Gorgeous Selfies of Ayeza Khan

Taking self-photos is not a new phenomenon. Ever since the front cameras emerged, the idea of feeling independent in clicking yourself in the camera became much a piece of a cake. No matter what occasion or gathering we are a part of, taking a selfie is a must to make it all memorable. Like or not, this is how things have become. If we talk about celebrities, it is easily predictable, that like us, all of the celebrities are too, very fond of taking selfies. One of the top celebrities in this list is our very favorite Ayeza Khan.

Here are some very pretty selfies of Ayeza Khan that she has shared from time to time with her fans. Which one is your favorite?

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ayezakhantv 89715402 152171589590742 4582091470106003557 n ayezakhantv 90089470 520705818647482 6475206694098335340 n

ayezakhantv 90869656 1014004225668037 2349255685388665241 n

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