Dil-e-Muzter Episode 11 Review – Annoying Zoya!

A completely shocking episode! Zoya has managed to create havoc in Silah’s life! Silah has started to get irritated by Zoya’s constant interference in their life and she feels insecure with the new form bond between Adeel and Zoya. Adeel has a very high opinion of Zoya now and he keeps on taking her side whenever Silah complains about her interference in their life. Adeel has still not stopped taunting Silah about her job and her inability to fulfill all her duties as a wife and mother. Adeel thinks Zoya is doing them a huge favor by taking care of Affan and the house. Little does he know that Silah is fully compensating Zoyafor her ‘help’!

Zoya leaves no chance to fill Adeel’s ears against Silah and Adeel being unaware of Zoya’s real intentions believes everything that she says. Zoya’s ulterior motive behind all her help is pretty evident now. She is clearly interested in Adeel and leaves no chance to spend some alone time with him. The scene where Zoya and Adeel are talking and Zoya tells him that she is stubborn since childhood and always gets what she wants clearly had a double meaning. Her eyes are now on Adeel and she is playing her games to create misunderstandings between the Silah and Adeel. Honestly, she is getting on my nerves now!

I am surprised to see that Silah is still acting so patient with Zoya. She is clearly annoyed and angry at Zoya but is still trying her best to ignore her nosy behavior. She clearly did not like Zoya making changes to her house and when she tried to tell Zoya about the inconvenience she caused, Zoya emotionally blackmailed her and Silah dropped the topic. She was also not comfortable with Zoya making food for Adeel and for both of them to spend so much time together. It is funny how at first Zoya refused to take money from Silah and now she herself asked Silah for such a huge amount and the surprising part is that Silah does not even ask her why she needs it. She just gets the money and gives it to Zoya. And the irony of the situation is that Silah gets taunted by Adeel for spending money so carelessly and she could not even tell him that she was giving the money to Zoya as Zoya has told her not to as she wants to maintain her good impression on Adeel.

The worst scene of the episode was when Zoya came to Silah’s house with sweets and congratulated her and Silah had no clue what she was talking about. Zoya then made a surprised face and announced the good news about Adeel getting a job and Silah was totally heartbroken to hear this news from an outsider. Zoya was the first person Adeel gave this news to and this hurt Silah as she had expected him to tell her first. Her eyes spoke volumes in this scene. She was angry, upset, disappointed and on the verge of crying all at the same time. Sanam Jung was brilliant in this scene. Silah did not complain but simply asked Adeel why he had not told her about this news himself and Adeel again replied in a taunting manner. Adeel apparently thought that she would be too busy in her office and he did not want to disturb her! What is wrong with this guy? He leaves no chance to taunt Silah about her job.

What shocked me the most was the way Zoya had started to treat Affan! The poor baby was left crying half the time and Zoya did not even bother to look after him. The scene where she tells her mother to give Affan cough syrup so that he sleeps was pathetic! I hope nothing happens to him!

The preview for the next episode seems very interesting. A lot of twists and turns are coming up ahead and I am really looking forward to them! Silah has finally gotten the sense to hire a maid for Affan instead of leaving him in Zoya’s care. It’s about time she made this decision! So who else is tired of seeing Zoya’s constant interference in Adeel and Silah’s life? Do share your views!

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Mariam Shafiq



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  • I was also shock about Zoya not looking after Affan properly and spending too much time alone with Adeel :( It means you can't trust your neighbours these days especially female one's……Silah is so Nieves and Adeel is so ungrateful…..and I hate Zoya!!

    • Yes, Zoya not taking care of Affan properly was very shocking!
      Nosy neighbours should definitely NOT be given so much freedom to come at your house at their free will…
      Yes, Silah needs someone to knock some sense into her and Adeel needs to keep his ego aside for sometime!