Adhoori Aurat Episode 16 – Maryam’s Operation!

This week’s episode focused on Maryam’s operation; since the treatment did not work she had to get herself operated. Zayaan got pretty uneasy after hearing what the doctors had said. Throughout the episode I was trying to find out the reason behind Zayaan’s insensitivity but every scene confused me even more. Maryam desperately wanted to hear a few words of comfort from Zayaan but all she got was indifference from his side. She is now trapped in a marriage where she gets no support from her in-laws or her husband. In this tough time, there was no one in the house to look after her. Sadly, the servants were more caring than the members of the house.

I was really irked by Zayaan’s attitude throughout the episode. It seemed like he was fighting some inner turmoil. He just could not digest the news of Maryam’s operation. At times I feel that the reason behind his indifference is that he cannot stand ‘imperfection’ in his life. The fact that Maryam would not be perfect anymore is the reason behind his unreasonable attitude. But then, during the scene where he comes near Maryam’s sleeping form to comfort her tells a different story altogether. It shows that he still cares about Maryam but something is holding him back from expressing his true feelings.

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Zayaan’s lack of response and interest in her treatment disheartens Maryam every time. Her sole motivation right now is to get better for her daughter Ashiya. I am glad Zayaan at least had the sense to get a maid to take care of Ashiya but sadly, it was not his idea but Faiza’s. After seeing Zayaan worried the night before her operation, Maryam got hopeful once again that Zayaan still has a place for her in his heart, but all her hopes shattered the next morning when she saw that Zayaan had left the house early in the morning and he would not be by her side during her operation. I truly felt bad for Maryam at this point.

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Nusrat just manages to get more on my nerves with each passing episode. She does not have an ounce of humanity in her body. When Faiza and her mother came to see Maryam, she openly said that she has no hope that Maryam will ever get better because a disease like Cancer never goes away. She said all this in front of Maryam and I really felt like throttling her at that moment. How rude and insensitive can a person be? She just could not see all of them concerned about Maryam’s welfare so she quickly directed the talk towards Afshah and her son.

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Maryam’s family was disappointed at not seeing Zayaan at the hospital during Maryam’s operation. When Sultan saw that Maryam was calling out Zayaan names repeatedly, he immediately went to Zayaan’s house and asked him the reason behind his absence at the hospital. Maryam is going through a tough time and she needs him by her side. Zayaan told him that he could not gather up the courage to see Maryam in such a state and he needs some time to come to terms with the situation. At times like these I feel like he genuinely loves Maryam but I do not understand what is stopping him from showing how much he loves and care for Maryam. What is he really afraid of? I really wish he would open up so that we get an insight on his true feelings.

Zayaan and Faiza’s growing friendship are ringing the alarm bells in my ears. Zayaan actually seemed upset with Faiza when she did not come to the office in the preview for the next episode.

What do you guys think is the reason behind Zayaan’s indifference? Share your views about the episode.

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