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Aunn Zara – Last Episode! :/

Finally the moment that we all dreaded was here & we had to see the last episode of Aunn Zara. Of all the dramas that I have reviewed, I have enjoyed this one the most because I myself am a

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Sannata Epsiode 5 – Interesting Much?

What a beautiful piece of artwork today’s episode was. Flawless direction, spot-on dialogues and above all tremendous performance by each and every artist in this play. Pari’s “chachundar” Azam (Danish Taimoor) made his entry today .Despite of least expectations from

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Kankar Episode 21 – Heading Towards A Happy Ending?

Kiran’s reaction to Adnan’s proposal was nothing short of a very pleasant surprise for me since I was not expecting Kiran to react in this manner. Kiran deserves to be happy and there is no other man who can give

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