Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 18 – Happily Married?

Kashaf and Zaroon know only too well that they are very different from one another and the conversation about the “chand” just amplified the differences between the two. Zaroon has faith that his marriage will work out despite of all these differences because Kashaf is a very nice girl and also because he loves her so much. Kashaf is still fearful and reluctant and probably for the first time is going to leave it to her luck to decide how things turn out for her. Rafia rightly advises Kashaf to be wise, flexible and compromising. I expected Kashaf to question her mother when it came to compromising because it is very true that girls are expected to compromise more than the men in our social set up. It is a woman’s responsibility to make a marriage work and most often when it doesn’t work out, the woman is held responsible. A balanced marriage however is one in which both the partners play their part. Kashaf is willing to go the extra mile in order to make the kind of home which she could never have before because her father refused to accept them. Rafia explained beautifully to Kashaf how her situation was very different from hers and Kashaf could not compare the two.


I thoroughly enjoyed the unromantic start to the romantic night scene. It was very well executed, the expressions on both sides were brilliant and the background score was perfect. Fawad Khan played the confused dulha perfectly and it was very interesting to hear what they were both thinking. I must add here that Zaroon sounded much more sensitive and caring than Kashaf. I seriously think that it is about time that Kashaf put the past behind her and give the poor guy benefit of the doubt if nothing else! Kashaf still judges Zaroon the way she always used to and if she had no respect for Zaroon or did not trust him why did she marry him? Zaroon has apologized enough; Kashaf should genuinely forgive him and move on!


I found it rather odd that Ghazala was the one who broke the news of Zaroon’s engagement to Osama, no wonder he was so shocked. Osama is good friends with Zaroon and Kashaf both so one of them should have told him by now about the engagement. One can imagine why Kashaf would not have told him but Zaroon should most certainly have informed him at least especially because he was getting engaged to Kashaf Murtaza! I definitely felt for Osama today since he had feelings for Kashaf right from day one and now she is married to his best? Friend! Asmara’s message to Zaroon was very apt indeed, I expected Asmara to say just that and thanked God once again that she was out of the picture for good.

Asmara message

Although Ghazala tried to talk Zaroon out of the marriage right till the last minute but it was great to see that she did not turn into the evil Mother in Law who would show her disapproval openly.

The scene at Kashaf’s house was another one of my favorite scenes from this episode. Everything about it made me smile from Hammad’s foolish questions to Zaroon’s reaction to Murtaza’s Namaz invitation was absolutely wonderful. Fawad Khan’s expressions in the scene when they are in the Masjid were priceless. The glances exchanged between Kashaf and Zaroon later on were very meaningful indeed and I am waiting anxiously for Kashaf to soften up. She should stop seeing Zaroon as the boy she knew in the university and accept him for the person he is now. I am definitely on team Zaroon now!


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Loved your review, Fatima! How do you nail it every single time? with such precision and speed. YOu are truly gifted. And you've spoilt us rotten with that! :)
    I cannot tell you how I have been smiling for the last 4 hours. Yes, the smile was changing into snarls quite often as I had to give up watching it real time on the net, and had to settle for a recording, which had a full minute of black out, but I have forgotten all the fretting after watching it twice over already.
    Every scene was perfect. Even the detail that Murtuza wasn’t at the wedding. ;) and that the smile finally got wiped off Usama’s face! Poor guy! He was really left shell shocked! He didn’t even attend the wedding
    Got so much of Zaroon and Kashaf today, and their developing relationship, it just made me so very happy. I loved the scene in Kashaf’s house, when the water got over. Point of difference. Again. Zaroon turns on the tap, and then goes on to remove his ring and wrist watch, and roll up his sleeves. All while the water is running. It caught Kashaf’s attention, because they have been brought up to take care of every drop of water. Brilliantly done.
    Yes, Kashaf needs to let go of her University opinions of this man, who is now her husband, and is doing everything to make her believe that he is sincere about his feelings for her.
    Despite all the reservations Ghazala and Junaid had, they have been extremely warm and welcoming to Kashaf, and that was lovely too.
    Zaroon’s reaction and dialogues to Kashaf as well as to himself, while going for Namaaz was so well done. And Asmara’s sms? I was rolling on the floor laughing with that one!
    Fawad Khan got full marks from me long time back. I think he deserves a 200/100 now for making me completely giddy head! Bring it on, zindagi is truly gulzar! About time too!

    • Hai Roh so glad to see you happy now! Wasn't it just an awesome episode?? But how come murtaza was at engagement and not wedding?

      • They just probably didn't show him or something…. Or maybe he had exams based on the day of the sms……..

      • it was most awesome! I was wondering about Murtuza at the wedding too. lol. Not that I missed him, but I guess having been through 18 episodes of him being there all the time, it did look odd that he wasn't there in the wedding pics. Maybe that is why Kashaf was actually smiling showing all her teeth.
        I also really liked the way she almost cringed again, when Murtuza came to Rafia's house after the wedding. I thought Zaroon would notice that. I hope this episode was not a one off, and that all the remaining ones are as tightly packed, with the story moving on at a good pace. :)

    • U know Roh i always take time out of my day 2 read your comments. The way u express your opinion is equally matched with Fatiman's review-making skills! I hope tht u keep making comments and we all can keep reading them!

      • And that is a huge compliment. I can never match Fatima's brilliant skills. Its her words that inspire me to share my views. Nevertheless, thank you once again. :)

    • Roh You know already just how much I value your opinion, you are my best ZGH Buddy.

  • Loved this episode! Fatima totally agree with you on the first night scene, I found it very cute how Zaroon eased up and jumped right next to Kashaf and saw her eyes properly and complimented her :) sweet. Like all the girls, Kashaf was waiting for that. I am kind of glad tjey showed poor Osama's rection too. And I thought Asmara might have moved on and gotten married to her ideal boy but her message indicated how self-centred she is like always! Yes Kashaf's house scene was executed brilliantly. The tap water said it all that how the two souls are so different. How Zaroon wasted the first half of the water! And later the prayer scene was hilarious! The Wa'dhu scene was awesome. Again the difference was shown between the two families. Fatima I agree with you, waiting for Kashafto soften up, and I think next episode's promo is hinting on her feelings now. She says she is getting addicted to Zaroon. Arent we all Kashaf. Team Zaroon definitely! *sighhhhhhhh*

    • Natty great to have you on board, this episode had so many wonderfully executed scenes. I am definitely going to watch it a couple of times again before the next one goes on air. You are so right about the tap water scene. Zaroon has totally changed now and i would really want Kashaf to be madly in love with him, he deserves it.

      • I love your reviews very much and njoy giving my opinions especially when it comes to dramas like ZGH. Fatima please post ypur review for Mirat ul Uroos of this week too. Not watching much dramas but hearing Rihai is good from Hum. And Dil e Muztar too. few of the episodes were slow but now its picking up well. :) your reviews kind of matter.

        • Awww thank you so much Natty, you are a sweetheart. Your comments matter a lot to me too. You can visit <a href="https://www.reviewit.pk” target=”_blank”>www.reviewit.pk for the latest review of Mirat ul Uroos, it is right next to ZGH:) i guess you just follow the link from dramasonline or facebook and don't visit the site. Rehaii is very intense indeed if you can handle a heavy duty play;) Dil e Muzter is a sweet love story which you must watch with the reasoning mode switched off:) which other plays are you following at the moment? Would love to see you here more often Natty:)

          • :) thank you so much! I feel so grand and important here. Yes I follow this link only but will definitely catch Mirat ul Uroos review too. I am watching Silvatain from ARY. Its an awesome play. Loving Amina Shaikh's role alot and Meera Sethi's debut is not bad either. Adeel Hussain is a sweet heart too after Fawad khan :D I know Rihai has a very sad but realistic story line thats why not watching it much.

          • Silvatein is turning out to be a very interesting play too. I also like the actor who is playing Mikaal, he is doing a wonderful job. Yes Adeel Hussain is a personal favorite too. the story seems quite unpredictable…i am wondering how they will end up together. A fellow reviewer is reviewing Silvatein too, so you must visit the website for more reviews:)

          • Sure I am reading its review too. :) Yes Mikaal is a sweet heart too. You know both sisters r so much like me. Like Zaib said today Mikaal is good for a companion but dil nahi maan raha. Same has happened with me too. and when Natasha keeps on ranting that zaib is everybody's fav….it happens with me too. when things go out of my hands i say the same thing regarding my elder sister but i am not so crazy like Natasha. Well Rayyan will get divorced and then he and Zaib will take off from there. And as Natasha also coming to States wont make it for Zaib.

  • And yes their car scene on their way to Kashaf's was done sweetly where Kashaf did say her feelings silently that if she would have given up her seat in the university, she would not have been sitting in the front scene with mr zaroon now. :)

  • Lovely Lovely Lovely !!!!!

    i simply sink into the episode today… Awwwwwwwwwwwww, loved it..

    Fatima, ur overall review is commendable… Yaar i love the wedd night scenes , background music , & overall ambiance was toooooooooo romantic. i loved the start up the wedd night scene, zarron was really acting too perfect as confused groom… Uffffffff i enjoyed thoroughly the sequence of wedd night, shyness of kashaf when zarron gave her bud of rose and the way she was blushing and shy………. Ufffffff Maar dala ;)

    mazaaaaaaaaa aagayaaaaaaaaaaa :)))))

    Zarron acted too good… excellent and hats off to u zarron( Fawad ) for this epi especially…

    mera dil nahi kerta k ye drama end na ho……………………. best drama of my life which i have ever seen :)

    • Muzna wow yeh hota hai comment that comes straight from the heart…really enjoyed reading your comment and totally agree with you. Fawad Khan was at his best in this episode…very well done. And we must give credit to the director to for executing these scenes so perfectly. It is always great to hear from you:) Thank you so much for liking the review and for the comment. The ZGH experience isn't the same without discussing everything with all of you.

      • thanks Fatima for the way u have replied….
        Yeah u r right , we should give a huge applause to Director for all the endless efforts and superb direction of ZGH :)))

        The writer is soooooooooo gooood and Obviously she deserve the best writer of the drama series History Award… if not, than i am here to give the all awards to the overall team of ZGH :)))))))

        Once again i would love the say, Its Lovely Drama, all sequences of the drama are well organized, from shikwa se shuker tuk ka safar :)))

        kya baat hai :))))

  • Best scene of the epi was at kashaf's home, when zaroon was washing his face and the water got end… i love the theme of an obedient & caring wife, who is standing with her hubby to help him out…. lovely !!!!


    LOvely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Today episode was probably the one that I've been waiting for a long time. It was a pretty slow journey and sometimes felt like torture, but we finally reached the wedding or the turning point from where there will be a shift in Kashf's attitude towards Zaroon, there will be some romance but it took more than half of the drama episodes to reach here, 18 weeks to be exact. People who've read the book would find the wedding night scene very cold and lengthy. The part that I liked the most was whenZarun brings her home to her mother's house. It was ncely executed, all the actors were on the money and gave a superb performance. Surprisingly Sidra was quiet, but it was a good scene. Hammad's conversation was very funny they should've extended this last part and cut down the weddi ng night part.

    • I feel it yaar….how I wish they had done it as it was written in the novel….mazaa hi aa jata…but whatever they did it was good too…I loved the entire episode…very cute…and Hammad is such a silly boy…

    • royter so good to know that you enjoyed this episode even though there were some bits that you did not like. I haven't read the novel so can't compare the two. I also think Hammad was hilarious…foolish to the core!

        • Hi Renu, You are too kind, thank you so much. It is always great to hear from you, we have many other friends from across the border too who are enjoying the show. Do you watch any other Pakistani dramas? Thank you for taking time out to comment, hope to hear from you more often:)

          • Yes Fatima I love watching your plays. Loved meri zaat …….. And malal. Whenever I am bored I just ant apisode of these plays. In fact it has become a ritual for me to watch any pak drama before sleeping at nite even if it is a repeat.

          • That is lovely Renu, try watching Durr e Shehwar, Daam and Hamsafar too whenever you get time:)

  • this now i really fell for snam saeed acting …wonderful job by her expression… i am the one who always wan to argue with khasaf for her stupid thoughts but today epoisde show she is real girl…. not matter how strong ladies are and emotional less in working enviorment they always need apperication from their husbands….. loved zaroon for taking so much care of his wife by showing respect to her family and that is true love…not moon , roses and rings ……matual respect for other families are needed by partner badly……great applause for daram director , actor , writers , editior , and every techincal person,,,,,, thank you fatima for your reivew and agreed with u this time :) joke apart ur reivew are quiet insight fulll…….

    • cutefoe I am glad you enjoyed this latest episode. Thank you so much for taking time out to comment, hope to see you here more often.

  • I am a pretty religious muslim so i don't know about the rest of u but i thought that Z was a bit too close to K and overdoing the "romantic" aspect or scene. If he just sat next to her that would have been okay but the hand holding and the way he was lying down next to her…… it just wasn't appropriate for my tastes
    Awesome review Fatima spot on and just amazing!!!
    Also I didn't understand why Z left with Hammad and Abba (as in K's Dad) was he just seeing them out or going back to his house?!?!
    BTW about me being religious i don't mean being friends with guys i mean being so close to them to the point of holding hands. I have a whole lot of guy friends but we never touch or lie down next to each other. I know many of them have tried to do that but I wear hijab (properly with modest clothing NOT tight clothes and only-hair-covering-hijabs (eg. beanies or caps) I cover the required areas.

    And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers, their brothers' sons, their sisters' sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed.
    Surah Nur 24:31
    I am pretty sure Z isn't a mehram (one of the men mentioned above) to K so if the director is reading this pls consider it before filming anymore episodes!
    BTW this wasn't meant to be a boastful comment I just wanted to prove my point
    Can't wait for next episode!

    • Zaroon had dropped his wife and was going home. I think she is probably going to stay a few days with her mother judging by the suitcase she brought. I guess hammad and aba were also leaving or seeing him out.
      Also I don't think drama makers are going to resort to quranic verses when they have scenes. If you put it like that, then acting is all between non mehrams, no one is real family and often in close contact when doing scenes. Even mother son hug or father daughter, siblings, how would they make dramas then? I mean I totally get where you are coming from, but if they are going to show a story, they have to try to make it real. I hate vulgarity too but I am just glad it is actually not very vulgar at all and I like that about Pakistani dramas.

      • It's been done in the 80s. There was very little hugging and touching but the feelings were conveyed beautifully. The dramas from that era showed family closeness without resorting to any touching, even between husband and wife.

        • Yup, todays directors r either missing that touch of 80s or r simple in favour of these new concept …

    • Gagoga I am glad you liked the review:) I get your point and I agree with Sky if we go into the details of what is Islamic and what isn't then most people may argue that watching plays is unislamic too….you know it can be a never ending discussion.

    • Every one is entitled to have an opinion and I respect that. But WHY to watch dramas on first place.
      You should better utilize your time in other useful and constructive activities.

    • I agree with Gagoga.
      Its a pakistani drama. it should be clean and nice and for family audience. Not showing those kind of scenes where they hold hands and lay next to each other. I was embarrassed to see that with my family.
      If people think that was okay then you should be watching those indian dramas where they got those kind of scenes. We don't want those kind of stuff in Pakistani dramas!!!

  • @Fatima Like always loved your review….This episode was simply breathtaking specially the wedding night romantic scene followed by Kashaf Home Scene done beautifully…..Zaroon & Kahsaf were rocking…Today's episdoe was too funny+Romantic also ….fawad khan is jst perfct. so Decent and Elegant that one cant stop loving him more and more as an actor and wonderful person ….Looking forward to the next episode cant wait ………And one important thing i am sure asmara has done wedding with Osama……:)

    • Thank you Amir, yes the funny bit made the episode so much more engaging and fun. Fawad Khan was super in all the scenes, he completely outdid himself in this episode…if that is possible;) lol No I don't think Asmara and osama are getting married. Asmara is not Osama's kind;)

      • YES, Fatima is right about Asmara not getting married with Osama since Zaroons mom said something about about not meeting Osama's finance

  • Amazing episode…what we all were waiting for!!! Your review sums it up…kashaf does need to let go of the past now or why did she agree?? Loved every scene, from phone call to wedding night, kashafs house, car ride…all were brilliantly directed and acted!! Fawad can you get any better??? Mr chocolate hero was at his best…Zaroon was so cute all the way through:))
    Just one thing do they have to always show elite class people having no idea how to pray or do Wudu…or maybe in UA dramas as same scene was in SEZ when Falak didn't know either. Is this really true?
    Anyways other than that a fab episode…. Have to go watch it again!!!

    • SK yes you are right about the wuddu bit but I think most people who don't say their Namaz, do get confused when it comes to Wuddu….it was such a wonderful scene. Loved Fk's expressions in the masjid lol!! Oh yes FK was at his best today…acting comes naturally to him, he gives the perfect expressions almost effortlessly.

  • kehnay wali koi baat hi nai reh gai yaar:) it was awesome superb, Kashaf blushed to perfection;) thoroughly enjoyed the episode and ur review:).

    • Thank you Mrs. Asim for liking the review and for commenting. Yes kashaf and Zaroon both were perfect in this episode.

    • Hi Mrs Asim! Am enjoying every moment of this play. Did you Malal. That was another play that I enjoyed besides Meri zaat Zara……actually human emotions and feelings are the same everywhere ir respective of the religion etc.

      • hey Renu :) yes u r right humans r all same, what i said on that other thread was about Umera's book Peer e Kaamil. that book has got a religious theme so I said that u cant much get it if u r not muslim, or u will have to google some terminology to understand things. otherwise that book is her best book. yes I have watched Malal it was superb, watch Daam u will like it too. in fact Umera's all plays by good directors were awesome:)

  • Simply awesome episode…have no words to describe it….loved the car scene when zaroon says "kya tha us waqt aagay baith jati" and kashaf thinks "agar us waqt aagay baith jati tu aj aagay na baithti"….very very very well written and directed and acted…what to say….

  • Brilliant episode,thoroughly enjoyed and Fatima Awan I wanna tell u something your review is just icing on the cake,though I feel wuddu scene before asr prayer was bit unrealistic cos I don't think a young Pakistani Muslim guy will be so much ignorant about prayer rules and regulation even if he hardly prays,but overall today's episode was wonderful and all actors did full justice to their roles.I simply loved tap water and wedding night confusion scenes and both Zaroon and Kashaf were amazing.I wish I could find kashaf type of girl in real life and I think I should go to Pakistan soon for this purpose cos here in UAE mostly I find Asmara type of girls and Kashaf type may be there but hard to find.Regards to all my country fellows who add wonderful comments to this review!

    • Hi! I disagree, the wuddu seen was very realistic. My own father was laughing because it was deja vu for him. My mother had to teach him wuddu right after they got married to avoid him from embarrassing himself infront of my very conservative maternal grandfather. :D And wuddu toh iss tarah ki cheez hai joh eik occasional namaz parhne waalay ko bhool jaati hai because of the order and all. :) I think it was very realistic and very well done

      • you're right Sarah, as sad as it is to say. Insha Allah, more Pakistanis will come back to the Deen and value it in all of its totality, from its rituals to its ideals of compassion, care, humility, equality of all human beings, respect for both genders, etc.

      • hmm Sarah forgetfulness of the order is another thing but having no idea how to perform wudu is unrealistic cos it was shown he had no idea about wudu!

  • Pleasant refreshing perfect review for this lovely beautiful tasty episode. Million thanks. I truly mean it.
    Wedding night scene was awesome. I didn't want to miss a single word or whisper, there was sort of subtle suspense in what each one was doing to say. Well executed by Sultana Siddiqui .
    My favorite was Namaz invitation csena and what followed. I myself been witness to this situation more than once.
    ZGH is incomplete without your review.

    • Thank you so much anwar.sohail, you are too kind and the feeling is mutual, ZGH is incomplete without everyone's comments. Thanks once again, you are too sweet.

  • Hi Allah……wen wil I watch this show…….comment parh parh kr to mera bhi dil chah raha hey……but no time…..better luck next time……

  • As usual acting, direction and presentation is superb. However, another gem which I have not missed " aghar tub main aghe baith jati to ab aghe na baithi hoti"

    • This was an unsuitable dialogue, the kind of personality Kashaf has, she did not refuse to sit in front because she wanted a permanent place there.

      • Agreed that she did not refuse or plan for the ultimate outcome and she did it purely because of her background and society. But it is also a fact that any other girl from the University would have loved to sit with him in front. He admits that he could not sleep the whole night. No wonder she became an enigma a challenge and a strange attraction. She was alluding that in that dialogue. I hope you see the depth in her thoughts.

    i think the marriage wouldn't be successful but still hoping for good
    Request for admin and fatima awan to display dil e muztar's review

  • everyone is on z team but i m on k team because she looks lovely innocent .the way she execute her dialoge brilliant

  • Well to be honest,i didn't find it very amazing as it should have been ! I mean there were a lot of scenes where girls could go crazy over Fawad,but we,the guys,we didn't get much to see Sanam since she hardly had any scenes in y-day's episode! I know she's still in a shock but she should speak more.At Z's family lunch time,everyone was speaking and she was silent.The wedding night scene was very much extended.I would have loved to see more in the Wedding scene or at K's house! They could have extended it! Anyway .. let's hope for the best! And i wish she learns to speak now.I want her relation with Z's family to grow! Specially with Sara.

    • When the bahu gets married Hammu, she has to be quiet in the beginning in Pakistani culture. Too much free talk and they blast her out of the khandaan pretty quickly. She is expected to observe and do as others say. She can't really have much say in anything, even in modern, elite families. Pretty sad, but it is still true today. Guys on the other hand, can act as ridiculous as Zaroon and get away with it, even marrying a girl of good character although he was so bud kirdaar in college. So this is simply part of the double standard in our culture. May Allah guide us to be just and fair to both men and women in Pakistani culture.

      • Oh,you got that right! :D
        But still i didn't enjoyed much the night scene! As i said the weding scene could have been made more spicy.But hey,the world doesn't ends in 1 man's opinion does it ? :D

  • Wow what an episode! and ur review just superb. All the scenes were executed brilliantly. Kashaf and Zaroon's marriage night scene was awesome and I also enjoyed the scene in Kashaf's house where Zaroon is washing his face and water runs out, kashaf's expressions were great. Fk and SS acted very well and their expressions were superb. Heads off for ZGH whole team for such a brilliant episode and I can't wait for the next episode.

  • I always love your reviews Fatima, i wait for them as i wait for the ZGH episode…:)
    Such an adorable episode it was, still in the trauma of the CUTENESS depicted by Zaroon & Kashaf ♥, they both have differences in so many things but still willing to change, expectations from each other and those SMILES ♥, OMG!
    "Chand tou roz nikalta hai" aur "Chaud'veen ka chand hai gol hee hoga, chaukoor tou nahin hosakta naaa" aala tareen conversation ♥ tum sey aap… haha, it sounded great from Kashaf, Osama sahee jealous hua haii, accha hai Kashaf ki iss sey nahin huyii shaadi, he didn't deserved her & finally a touch of Asmara's jealousy too :P
    Then the wedding; "much awaited part of the drama", they were looking so awesome, beautiful and brilliant, wedding night ki confusion and nervousness, it was a pleasure to watch those scenes, lovely & excellent expressions by both and esp. Zaroon ♥ dono hee bohat pyaarey hain :)
    I found it the best one "agar tab aagey beith jaati, tou aaj aagey na beithi hoti" it was her most deserved moment of Pride ♥ ♥
    plus "mulaazim tou hai na tumhaarey pas", paani khatam hojaaney wala scene, then the prayer scene, amazing "kaunsii namaz hai, *bechaara burra phansa thaa*" and the last scene – Zaalim…♥ Fawad Khan was outstanding as always, king of expressions I must say, but Sanam Saeed bhii kuch kam nahin haii, and her smile is just so good…:)

    • Hi am from India. I am loving the play and agree with everything said by you. Am eagerly waiting for the next episode.

      • Its always a pleasure to listen to comments from all over the world, Thanks Renu for watching this play, and a big round of applause to all who are associated with the drama to make it a success and making Pakistan Proud. Keep watching and appreciating Renu,:) (Y)

    • Hi Komal, I really enjoyed reading your well thought out and heartfelt comment and I totally agree with you on all accounts. I hope you will take time out to comment more often. The ZGH experience becomes much more special Because of the discussion we have here every week. It is great to hear how all of you felt about the episode. Keep reading and commenting. Thank you again for the detailed comment.

      • I'm really glad to see your reply, I totally agree with you, and yes these discussions make the whole thing very interesting and it is a pleasure to read them. I always thought of commenting as I do summarize the drama on my Facebook status, but then, I felt they are not up to the mark to upload them here..:) quite hesitant of me,:)
        But, this episode made me to comment here… thanks for appreciating and keep up the good work by summarizing and reviewing the episode in such an excellent way…:)

  • Fatima your reviews are always so gooood i really enjoy them….Talking about ZGH this episode was mind blowing hats off to Sultana Siddiqui and all the acters ….no doubt about Fahad khans acting is superb
    i loved the scene when water ran off and he calls Kashaf are you their and she goes on NO and then yes it was really very natural and awesome…..cant wait for next episode and ofcourse your review

  • Nice review and it was nice episode but the wedding scene was too much to watch with the family audience. They were too close to each other if you think the right way. Pakistani dramas should not be showing such scenes. If they were just sitting next to each other like any other wedding drama scene then that would have been good. But holding hands and laying down next to each other was too much. We have some values guys. Think about it!!

  • Dear Fatima Awan,could u please tell me u review other dramas as well?and what about any movie reviews?hmm it may be dumb question cos i hardly visit other pages at this site except ZGH but I am so much impressed by your reviews and if possible let me know other worth watching plays also and I would love to read your reviews about movies as well.Few days back here in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi I watched movie "Side Effects" to me it was awesome but it would be great if I read your reviews about this and other movies as well.

    • Dr. Janjua, I am deeply touched by all the positive feedback from readers like you, it really means a lot to me. I am currently reviewing dramas only, apart from ZGH I am also reviewing Mirat ul Uroos, which has been written by Umera Ahmed as well. I love watching movies & would highly recommend two movies which are poles apart but equally powerful…. The Notebook and Insomnia. I am completely hooked to Talkhiyaan at the moment, it is being aired on Express but you can watch all the episodes here on dramasonline. It is a drama like no other and Sanam Saeed has done a fabulous job in it. Which other plays are you watching? Mirat ul Uroos is a very good play too which highlights many social problems.

      • Dear Fatima Awan,thanks a lot for your reply,let me tell u something more your reviews are like a sweet dish after dinner and If I don’t read your reviews I feel something is missing no matter how exciting the play episode was and I am gonna watch all dramas recommended by you and surely I will watch these two Hollywood movies recommended by u,in fact I was told by someone about these movies before also but didn’t get a chance to watch but now surely I will.
        Regarding TV Plays I started watching when my Niece told me to watch Drama “Humsafar” during my trip to Pakistan last year and I liked it so much that I finished watching all episodes in few days on YouTube and from there onward I developed a sort of craving to watch Pakistani Drama at least once or twice a week,after Humsafar I really liked Sher-e-Zaat also starring Mahira Khan.currently I am following ZGH and Dil-e-Muztar and ZGH is really nice and eagerly awaited.By the way Fatima why don’t you write your own Plays and present those to TV channels?cos I am sure a reviewer like u can write excellent Plays as well.
        I live alone here in UAE and this is my entertainment either to watch TV plays or sometimes on weekends I go to Multiplexes to watch movies.I am coming to Pakistan soon to search for my life partner and once I get married I think I will enjoy watching these TV Plays even more.By the way Fatima can I get your email address cos for me you are a Celebrity and sometimes I think to meet u in person.I also got a chance here in UAE for a very brief appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster movie “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” and I really enjoyed 3 days of shooting and got a chance to talk to Tom Cruise,Paula Patton and Director of the movie Brad Bird and when movie was released we were invited for a Premier before its release to public but I was disappointed I just had a glimpse in the movie Lolz,anyways it was a great fun for 3 days of shooting and my main purpose was to see how movies are shot.
        Coming back to Pakistani plays I feel so proud of my country after seeing these type of quality plays,cos I feel as far as TV Plays are concerned Pakistan is far ahead of India and usually there is a serious subject in the Play along with great entertainment.U know while sitting abroad we Pakistanis always feel proud whenever something nice is coming from Pakistan whether it is related to sports,TV plays or anything else!

  • delicately wriiten,brilliantly directed nd superb acting da actors have given life to da characters loved everything in ds episode……here in canada cuz of time difference i ist see drama on net den wen it z actually onair on tv den i see on tv lolzz so have seen ds episode 3/4 times
    such a decent romance day have shown i m impressed….wd fawad nd sanam acting nd u r right da background music wz like cherry on da top…i have been smilling for da last 1 day ds episode made my day……
    fatimah i always read ur reviews abt ZGH nd miratularoos bt reply vry often keep it up u r doing gr8 job,u know my little 1 1/2 yr old daughter name z faimah as well so she always engages me….

  • I think the episode was fabulous and the whole wedding night scene was uber-romantic without being in the least bit vulgar or …. well, wahayat! Ive read the book and frankly i think the drama is wayyyyy better uptil now! Shes changing but slowly, because its not in her nature to rush into stuff…. also anpother comment abt agay wali seat pay tab beth-ti, was a comment made in the book by zaroon later in ife to kashaf, but they've switched the speaker in this…
    All in all, loving the drama! kudos to all the production, cast and crew. I hope it stays as enjoyable :)

  • I think the episode was fabulous and the whole wedding night scene was uber-romantic without being in the least bit vulgar or …. well, wahayat! Ive read the book and frankly i think the drama is wayyyyy better uptil now! Shes changing but slowly, because its not in her nature to rush into stuff…. also anpother comment abt agay wali seat pay tab beth-ti, was a comment made in the book by zaroon later in ife to kashaf, but they've switched the speaker in this…

  • really nice episode,,,, love the marriage scene and they both looking very good

  • OMG, the background music on the wdding night is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic and coooooooooooollllll…. Uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff so melodious and romantic theme is in that..

    Wah Jee wah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) mera tou dil aagya hai ZGH pe ;) :)))))

    My Husband get jealous of it , coz i admire lot this drama and zaroon :)lolxxxxxxxxxx

  • Interesting episode ,was laughing during the wedding scene.looking forward to the shuker part of the play.do u know how many episodes are left.

  • i couldnt help it to say something regarding this episode … ahhhh i fell in love with their chemistry and specially their thinking part , the way they dont say anything to each other rather just think over it … :)
    fatima u are as good as always !! :) i must say that zaroon's first reason to choose kashaf is her chasteness and i really admire this special quality of this woman's character specially in today's circumstances .. :) i enjoyed each and every part of this episode , foremost that ROMANTIC NIGHT one !! :)

    • Hi Fatima, I don't see a lot of girls with the same name as mine here although it is such a common name, so it is great to have another Fatima on this thread:)You are absolutely right about the reason why Zaroon chose Kashaf. I also think it was because Kashaf has always been a mystery to Zaroon, I wonder if she will open up more now after marriage.People who have read the novel say that Kashaf never entirely opened up to Zaroon till the end, lets see. I hope to see you here more often now:) keep giving us your feedback.

      • u forgot me ?? Awwww probably because u have a huge list of followers but i did comment twice on your previous reviews .. once i said i love u !! i guess u forgot !! :(

        • Sorry, how could i forget the person who left such a sweet comment, won't forget now and try and drop in more often:) ZGH is only going to get better from now on.

  • WooW !!! After reading in all ur comments and reviews, i realize im not the only one to be thinking 24/7 about Zarun and Kashaf… This Serial is the best i haveever seen in my life. Zarun and Kashaf have done a commendable job, and soo has the other casts. Ofcourse, not to forget the Director and the writer ( the unsung heroes ) Is their any possiblity in this world if this serial can go upto atleast 10 to 15 more episodes?? I wana see more of Mr and Mrs Zarun’s romance.

  • Fatima..your review is simply 'the aala one' :)
    There are certain scenes which should have been depicted from the novel.
    For example, in the story Asmara meets Kashaf in a party and says that "Tum yahan kese?? zarur ksi ki secretary ban kr i ho gi". Kashaf says "main apne husband k sath i hu". Then Zaroon comes in the scene and Asmara says to him that "Zaroon tm ne inko dekha hai?". He says, "Inhen tau main roz dekhta hu. Din ki shuruat pe b aur ikhtitam pe b. ye meri biwi jo hain". Then he had an excellent conversation with Asmara about Kashaf. That scene would have been a booster if included. I personally loved that scene. But in drama, Asmara has wished him hell.

  • Hi Fatima, I have been a part of your reviews and comments for the last 3 months but the 18th episode of ZGH forced me to write comments on your review. I must say the epi was superb with full of affection and expressions and you folded it creatively in 4 paragrpahs. Very well written review and also enjoyed the feedback from veiwers like Roh, sky and Komal :) I would really like to congratulate our favorite writer Umera Ahmed and the director Sultana Siddiqui that how they captured this episode that we the audience couldn't take a long breath till end:))) and I must say If some oen was feeling sad then this episode is a great deal of joy relaxation !Thumbs up

    • Thank you Mrs. Adnan. Fatima is such a talented writer, that she draws the best from all of us as well. Really counting the days till Friday now. :)

  • Fatima..your review is simply 'the aala one' :)
    The enactment was awesome. Sultana Siddiqui has made amplified the novel with excellence.
    Although i miss some of the scenes from the novel, and if they would have been depicted the drama, that could be worth watching. In the novel, Asmara meets Kashaf after sometime in a party and asks her, " Tum yahan kese?? zarur ksi ki secretary bn k aayi hogi". Kashaf says with a smile "Main yahan apne husband k sath i hun". Asmara: "lagta hai bht moti asami phansai hai'. Then Zaroon comes in the scene and Asmara asks him, "Zaroon in ko dekha hai". Zaroon replies, "In ko tau main roz dekhta hu din ki shuruat pe b aur ikhtitam pe bhi. ye meri biwi hain bhaii". And then they had an excellent conversation about his decision of getting married to Kashaf. Well, if that scene would have been included afterwards, it would add more Shughal to the drama. I personally loved that scene…

  • Fatima..your review is simply 'the aala one' :)
    The enactment was awesome. Sultana Siddiqui hasamplified the novel with excellence.
    Although I miss some of the scenes from the novel, and if they would have been depicted in the drama, that could be worth watching. In the novel, Asmara met Kashaf after sometime in a party and asked her, " Tum yahan kese?? zarur ksi ki secretary bn k aayi hogi". Kashaf says with a smile "Main yahan apne husband k sath i hun". Asmara: "lagta hai bht moti asami phansai hai'. Then Zaroon comes in the scene and Asmara asks him, "Zaroon in ko dekha hai". Zaroon replies, "In ko tau main roz dekhta hu din ki shuruat pe b aur ikhtitam pe bhi. ye meri biwi hain bhaii". And then they had an excellent conversation about his decision of getting married to Kashaf. Well, if that scene would have been included afterwards, it would add more Shughal to the drama. I personally loved that scene…

  • Fatima..your review is simply 'the aala one' :)
    The enactment was awesome. Sultana Siddiqui has amplified the novel with excellence.
    Although I miss some of the scenes from the novel, and if they would have been depicted in the drama, that could be worth watching. In the novel, Asmara met Kashaf after sometime in a party and asked her, " Tum yahan kese?? zarur ksi ki secretary bn k aayi hogi". Kashaf says with a smile "Main yahan apne husband k sath i hun". Asmara: "lagta hai bht moti asami phansai hai'. Then Zaroon comes in the scene and Asmara asks him, "Zaroon in ko dekha hai". Zaroon replies, "In ko tau main roz dekhta hu din ki shuruat pe b aur ikhtitam pe bhi. ye meri biwi hain bhaii". And then they had an excellent conversation about his decision of getting married to Kashaf. Well, if that scene would have been included afterwards, it would add more Shughal to the drama. I personally loved that scene…

  • Awesome kool……we want such dramas in our societies ……….we should appreciate the writers directors and obviously actors

  • The story of zindagi gulzar wil be that there will be two daughters of zaroor n kashaf and she will treat them good and will make her kids like her not like there dad……..hope this would be the story

  • no more words to drscribe zoroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn junaid love u………… so romantic

  • hello
    i m kaami DG Khan.i and my all family seeing drama zindge gulzar with regular episodes.this drama is so close with the reality of life that seems as all the display is part of our life.this drama is full life challenge and also give a message that challenge are part of life.we should face them and deal them positivly.also describe the beauty of a girl attitude,beaviour in the univercity environment.like as kashaf show real serious behaviour in all aspects of life regarding home life,uni study,marrige as best wife role even prove best in all aspects.
    if i do not admire Zaroon it will also not be good.Zaroon show as a reponsible person himself and play his role in very outclass performance.
    i really appreciate all the team of players,actress,acters,directors to play such a drama in the history of pakistan.i would like to present Slute to all team

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