Adhoori Aurat Episode 2 Review – The Engagement Fiasco!

This episode completely revolved around the end of Maryam’s engagement to Umair so we can say it was more of a filler episode. The whole episode was a drag and the real story is still yet to start. Ayeza Khan gave a superb performance in this episode as she managed to express all the emotions so well. Her character Maryam is that of a simple girl with dreams like every other girl and the huge shock she got by seeing Umair with another girl just a few days before her marriage shattered her dreams. It was not only a very hard time for Maryam but also for her parents. Maryam’s mother was continuously worried about Maryam’s future and what people would say about the broken engagement just a few days before the wedding. Her siblings and father were more understanding and stood by her when she took the decision of ending the engagement.

Umair went to Maryam’s house to apologize on his mother’s behest and cleared the air by telling them that Saira was just a colleague and he was just helping her out as she was in a huge problem. Maryam’s parents accepted his apology and asked Maryam for her opinion but Maryam did not want to get married to Umair after all that had happened. I loved the way her father supported her decision and her brother Sultan and Amna tried their best to console Maryam. I just loved the sister brother bonding between Amna, Maryam and Sultan. Amna’s description of Maryam’s dulha and her on own was hilarious! Amna always manages to bring a smile to her sisters’ face no matter how serious the situation is. The actor and actress playing Sultan and Amna are doing a superb job!

So we finally got to know how Zayaan and Maryam will meet. Zayaan is working on an educational program to reduce illiteracy free of cost and he is contacting different school and teachers to gather their support in his mission. Maryam, being a teacher, volunteered for this social work for two reasons: First, she wanted to get as busy as possible so that she can forget about her recent engagement fiasco and second she wanted to do the social work to help people. They ended the episode on a cliff hanger as the episode ended just when Maryam and Zayaan were about to meet for the first time! Now I am really looking forward to the next episode to see what happens next!

One thing that irked me a lot in the episode is Maryam’s mothers’ reaction to Maryam’s decision to end her engagement. I understand that she is a mother and she does not like it when people talk about Maryam but she needed to understand that even if Maryam got married to Umair, she would have never been happy with him. Maryam’s mother got pretty upset with Maryam when a neighbor came to her place and told her that they should not have ended the engagement as Mariam would be blamed for everything. According to the neighbor, it did not matter if Umair was involved with another woman as it is something very common in the society and Maryam should have compromised! I was totally dumbstruck when she said this. What kind of advice is this? After hearing this, Maryam’s mother became angry at Maryam and Maryam finally had to tell her that Umair had called her and told her himself that he would have not left Saira even after their marriage. Her mother then finally realized that everything had happened for the better. Thankgod!

I do not understand one thing, why does Zayaan dislike Faiza so much? There must be a reason why he is refusing to get married to her. Zayaan left Afsha’s house just because Faiza also came there. Faiza seems crazy about Zayaan but Zayaan does not seem interested in her at all and wants to avoid her at any cost. Hopefully, we will get to know the reason in the upcoming episodes. Afsha and his mother are still forcing him to get married to Faiza and his mother even told him that she is taking his proposal for Faiza whether he agrees or not! Afsha is constantly being pressurized by her husband to make Zayaan agree to the marriage.

Now I am waiting for the actual story to finally start and we will get to see more twists in the upcoming episodes. So stay tuned!

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