Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 13 – Unexpected Twist!

What an unexpected twist! I was not expecting the story to take such a turn. I had known from the beginning that Shayan would marry Maleeha but I did expect Rahima to have a disease like Thalassemia. Shayan and Irfa both had Thalassemia minor and that is why Rahima inherited this disease from her parents. Her body is not able to produce new blood cells and she would need blood transfusions every few days and Rahima is barely a month or two old! Just the thought of a small kid having such a disease makes me shudder! There may be hundreds of kids out there suffering from this deadly disease. It seems to be a very trying time for both the parents and I am glad Shayan finally showed some concern towards her daughter.

I liked the way Dr. Bilal first tried to talk some sense into Shayan that he needs to give his family more time. He just wanted him to set his priorities right and asked him one simple question:

“Apke Ke Liyeah Kiya Ziada Zaruri Hai; Apka Hunr Ya Apki Beti?”

He tried to make him understand that his daughter comes above everything else but Shayan being Shayan got pretty offended and did not like to be lectured about his responsibilities as handling responsibilities has never been his forte. His life and his happiness comes above everything else as he has always been selfish and self obsessed, but we did finally see a change in his attitude when Dr. Bilal told Irfa and him about Rahima’s disease. I saw Shayan begging someone for the first time ever; he kept his ego aside and asked Dr. Bilal to help them in this tough time and Dr. Bilal being the kind hearted and generous person agreed to help them through all the testing phases ahead.

I cannot believe someone can become so selfish and indifferent! Maleeha did not show an ounce of pity when Shayan told him about Rahima’s condition. All she wants is Shayan to spend all his time with her as she can no longer share him with anyone else. Shayan maybe careless and selfish but he is aware of the fact Irfa has no one else but him in this world and he cannot leave her at any cost but Maleeha kept on insisting Shayan to leave Irfa again and again. This results in a huge argument between them and I just loved the scene where Shayan said:

“Mein Irfa Ko Nahi Chor Sakhta, Woh Mar Jayegi

Maleeha: Toh Mar Jaane Do

Shayan: Tum Mar Jao”

I was left open mouthed and dumbstruck when he said these dialogues. He may not love Irfa but deep down he still cares for her and would not leave her at any cost. He is trying his best to make Maleeha understand his situation and share his problems but Maleeha is not ready to understand anything and is acting like a stubborn child who wants Shayan all for herself.

Dr. Bilal is trying his best to help Irfa and Shayan in every possible way and he is also providing moral support to Irfa who has become extremely depressed and tensed after getting to know about Rahima’s condition. He is helping her to gather courage and be mentally prepared to face the situation ahead of her. In her worried state, she gets extremely rude and says the most hurtful words to Dr. Bilal:

“Ap Kiya Jaane Aulaad Ka Dukh Kiya Hota Hai, Apki Khudki Aulaad Hoti To Pata Hota”

As soon as the words were out, she quickly realized she had hit a sore spot and quickly apologized to Dr. Bilal who proved to be very understanding as he knew she was not in her right frame of mind.

Adeel Farooqui is becoming getting more annoying by the day. He wants Shayan to make all compromises and understand Maleeha’s mental state while Maleeha is not ready to understand anything. He was the person who gave the idea to Maleeha to show interest in Shayan in the first place, he was the one to encourage her and as a result she is now completely obsessed with Shayan. Shayan gave him a piece of his mind when he tried to console Shayan that with time you both will understand each other. Shayan clearly told him that he may be able to tolerate her childish behavior since he is her father but as her husband, I would not tolerate such childish behavior so it is better if you make her understand instead of lecturing me. It seems that Maleeha and Shayan’s marriage would not last for long!

Maleeha will play some sinister games in the next episode as she had vowed that she will kick Irfa out of Shayan’s life and she would go to any extent to do that. Let’s see what is in store for us in the next episode!

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Mariam Shafiq



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  • God, I don't understand why a below average Maleeha, is being called beautiful by the writer. I'm sorry, she must consult a dentist to fix her teeth.