Kankar Episode 10 – Reality Check!

The best part of this latest episode was that there were enough scenes with Sikandar and Kiran in them and most of tonight’s story revolved around the two. Kankar definitely has picked up pace. Some of the scenes still seem repetitive but I can say with all certainty that it is only getting better. Sikandar and Kiran’s relationship started off as perfect in tonight’s episode but by the end of the episode the viewers got to see a completely different side of Sikandar’s character. Kiran should have asked Sikandar before going to her parents’ house because he surely wouldn’t have stopped her from going but even if she didn’t, Sikandar had no right to “punish” her the way he did. He put her in an awkward situation in front of her family and was obviously very rude to her.


Jealousy has gotten the best of Arzoo and in this episode she participated very actively in the gossip session against Kiran. Faiqa’s idea of getting her engaged did not work at all; like all her other ideas! The meeting between Arzoo and Shuja was actually very similar to the one she had with Sikandar a few months back, the only difference was that this time around she was the one who acted the way Sikandar did with her! Ironic indeed! Arzoo has clearly not gotten over Sikandar and feels the exact same way about Kiran as her mother and aunt now. I have to say that all the focus on material things today was rather off putting. When Sikandar brought Kiran the parrots, I thought the surprise was very cute but later on all the references to what Sikanadar had been buying for Kiran without Kiran even knowing how much those things cost because she was lucky enough to get married to a rich man did not seem right at all. Also, Kiran’s statement that she always believed in fairytales and that she envied girls who came to college in those big luxurious cars sounded completely out of character.


Few episodes back, it was Faiqa’s obsession with Sikandar and the repeated blame game that gradually turned dull and boring. Now, Rukhsar’s character and her scenes are headed the same way. Right from the first episode, we have been hearing similar complaints from her. Even after making sure that Adnan does not get married before she does, she does not seem content at all. At one minute she wants to join the gym to please her future in laws and husband and the next minute she does not even want to get married. I understand where she is coming from but like always I did not feel for her character at all.


The preview for the next episode reminded me of the girl who questioned her professor about women’s respect and dignity in the first episode. But it also makes me question Kiran’s character; Arzoo has told Kiran off again and again in the worst possible manner but she keeps on trying to mend ties with her without worrying about her self respect because she believes that it is her duty to do so since Arzoo is her cousin and her friend. Why can’t she give her husband the same benefit of the doubt? I am not justifying Sikanadr’s behavior at all but just trying to understand the reason why Kiran will let her friend put her down but not her husband.


I have to hand it t o the director Aabis Raza for directing the serial very well till now. I simply love his work in Kadurat and Kankar both. All the actors were brilliant as usual in tonight’s episode. Despite of its weaknesses Kankar is getting stronger and it definitely gives me something to look forward to. I have to say though that if it wasn’t for Sanam Baloch, I may not have liked it so much. I must add in the end that Fahad Mustafa is doing very well as Sikandar and I have absolutely no complaints regarding his acting now.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • @ Fatima Awan finaly i have started following this serial and i have found today’s episode very interesting., i have read all episodes review to get the main theme of the drama… thanks for pen down the review in such a beautiful way. KEep it up.
    God bless you

    • i think in first or second episode they have mentioned about brother of kiran, but today it was first time he was shown in physical

      • Yes I remember Kiran's father saying that he had gone to attend a wedding in the 1st or 2nd episode.

  • The brother has always been there although he wasnt a very active character. He was shown in previous episodes at 1-2 instances. However he was present in the very first scene of episode 1.

  • Nice review. I'm following this show through your reviews. But what u think about the drama overall and this episode.
    Is it getting fresh or the same run of th mill story. How will u like to rate this last episode.

    • Farah the story is about a married couple and how things turn from perfect to not that ideal. But I really like the direction and The show has picked up pace too. I think you should watch this episode, maybe the fastforward mode, watch the Sikandar/Kiran scenes if you have time:) Thanks a ton for following the reviews. I will give this episode a 3.75 out of 5 because I found myself looking forward to what was going to come next.

  • AOA Fatima hope u are doing good.. Today's review was as usual a gr8 one but Fatima I think it was too short it should have been more detailed than it was today… Well i loved the Sikander Kiran scenes at FIRST .. and the meeting and conversation between Kiran,Irum and btheir mother after Kiran comming back from Malaysia was as always very sweet and real<3 and I must say Fatima that the only time I felt lik RUKHSAR IS BEAUTIFUL YAR in the whole drama till now was when she came to irum's dholki but now i am getting bored and irritated of the FAZOOL Rukhsar scenes they are so depressing!! now at this point in time i must say Kiran should stop caring about what Arzoo thinks about her.. The main point shown is this drama is also that we people of Pakistan should stop the discrimination between people on the basis of social status…. Kiran should have asked Sikandar before going there but the way Sikandar behaved was so inappropriate.. Fatima I agree with each and every point of yours..!! overall the drama has picked up the pace and is now coming towards the main subject so i will be anxiously waiting for next episode and equally for ur next review.. !! hoping ur views in response

    • AOA Maham, I agree with you that conversation was very sweet and also very relatable. I have no idea where the Rukhsar track is going, I don't think she will be getting married any time soon. Yes absolutely Sikandar's behaviour was very inappropriate, seems like they will have a confrontation in the next episode. Sikandar literally punished Kiran when he could have picked her up from her mother's house and talked to her about what had happened. I am waiting to find out more about Sikandar's character.
      Thanks a lot Maham for being a regular reader and for your valuable input, I definitely look forward to it:)

      • Walaikumassalaam!! Ur writing skills are enough to attract anybody towards ur reviews specially a person like me … But there is no need of THANKS cz it's my pleasure…!! Keep up the great work and my best wishes are with u!!!

      • i think this is called real life!!! we dont want to really win over our inlaws, but we still try ignoring the important things. We dont care about material things till someone has them, then women talk about others having it!!! sadly this is life and i dont see anything changing soon, because a handful of people using the internet cannot change the view of the entire nation

  • The honey moon is over. The drama has just started. When 'friends' like Sikander's mother and her sister and Arzoo, with her jealousy, are there who need friends.Why are fathers so mute. As to Sikinder well! Now you know why it is called Kanker. Umera Ahmed is coming into her element. Fatima, the review is great.

  • Fatima thank you for another perfect review. I agree with everything you wrote in your review. Your analysis is always short and sweet, keep it that way. Keep up the awesome reviews.

  • I agree with you, Sikander shouldn't have spoken to Kiran that way. I mean why did he have to overreact like that. She clearly made a mistake, and if he had spoken to her in a proper way, there wouldn't have been any awkwardness. Whose to blame here though? I think Sikander's mother definitely plays a role. Instead of trying to comfort her son and not play the blame-game, she does the total opposite. & then she sits with her sister and niece and talks crap about her own daughter in law?! These people call themselves "rich" "high-class" – yet they're gossiping about Kiran, like uneducated low class ignorant people. Sikander's mother irritates me so much, and I'm sure there are many mother in laws out there like that. How immature is she? Get over the issue and move on.

    As for Arzoo still upset about the Kiran/Sik situtation, I don't blame her. If I was here in position, I don't think I could ever forgive my cousin/friend – ESP if they married someone I liked. Poor girl is going through so much, her mom is a narcissistic, social status freak, and she feels betrayed by Kiran and Sikander. But I don't blame Kiran at all, she was kind of pressurized into the marriage, where her parents are to blame for.

  • I am amazed at how the so called "educated" and "open-minded" younger generation is so incredibly shallow. The first chance that Aarzo got, she blamed Kiran for stealing Sikander because of Kiran's socio-economic background – something only the aunty generation was accusing her off so far (Sikander's mom and Faiqa). When will we move on?
    Can't it just be about WHO Kiran is vs. where how much money she has? (Maybe she is just a jerk rich or poor).
    I am sure part of Sikander's control freak attitude also stems from his superiority complex. Although he claims that Kiran's "chotay ghar ki larki" background does not matter to him, we will just have to wait and see.

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