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Kahi Unkahi Episode 14 – Calm Before The Storm

So this episode had much much progress especially in terms of Sherry’s feelings. He has gotten a lot more clear in & as how he feels about both the ladies.

It was just safe how things got concealed in front of Mr. Kamal. He shouldn’t have known about it because it would drag the whole situation much longer. It was something good that they wrapped it up quickly. But I was amazed to see that even after knowing what sort of family Anam belongs to & Mrs. Kamal herself doesn’t like her, she didn’t say anything & kept on worrying about their engagement & the gifts & shopping. Being a mother, when she felt that she doesn’t find Anam suitable for Sherry, she should have lead him in the right direction & helped him come out of his confusion. I mean, being a mother that’s what she is supposed to do or may be she has become numb after spending years away from her son.

Even in the Sherry-Mother scene we saw her saying ‘Zoya hum mai se nahi hai’. At one hand, she can sacrifice living with her son just to do good to Zoya & now she is considering her as a low life too. It came as a disappointment. When Ansar was talking about the whole situation, he said that Sherry still has some soft corner for Zoya. At that point Mrs. Kamal was like ‘tum kya keh rahay ho?’. I mean all this while she knows what Zoya means to Sherry, ever since he has moved back, he is talking to her, taking her to the party, spending time with her on the beach & on the beach he told his mother that he is ready to commit to Zoya & after all this Mrs. Kamal’s question seemed totally out of the line. Sometimes, I feel that the dialogues are poorly written & the dialogue writer has not paid attention to even the basics or else he/she forgets what they had written about certain situation in the previous episode. I hope we don’t get to see such meaningless conversations.

Mr. Parvez’s family has been totally exposed in front of Sherry, Mariam, Ansar & Mrs. Kamal, yet none of them raised an objection on this engagement. Everyone seemed to be pretty cool with whatever happened. Was it because it happened with Zoya? Or that she is a driver’s daughter, so that misbehaving with her didn’t mean anything? Anam & her brother, both lack basic etiquettes & are nothing but rich spoiled brats, so why no one is bothered about their behaviour  In the beginning, when Mariam’s character was introduced, she sussed that Sherry actually likes Zoya, but why didn’t she try to have a conversation with Sherry to actually know what was going on with him? Ansar no doubt handled the situation wisely & exactly like how an elder brother should. He knows how to talk to the people accordingly that’s why he sternly threatened Zeeshan, knowing that’s the only lingo he would understand. But Ansar seems like such a stupid person when we see him involved with Seema. Why is he doing that? They should shed more light on it. lol!

Well the preview of the next episode was perfect & just exactly based on the moment that all the viewers must be waiting for. Sherry will finally reach to the decision where he is not ready to get in a commitment with Anam & on the other hand Zoya is all depressed on hearing about Sherry’s engagement. After seeing today’s episode I am waiting a lot more for the next one.

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Zahra Mirza.

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