did Kashaf had a HUGE smile on her face when giving her phone number to Z? that scene from office cutting to "mujhe phone # do" was really badly edited and I was surprised they were saying "tum" to each other since it's not like they left on friendly terms earlier. Couldn't figure out why K was smiling – happy that Z was giving her attention now that she's on the same standing as him?

    • Yes Annie, unfortunately The kid was right ! Grand total of 3 mins at the end! I was bored out of my mind today. Yes we heard the justifications but they went on and on, too repetitive as Fatima points out.
      Why was K smiling? Doesn't go with her character- probably bad direction.

      • I watch it online so don't have to sit through the whole episode plus the ads that you guys have to while watching it on TV. So a bit of an advantage to keep myself from yawning. I hit the forward button through all of the Sara related convos and that helped.
        I thought laying out a little bit more of Z's confused state was well done this episode since he's had pretty much a guest appearance for the past couple of epis. I (and Sadaf) don't expect much from ZGH drag-fest so it keeps me from being disappointed. Do the same – you'll have a much happier Friday night :)

        @Fatima – I was also confused like you as to why K was badmouthing her own profession. Did not make sense to me either as to why she opted for a 'ghareeb' salary when she could make lots of money in the private sector.

        • Yes, I should fwd it but if I am home at 8 pm friday, then I can't ignore the fact that an FK drama is on – just have to see it. Issi chakkar mein Ashk bhi dekh liya!

      • Afia your kid is a genius :) Yes it could be "some people never change" factor too. We can only wonder and wait! I was not surprised at Zaroon's frank tone but I expected Kashaf to be a little more serious.

      • I would have to agree with the poster above Mariyam that K was probably smiling because she was thinking how stubborn Z really is and that he hasn't changed one bit – asking for her personal cell # and not satisfied with just having her office #. She was probably thinking "some people never change"

    • Oh so we are talking about that smile! I think Kashaf is looking forward to what is coming next lol. You are right about the scene Annie, it really was not done as well as one would have expected it to be.
      Oh yes Afia's daughter is a genius, i totally "fell for it" this time around!
      Thank you so much Annie for reading the reviews and for commenting:)

  • Great episode. Zaroon's character sketch now complete. A hypocritical, confused man with double standards. A man who got engaged when he himself had doubts from the beginning but does not have the guts to admit that the relationship is sour because of his own double standards and confusion. He would rather blame Asmara and her'liberal mindset'.Asmara was much better in this episode. Ayesha did not impress me. I loved some of Rafia's dialogues about the change of behaviour of people etc. I also loved the conversation between Z and Osama. Very well done. I think FK was brilliant. His sleepy manner while writing on his mac was well done. Kashaf was great as usual though I do miss the interaction between the sisters. My view point about Kashaf's smile is"I have achieved what Zaroon has achieved.We are equal!" It is the smile of victory. Glad to see her smiling more often now :) While Zaroon is trying to be over friendly with a 'tum' because secretly he has a huge crush on her … so the smiles are justified! :) Though short, but the interactions were loaded with romance ! Well done team ZGH!

      • we only wish the real story would begin ;) Abhi tow Rafia ke aur bills pay karna hai. Shehnila ki shaadi karna hai. Sara ki divorce honi hai. And then 2nd shaadi honi hai. Asmara-Zaroon ka split hona hai. Real story will start by about 17-18 episode.
        Oh wait I apologize, the real story is not about Z and K it is about Rafia and K's life and how they deal with their circumstances and grow out of poverty to lead a gulzar life.

        • i know the real story but 4 many of us the real story will begin when Z and K will unite

    • NDL missed your comment last week, good to see you here again. i am glad you are enjoying the show.

  • Fatima,

    Today's episode was too slow and it could be wrapped up the issue between asmara and zaroon now, but its getting bored now … it was toooooo bored and with no reasons, its really wastage of time .. well, lets see what happened to next…

  • A very brilliant review.I think it is an art to carry all the scenes together in a single episode.I mean they showed very much.It was a very happening episode.I think the real ZGH has started now.Kashaf's character is very strong.After all these years,she still thinks the same for Zaroon.Friday is so far from Friday.Oh time machine,we've never wanted you so much :P

  • I think episodes r dragged at some point and so ZGH. I think asmara track is here as they wanted Zaroon in the drama too. for the past some episodes it was Kashaf and her family all over the drama. I think next episode would be fun as Zaroon unconsciously likes Kashaf and he like a little kid would be annoying her and kashaf will always be at her best! They both are unconsciously in LOVE with each other as Zaroon himself confessed to usama and later himself that its surprising that the ideal girl he had in mind is like kashaf.

  • i think the smile on the face of kashaf after seeing zaroon was not the indicator that she felt happy to see him but its an expression often comes to our face when we see some dheet kind of person who behaves as if nothing is happened in the past. there was not any remorse feelings on the part of zaroon about what a cheapest act he did i the lib during uni days. after so much happened really bitter in the past zaroon acted as if nothing happened and thats what made kashaf smile. she might b amazed on the daring of zaroon to even talk to her so frankly after humilating her b/f so many people in the library.

  • Review is good but you missed mentioning the smile on Kashaf's face at the end. Although the whole episode was very slow and many repetitions in it but I think the best part of this whole episode was the smile on Kashaf's face at the end when she was talking to Zaroon. The smile and expressions were brilliant as she felt success and status she has now with Zaroon.

    • AJQADIR thank you for adding that bit, everyone is talking about the smile…how could I not mention it, you are right! I guess maybe because I was a little disappointed when the scene came in the very end and lasted only for couple of minutes.

  • Great Review Fatima. Day of realisation and few home truths for most of the characters. Also we had writers take on liberal extremism and radical feminism.
    Asmara, Sara and Ghazla just won't listen to their counterparts and don't differentiate between consideration and slavery. Junaid was spineless and ineffective even when he spoke after so many years. Zaroon might be conservative but sounds plausible.
    Enjoyed Asmara/Zaroon scene. Asmara sounded and acted right and looked beautiful. Somehow didn't enjoy Kashaf/Zaroon encounter.

    • Thank you anwar sohail:) lol @ spineless and ineffective..these two words define Junaid perfectly! Yes I can't disagree with Zaroon because he has some very good reasons to feel the way he does but I also think he should not have gone ahead with this engagement. He should have had the guts to say no then. He has known Asmara long enough to know that she is exantly like his mom and Sara.
      I don't like Asmara at all!!
      The encounter in the end was too little, too late hence not satisfying enough.

  • i can say, i agree the only bright spot through most of the episode was kashaf and zaroon meetin—exactly what i had been waiting for too–bt it was disappointing to see so little of them—however. the precap made uo 4 it to some extent nd it has risen my curiosity again—also the conversation between osama and zarun was gr8 —good piece of actin too—-i slept through the rest of the parts mostly(considerin how late it is and i m really tired…)

  • Fatima in the precap did Kashaf say "I got a good husband"(in Urdu) or " Achi shohar milgya" (without pronouns). Also Why was Zaroon looking so desperate in the precap?

  • I didnt watchd rest of epi coz lights were off n i was able to catch frm zaroon kashaf scnes :P
    So i am gona only say I had a big big smile for those less than two minutes i had saw Zaroon n Kashaf.. !!!
    I dont know anything but that was scene i was waiitng for very long time n finaly got it.. however it was nothing near to expectations but those two mins were like a dream :P
    The hello part the smile on zaroon s face n kashaf well she was surprised …
    n then phoen number exchange well was it low budget project i dont get why they dont get a biger space to shot their scenes like college scene it was bad ediitng..
    okay well i have an answer to one of queries about kashaf s smile …. u said that their uni didnt ended on good note but wether it was good for kashaf later she had made him show his place by wining over him in studies :) thats the point i can justify her reaction coz its like not too pleasent to see a person but yet the thing to show each other low like attitude is somewhere gets pleasently happy to see such situations i hope i m expressing ryt to make u understand :P
    it may be wrong but i think so :) she is not more a girl who needs herself to protect n all she is now have change senerio at her back she is well settled :) she is more confident….. n now again here she is facing her competitior to whom she had always love to show down .. its a pretty fact zaroon kashaf are at war :P at least still from kashaf s side….. !!!
    And yeah i got one more point of justfying kashaf smile was that zaroon junaid was asking number from Kashaf mmurtaza dont u guys remember zaroon s word in last library fight :) Kashaf is happy to get to know her place to see peroson like zaroon junaid asking her no… the guy who said on her face that she is nothing !! that perosn gota admit the fact that She is the one who can challange him n win :)
    I loved the outfits they were wearing n i loved kashfs new look……. !!
    Precape is what i guessed m gona count every single second !!!
    Dil e muztar btw is looking realy gud :)

  • this episode was very slow n scenes were too boring n repetitive, i have just watched the few scenes b/c i knew what is going to b in them :)

  • Great review! I agree that the episode wasnt as rewarding as expected. However, I am glad Asmara's track is close to the end! .. I just cannot bear to see Mehreen Raheel anymore! Was there no-one else who cud have done this role?! Well at least I am glad they didnt cast Mathira! :D

  • i also had alot of expectations from this episode and was furisly waiting for kasaf and zaroon meeting which comes at end.. and i see car(prado i think) in highlights of this episode… but it wasnt in this episode…

  • Well, i can bet that in the next episode, Osama would propose Kashaf but Kashaf will deny marrying him! ;)

  • jb zarun ne kashaf ko kha k ''bht khushi hui ap ko itny salo bad dekh k''or kashaf ne kha ''acha muje to ni hui''
    oh i love this dialouge <3

  • What I still can't figure out is how Kashaf will "fall" for that jerk Zaroon? Someone who slaps you across the face, unless they are your parent (and even then it's wrong) should either be suspended from school, at the least, and never EVER be given the time of day. Why do women, and our dramas which show this kind of behavior, tolerate this? What message is ZGH giving to women by showing a strong woman like Kashaf buckle and accept a man who has publicly abused her as a husband? I am very disappointed with this track, and feel that more dramas should show women who stand their ground and do not tolerate abuse. The more women tolerate, the more men will abuse them. It is until men and women agree that both genders can and must work together in the right way without domination and arrogance of one over the other, that we can come to the right understanding, insha Allah.

  • Fatima excellent review as always. LOL i read through all the comments and i am like wow most of us are all on the same page and scary how most of the comments and thoughts are reflected in my review as well. i think Zaroon is a very interesting and polarizing character for me though. Let me put forth some of my own concerns about the characters and they echo same sentiments as most of you have put forth. we have seen absolutely no growth with regards to maturity in either Kashaf or Zaroon. Kashaf is still thankless as ever and you would have imagined that going through such a roller coaster journey at her time in university, meeting other people and listening to their experiences, job and work, one would have learned something but of course there is no progress there. Turning to Zaroon, he mentions to his father that he has seen and felt things at work or during his training that has changed his mind and stance on life. Problem is ofcourse we are being told that and it would be great if we could hear or see what has Zaroon seen or heard that has made him feel different about their current lifestyle and his desire to have a wife who is sati savitri. To me Zaroon borderlines not only as confused but hypocritic. I CAN but you can’t mentality! Now that is my stance.
    Also I totally forgot to mention Osama’s POV on ajj kaal aisi larkiyaan kahan milti hain…hey Osama aj kaal shareef larkay bhi nahi miltay, there take that! Seriously?

    • Misty thank you so much for taking time out to comment, it really means a lot to me. Unfortunately our society is full of men like Zaroon and many women also happily accept these double standards. Like someone else mentioned, Zaroon never paid heed to what Asmara had to say when he was flirting with girls and trying to win Kashaf over… Of course they were not engaged back then but i am waiting to see how the story unfolds now that Kashaf is back in Zaroon's life.

  • We are still hooked to the serial despite of its very slow pace. It's because of the awesome acting, umera ahmed's dialogues and the great chemistry between the actors. Imagine how more we would like if it wasn't dragged and going at a fast pace.

  • mujhe nhi lagta ke osama ye janne ke baad ke Z – K ke bare mein kese khayalat rakhta hai wo propose kare ga aur agr krta hai tu use nhi krna chahiye!

  • I think the dialogue of some of the episodes are repeated. Kashaf's acting is so strong and well done and don't compare Kashaf and Zaroon's acting to the more experienced Rafia. Still Kashaf and Zaroon have done a good job. Keep it Kashaf. Go Kashaf Go.

  • Hello Fatima …why dont you write a review for DIL – E- MUZTAR …it is again one of the best show started by HUMTV …on SAT …

    • Hello Rose Water, For me the best part of Dil-e-Muzter is the lead pair..simply love them. Marium is reviewing it for us:)

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