Adhoori Aurat Episode 4 – A Perfect Episode!

Now this was a perfect episode in my view! I have been waiting for such an entertaining episode since the show went on air and this episode finally managed to fulfill all my expectations. I saw the perfect chemistry between Ayeza Khan and Faisal Qureshi which was missing in the previous episodes.The main focus on the episode was on Zayaan and Maryam and how Zayaan managed to convince Maryam to marry him.

At first, Maryam was not at all in the favor of the marriage as she had not gotten over Umair’s betrayal and she was not ready to trust any one yet. But Zayaan was adamant to know the reason behind her refusal and he ended up going to her house to talk to her. Maryam was reluctant to talk to him and clearly showed how unwelcome he was in her house. She was rude and cold towards him but this did not stop him from asking her the reason for her abrupt refusal and she finally gave him the reason that she cannot trust men anymore. Zayaan understood that there was someone in the past who broke her trust and now she is unable to trust anyone else. Zayaan tried to make her realize that all men are not the same but she was not ready to hear anything.

Maryam’s mother was extremely upset about Maryam’s behavior and her refusal for such a good proposal. Both her parents could not understand why she refused to marry Zayaan when there seems to be no problem with him. He is a well reputed person and they do not need his character certificate as he is known far and wide in the city. Maryam has hurt her parents a lot and it is high time that she forgets Umair’s betrayal and moves on in life!

On one hand, Maryam is not ready to marry him at any cost and on the other hand, Zayaan’s mother is emotionally blackmailing him that she would leave the house if he does not agree to marry Faiza. He finally says yes to Faiza’s proposal after coming under pressure from his mother. Afsha and his mother quickly took his proposal to Faiza’s house and they ended up fixing the marriage dates then and there. However, Zayaan did not seem the least bit happy about marrying Faiza because she is not the ideal life partner in his eyes. According to him his ideal partner would be a girl who is self confident and sure about herself. She should not have any kind of inferiority complex and should also know how to stand up for herself. These are the qualities which he liked and saw in Maryam and this is the reason why he took his proposal for her in the first place.

Zayaan’s determination to make Maryam agree to the marriage was seen when he told Maryam’s friend Ayesha to bring her to a restaurant without letting her know that he would also be there. Maryam got angry and upset by his behavior but he calmly tried to convince her to give him a chance. He promised to keep her happy and he also told her that he was being so stubborn because he liked her a lot and she is the only girl who meets the standard he had set for a perfect life partner. This meeting managed to change her opinion about him and she could not help but compare him to Umair and realize how different they both are.


Maryam got fully convinced when Zayaan sent her flowers and called her later to tell her that he knew she was upset after seeing Umair and he just wanted her mood to get better. Maryam found the gesture very heartwarming and she spoke to Zayaan properly for the first time and finally gave her approval for the marriage. The phone conversion was no doubt the best scene of the episode! One thing that I found ironical was when Faiza sent Zayaan flowers; he told her that he does not like such gestures and practically threw the flowers away! And now he himself sent flowers to Maryam! Funny isn’t it?

Fazia seems clearly obsessed with Zayaan and she never minds even when Zayaan is extremely rude to her. I wonder what her reaction will be when he will come barging in the house with Maryam as his wife? I am eager to watch the next episode now! What will be Zayaans’ family’s reaction to his sudden marriage to Maryam? Do not miss the next episode to find out!

Mariam Shafiq



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