Kabli Pulao Episode 12 Review – Navigating the Unknown

Kabli Pulao continues to consistently surprise and engage. Much like a plate of Kabli Pulao, the dish the drama is named after, each episode has a distinctive and unexpected flavor that keeps its viewers entertained. This drama continues to tantalize its viewers with a blend of suspense, drama, and unexpected twists. The main track’s emotional depth definitely takes precedence over all other elements. In this latest episode, in particular, the viewers were treated to many poignant moments, as the two endearing and affectionate protagonists were pushed into uncharted territory. These characters which the viewers cherish and find relatable, were confronted with circumstances that tested the limits of their love and resilience. These shifts in this track although upsetting have added a layer of vulnerability to the personalities of both Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena and showed another side of their character and relationship. It also makes you wonder where their story will go from here and how these latest developments will impact their relationship.

New Challenges

Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena have made some really difficult decisions through the course of this drama. Both of them have proven so far that they are strong individuals who stand by their decisions and honor them. Haji Mushtaq has lived his life with a remarkable sense of dignity and grace. Also, he never really wanted much for himself in life, he always lived for others. It is nothing short of ironic that now that he has found someone who has altered his life in the most unexpected ways, he lacks the energy and physical strength to embark on this new chapter of his life the way he would have wanted to. Haji Mushtaq has had to constantly adapt and navigate especially after he entered into a Nikkah with Barbeena therefore tonight when he lost his cool and focus, it made perfect sense.

Barbeena’s journey has been an extraordinary one, marked by experiences that have tested her resilience multiple times. She witnessed war, lost family members, and had to restart her life all over again. But she has shown remarkable strength throughout. Tonight, when she broke down it was primarily because she could not see the man she loved hurting. Right from the beginning, just like Haji Mushtaq, Barbeena has also been shown as someone who lives for others. Barbeena derives her purpose and fulfillment from selflessly serving others but at the same time, she holds her integrity and well-being dear.

Every time their relationship has been tested because of the people around them, Barbeena has risen to the occasion more than Haji Mushtaq. Haji Mushtaq has always ‘initially’ given a response that highlighted his insecurities more than any other. These insecurities and vulnerabilities make his character more realistic and add depth to this relationship. Barbeena and Haji Mushtaq continue to grow as individuals as well especially when times are tough.

In this episode the challenge they faced was familiar but it was on a completely different scale. This entire conflict was presented convincingly on screen keeping the emotional element of the track alive, as always. Haji Mushtaq’s insecurities made sense but I could not help but question Barbeena’s approach. She was not just willing to show her face on social media but also felt amused by those messages. Did the writer intend to portray her ‘personal development’ in this episode through these scenes and situations? I am waiting to find out because it appeared as though her choices and behaviors did not align seamlessly with the established development of her character up to this point.

Kabli Pulao Episode 12 Review – Navigating the Unknown

We all know that Barbeena is undeniably innocent in some aspects; however, she has also demonstrated wisdom in numerous other aspects of her life. Therefore, I found it difficult to relate to her naivety with respect to the kind of attention she was getting. Perhaps this was the writer’s method of portraying her limited wisdom due to her age but then we have seen Barbeena choosing Haji Sahab over a much younger individual only because she could see who could actually be well-suited for her given the situation. She also knew that she was not ready to fall in love and start a relationship therefore an older person would be the right match. There have been so many other instances when she made decisions that showed her wisdom but tonight we saw a naïve side of her which was difficult to relate to.

By the end of this episode, Hajra’s documentary encapsulated the profound influence of social media, and how it impacts even those individuals who are not seeking attention. This was the surprise that presented an important message which is the need of the hour. However, what Hajra did was also exploitation therefore, I am not sure if she was the best person to put this message forward. The idea behind this development was definitely right but the way it was executed was not ideal. Does Hajra’s message absolve her of responsibility? This was an important development that could have been handled in a better way. This documentary is going to change a great deal and as the preview of the next episode showed it will lead Haji Mushtaq’s family to him.

What Stood Out

Just like every week, what truly stood out in this episode were those poignant and heart-warming moments that make Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena an unforgettable on-screen couple. Barbeena handing over her first pay to her husband was the best scene from this episode. This symbolized not only her love and commitment but also her unwavering support for their partnership. Also, the way she reacted when she found out this was ‘her’ money was one of the many heartfelt moments in this episode. In this episode, Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena’s struggles stood out individually as well as partners in this relationship. Muhammad Ehteshamuddin and Sabeena Farooq’s exceptional performances as well as their remarkable on-screen chemistry combine to create a viewing experience that is truly memorable and engaging. They are the heart and soul of Kabli Pulao.

Kabli Pulao Episode 12 Review – Navigating the Unknown

The conversation between Ghaffar and Hakim also stood out because it revealed the unspoken truth about Haji Mushtaq’s character. The hakim spelled out loud how Barbeena’s presence had changed Haji Mushtaq’s life and also spoke the truth which has shaped Haji Mushtaq’s life especially the present events. If it weren’t for the pressure from Ghaffar, Haji Mushtaq, and Barbeena could have lived a comfortable life in their house with the family.

The way Hajra’s documentary covered Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena’s story also stood out even though I did not completely agree with how Hajra decided to share her views publicly without asking for permission.

The Side Tracks

I honestly feel that the pace of the drama could have been better if the focus stayed on the main track and the other tracks did not get so much screen time. Since Kabli Pulao has more than 30 episodes, I am guessing we will be seeing a lot more of Ghaffar and Shammo’s unappealing track in the upcoming episodes as well. These two played a crucial role in moving Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena’s track to a different direction but does it really need this much screen time? For instance, Ghaffar’s efforts to bribe Illyas lacked value, these scenes failed to hold my interest in an otherwise interesting episode. Similarly, I don’t find Illyas’ tracks or scenes particularly interesting. I am certain these characters will continue to play an important role in moving the main plot forward but they are not the most engaging element of the drama and disrupt the flow of the main narrative. On the other hand, Ayesha is one of the most likable supporting characters, benefiting from precisely the right amount of screen time that sustains her charm. Shamim is another supporting character that retains its appeal because she has never been given unnecessary screen time.

Final Remarks

Haji Mushtaq and Barbeena’s story continues to hold my interest because of its uniqueness and unpredictability. The promo for the next episode piqued my curiosity even more. Barbeena and Baran will also meet in the next episode; this will open up a world of endless possibilities. I can’t wait to tune into Kabli Pulao next week.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Hi Fatima, good review as always. I understand Barbeena’s amusement with the social media response for her dish as well as for her. It’s very natural that anyone like the praise worthy comments, but her response was also mature. Those comments are from outside world to please her, but inside she has the whole world and one should not fall for some words than the deeds, care, sacrifice & love from nearest person. So, I totally respect her reaction. She knows her limit and she respect that limit and enjoys the life within that limit. Regarding Hajira’s interference, I think her narration explains well for her intentions which changes from curiosity, to angry to jealousy and finally to respect this couple. On YouTube I have posted below comment for the the episode, hope you like it.

    Following Kabli pulao passionately every week, but i must say Today’s episode wins my heart completely; especially the film narration done by Hajira. I wanted to put my thousand of words for the storytelling, but I understood that I can not put any of my own words better than just recalling the words of the writer which made Hajira narrate her film story. The words are magical and the essence of drama as well as a summary of the unique relationship of Haji Mushtaq & Barbeena. Let’s play the beautiful story in front of us through Hajira’s narration in the original Urdu language;

    “Maine Haji Mushtaq aur Barbeena ko pehli dafa dekha to mujhe confirm tha k yeh dono baap-beti hain. To main ghaur nahi kia. Vo dono hamare ghar k ooper wale portion mein kirayedar ke taur pe rehne ke liye aaye. Kuch Dino baad jab unse salam dua hui to pata chala ke yeh dono to miyan biwi hain! Yeh sunke mera dimagh kharab hoagay. Mere dimagh mein bahot sare sawalat, jazbat ikhatha daur rahe the, usmein gussa aana, nainsafi, majboori aur pata nahi kia kia shamil tha. Maine socha inke andarki kahani nikalwaun aur social media ka sahara lekar is ladki ki is budhdhe se jaan churwaun.Lo ji phir kya tha.main sara kaam kaaj chor ke inke peeche lag gai. main film banati. Jaise jaise main unke qareeb gai, mujhe pata chala ke yeh dono aapas mein dost hai,zaruri hai ek doosre k liye. yeh dono ko dekh k mujhe samajh mein aaya k ek rishta kya hota hai, isko hum umar ya haisiyat k tarazu mein nai taul sakte.Rishte ko to sirf ek kari ki zaroorat hoti hai aur us kari ka naam Mohabbat hai.Mohabbat jo harcheez se balatar hai.ismein qaum qabeela, rang, nasal, mazhab, kuch nai dekah jata. Agar koi Mohabbat ke asal mane janta hai to vo ek doosre ko jis tarah se hai us tarahse qabool karleta hai.Maze ki baat bataun; in dono ko nahi pata tha k main unki recording kar rahi hoon. yeh ghalat hai, mujhe pata hai.Acha nahi lagta aisa record karna, magar main kar rahi thi.Yeh sab mere liye bhi naya tha. main khud ek rotten relationship se guzar rahi thi. Main apne jaison logon ko yeh batana chahti thi k zindagi ki sari nok jhonk ko chor k Haji Mushtaq aur Barbeena ki tarah raha ja sakta hai. Kaise ek maa apne bachon ko qabool karleti hai unki achaion aur buraion samet, usi tarah Barbeena ne Haji Mushtaq ko qabool kia tha aur Haji Mushtaq ne Barbeena ko. Aurat aur Mard zindagi ki gaari k do pahion ki tarah hote hain: yeh Maine bhi suna hai aur aapne bhi. Unhe dekh k mujhe samajh mein aaya k iske matlab kya hain. Kabli Pulao (dish) jo ab ek brand hai, yeh in dono ka brand hai. Kaun kitna kaam karta hai, kaun chalaraha hai, yeh ink ghar pe aakar khatam hojata hai. Laikin hum kisiko sukoon se rehta kaise dekh sakte hain, mujhe bhi inka sukoon tang karne laga.in mein larai kis baat pe hogi, inka breakup kis baat pe hoga, main is bare mein sochne lagi. Yeh meri jealousy thi ya ek storyteller ki curiosity thi. Main yeh chahthi thi k aisa ho, main iske bare mein bhi janun, aur ek din aisa hogaya.ab aap kahenge k inko kisi ki nazar lag gai. Haan, nazar to lagi hai magar kiski; meri jaisi nakhush aurrat ki ya kisi kharoos aunty ki ya kisi fariq ya faltuse uncle ki nazaar. Nahi inko nazar lagi hai apne apne ghar mein baithe mobile ke peeche chupe soormaon ki, Jo kisi Bandar ki tarah social media ka oostara liye sab k gale kat rahe hain; aise aise jumle jaise Barbeena kabli pulao nahi khud ko bech rahi hai. Barbeena ek aurat thi, yeh sab sunk sabar karleti, tal deti, magar Haji Mushtaq kaise talta, mard ko talna aata hi nahi. To yeh thi ek khoobaurat love story ki tragic ending. Mujh samet un tamam logon ko bahot bahot Mubarakbad jinhone ne is Kare Khair mein hissa liya.unk mahenge mahenge smart phono ne kutni aurton ki tarah is pualo ki degh ko ultadia. Ab vo dono chah kar bhi is degh ko chooleh pe rakhne k liye tayar nahi hai. Congratulations guys, hum sab kamiyab hogaye.”
    Just summarising the narration because it touches the topics like;
    1) Age gap/inter caste marriages & people guess them like judging the book by cover, 2) friendship in marriage & making strong, the relationship,
    3) Female earning in outside world & nothing change at home in their relationship
    4) social media users & their instant judgement of anything without giving a thought of its after effects from theirs simple comment.

    • Enjoyed reading your review and feedback, the most recent episode indeed the most powerful episode of KP! Excitedly waiting too what unfolds next.

    • Enjoyed reading the review and feedback, the most recent episode indeed and the most powerful episode of KP! Excitedly waiting too what unfolds next.

  • I have been waiting for your KP review, it’s here yeah! Your observations are on point Fatima. I was the biggest KP fan but as you wrote in your review some of the other tracks are not appealing. They should have kept them short as needed. It is good seeing new faces on television nowadays. Barbeena and Haji’s relationship is such a complex one, I feel for them at times because too many problems. That scene you mentioned was the best, made me teary eyed. Such a sweet relationship.

  • Hello Fatima, I have been reading your reviews of Kabli Pulao as I catch up with it and I must say that your deep understanding of different perspectives of the story has been insightful and impressive. Thank God for reviewers who can look beyond the surface. I am of the opinion that there was no need to show that long lecture in the documentary because all those viewers who have the capacity to understand the drama already got all that. You mentioned all those things in your previous reviews which basically proves my point! Why say the obvious? Do they think viewers are dumb? I found that disappointing and of course Hajra is not the bechari she was made out to be for sure. This entire situation did not impress me. Otherwise Haji and Barbeena are love. They should not destroy their story so they can drag the drama. Keep writing these wonderful reviews. Thank you

    • Kya yaad karwa diya aap ne. I watched so many dramas on dramasonline and read Fatima’s Durr e Shehwar reviews on it. I think bcz of YouTube monetization and copyright issues they had to shut it down. The same team started reviewit. I remember switching here to read reviews.