Kankar Episode 14 – The Ordeal Continues

Aap ka sawal yeh nahi hona chayeh tha ke meinay kya kiya, aap ka sawal yeh hona chahyeh ke mujhe takleef tu nahi hui!

Few things that were highlighted the most in tonight’s episode were 1) majority of the people are more interested in what is happening in other people’s lives rather than their own. 2) Most of us care more about what others think about us rather than looking out for the interest of those we love.  3) If things go wrong in a marriage, people will be quick to believe that it must be the girl who is at fault. How could Kiran’s mother not give her a chance to explain herself even, very sad indeed but was it unreal? Most certainly not! Umera Ahmed has depicted the circumstances faced by many girls in our society perfectly. Once a girl gets married, she has to o everything in her power to make her marriage work even if that means putting her integrity at stake. And if someone tries to walk out of an abusive relationship, she is most likely to meet the fate that Kiran did. I really felt for Kiran in tonight’s episode.


Sikandar did not abuse Kiran physically again but the verbal abuse went on non stop; it kept on aggravating because Sikandar and his mother could not stop Kiran from expressing her opinion! This was another aspect of tonight’s episode to which many viewers could definitely relate to; married women most often are not expected to express their opinions openly and if they do then mothers in law feel insecure and husbands feel like their wives are too opinionated. When Kiran asks Sikandar why he didn’t support her, his answer was “Tumhei meri hamayat ki kya zarurat hai, tum khud he kafi ho apna case lrne ke liye” and that is exactly what she is getting punished for. I am certain there are many people who feel that if Kiran stops expressing how she feels things will get better, so why not do it? In my opinion even if Kiran stops expressing herself the way she does, things will continue to the way they are because Sikandar and his mother have shown that they do not have an ounce of respect for Kiran because of her “choti aukat”.


I couldn’t help but think that it was very ironic when Sikandar said to Kiran “Tu kya chahti hun laroon apni maa se tumhare liye”? Wasn’t Kiran the same girl who Sikandar was dying to get married to a few months back and he completely sidelined his mother’s wishes in order to do that? Now that Kiran is part of his life, he wants everything exactly the way he wishes and he fails to treat Kiran as an individual.


Shaista conveyed the pack of lies she had come up with to Kiran’s mother and Faiqa communicated the same to the rest of the family. The growing tensions between Kiran and Sikandar were the topic of the day; everyone discussed the matter and no one held Sikandar responsible except for Adnan.

All through the episode, I was hoping that Kiran’s mother will feel for her daughter at some point. Even if she didn’t express her concern for her openly, deep inside she would think that what had happened was wrong but nothing like that happened. How could she be so convinced that it was her daughter who was entirely at fault? Maybe because Sikandar has always been so good to Kiran and her family and also because of all the lies that Shaista told her. I was equally disappointed and shocked at Kiran’s father’s reaction. But then there are many parents who would expect their daughter to put up with much more as long as they have “loving” husband who can provide them with all the luxuries of life.


Sikandar’s remark “Tum se ziada beghairat aurat waise meinay dekhi nahi apni zindagi mei” proved that he actually had no respect for Kiran. The preview for the next episode showed that Sikandar subjects Kiran to physical abuse again. It was bound to happen because the way Kiran’s mother dragged her back to her in laws proved to them that Kiran did not have any place to run to. She is more helpless and vulnerable now then she ever was.


This play is definitely very close to real life; I am sure there are many women out there who have had such troubled marriages and many men too who have taken their wives for granted. This world unfortunately is full of Shaista’s and Faiqa’s and not to mention women like Kiran’s mother too. Tonight’s episode was very well directed, the camera angles were perfect and the scenes were short and to the point. The acting like always stayed top notch.

Did you watch tonight’s episode? Please share your views.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Agree with u Fatima Jee..abhi dekhiya ga Kiran ka liye kitne Muft k Mashware aayenge apke is review main…infact dramasonline main is epi main Khawateen k Comments perhkar to woh line yaad aajati hai “Women r their OWN WORST enemy”…….jab takk hamare haan ki Maayen SIRF betiyon ki TARBIYAT karengi mamlat aise hi rahenge…..
    Sanam Baloach + Umera Ahmed = Magic..Proof “Doraha, Daam , Durr e Shehwar and now Kankar”..MashaAllah se such a fabulous actress she is…pichle kuch arse se mjhe Sanam se itni irritation ho gai thi…cuz of her Morning show aur Dramas main har wakt ka rona dhona….but Kankar main mjhe phir se Purani wali Muhabbat ho gai hai Sanam se..jst love her!! Is episode main bhi acting k lihaz se kuch EPIC moments the..jab car main Kiran driver ko kehti hai “GHAR”..SB was jst fab…phir Sikander se maafi mangne wala poora scene..esp jab ek dam se roti hai..awwwwww…such a GEM Sanam is MashaAllah se..Humari industry ka “Chota sa Atomic Bomb” (acting k lihaz se)…lolxx..BTW Fahad Mustufa ne is drama main itna makeup na kia hota toh har epi k baad iski dher saari tarifain kerti..but makeup……..kher phir bhi….kahin per bhi SB se peechey nahi rehta…zabardast tarikeh se nibha raha hai apne role ko yeh banda…

    • lol @ muft ke mashwaray. They can be so annoying in real life – when everyone is so full of advice but not willing to lift a finger to help you out when you are going through a rough patch but on this forum muft ke mashwaray are actually fun to read:) I have always loved Sanam Baloch in all of the plays that she has acted in except for nadamat, I didn’t like the play at all – couldn’t even watch it for Sanam. You are right about Fahad Mustafa, the loud make up goes unnoticed now because his acting is so good. It is always a pleasure hearing from you Aiman; continue giving us your feedback in your own unique style;) lol @ chota sa atomic bomb, yes talent ka bomb indeed.

  • i absolutely loved this episode. I also totally felt for Kiran. The script was on spot. I am very interested in what will happen going forward. From next episode’s promo, looks like she had a miscarriage because of Sikander’s abuse. I really feel for Kiran and at this point think this is the most realistic and the best drama on tv right now. Great review!

    • Yes the drama is very realistic indeed, I just hope the end is satisfying too. Thank you for following the reviews Maheen and for sharing your thoughts. I hope Kiran’s parents will realize that what they did was wrong.

  • Of all the episodes of Kankar that I have seen, this one seemed really better in terms of direction as so many points were highlighted so appropriately & not to forget ‘quickly’.

    I wonder why Faiqa & Arzoo are so damn bothered about Kiran & her life. I just couldn’t believe what Faiqa said to her daughter about her sister’s relation ‘ye choti choti batain chalti rehti hain, appa ko bhai ne dugna diya’ I mean if her sister has money then she has everything as per Faiqa but she just can not relate to Shahista & Kiran’s situation because she has never experienced it, rather she complained about her own husband being a wise spender unlike Sikandar’s father. It was really sad.

    I just hated seeing the reactions of Kiran’s mother & more than that of her father’s. I mean how can a man who has loved his daughter to bits not even listen to her just this once? I hated seeing Kiran become the culprit whereas Sikandar’s as clean as anything just because he shut his in-laws mouth with some handsome amount? What made it more sad was that Kiran who believed in herself & her family made a statement in front of Sikandar that I will leave you & never come back…but now another bitter reality stuck her that her parent’s have closed the doors on their daughter too. This is what happens when the girl doesn’t has a sound financial background…that’s the reason why Kiran’s parents just don’t want to listen as they are too blinded by the luxuries they see on the surface! Sad!!!

    Acting wise, I think both Fahad & Sanam are unbeatable….the car scene was just so intense & I dreaded seeing Kiran go through another slap.

    • Zahra it is jealousy coupled with superiority complex, Faiqa and co believe that Kiran doesn’t deserve all the luxuries that she got after getting married to Sikandar – material things mean more to them than the actual relationship that Kiran and Sikandar share. They think of Sikandar is some trophy husband whereas Kiran sees him entirely differently. Like you said Faiqa’s comment about Shaista’s husband showering her with gifts all the time etc went to prove who actually has a choti zehnayat! I felt so so sad for Kiran when her mother dragged her back to her in laws – thori tu bechari ki izzat rukh leti, that was very unfair. That is how our maids’ mothers bring them back to work when they are not willing to come! That was the attitude her mother had. Kiran’s mother does not understand her at all , which is very strange because she is the same person who was not willing to marry her off to Sikandar because of Shaista’s attitude. How could she forget that!

      yes I agree with you everyone is acting very well, there are now weak links in this play now. Thanks a lot for sharing your views Zahra, it is always good to hear what yo u have to say.

      • I know, it was really sad seeing Kiran suffering & how can Kiran’s mother take Shahista’s say as the ultimate truth in stead of Kiran’s?

        & Yeah, whatever Faiqa said sounded like just to have all such material in your life, even if you tolerate a little bit of domestic violence every now & then, doesn’t mean anything. It’s like easier said than done. I wonder if she had to go through it, how long would’ve her own marriage lasted.

  • i totally agree with u fatima these r the exact reviews which came to my mind after watching to nites episode…i think today episode was reflection of what really is going on in our
    society… first shikandar mother told kiran’s parent that she is
    misbehaving and she doesn’t respect them jab k aisa kuch be nai ta …
    secondly her mother did exactly what was expected from a girl’s mother.
    she started yelling at kiran as if she is alone responsible for all of
    this.. she didn’t ask her that what actually happened.. this is a great
    obstacle faced by our society that parents don’t trust their own
    children and they have no idea what their kids r capable of so they
    believe what so ever anyone says… and this is not happening just in
    this drama this is a brutal reality of our society… even before i watched this drama i was so afraid that agar mere life mein mujeh parents k support ke zarorat howe what would be their reaction…let me clear something i m not married but someday i will be and i know how to respect elders and how to be responsible but does my parents know this fact or they think of me as same careless girl who is not responsible at all in home..they dont know a complete other side of me who knows how to be patient, sweet and responsible.,,,
    another thing i know one has to
    compromise a lot in marriage but no one gives rite to ur husband to say
    something about ur family this actually indirectly means that he was
    insulting her background in which she was raised… that is a huge thing
    but only few can actually understand this thing…. kiran was rite this
    marriage was shikandar’s idea..this is what he wanted and when he got
    her he realized that now she is no match to him…. this shows sick
    mentality of a men….kiran parents should have supported her,, atleast
    they should have asked shikandar that what was issue… and told him
    that kiran is not alone/../she has got her family to support her so he
    should also behave and compromise.. kise nay sahe he kaha hai aurat ka
    koi ghar nai hota na pichla na agla……

    • I agree with you Maria, Kiran’s parents’ attitude was very wrong and the way her mother says to Shaista that if Kiran misbehaves again they should tell her immediately was very very sad. She should at least have listened to what her daughter had to say but she did not even give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • I READ COMMENT. Some people think Kiran will lose a bay in upcoming episode. I don’t think so. What do you guys think so. If this happened Kiran will get into depression.

  • hi,i love all the reviews by fatimah nd zahra infact m waiting for ur reviews after watching dramas,nd abt kankar’s todays episodei thought ds z something going in every house these days nd by this paltform i want to say something…….every1 z saying dt atleast kiran ‘s mother nd father should have listen to her bt agar woh kiran ka sath dy bhe dein tu woh kia kr sakty hein nothing bcuz dy have just 2 options ya tu bete ko ghar betha lein ya tu shohar k ghar wapis bhej dein bcuz larkay waley tu kabhi kese ki sunty nhe…shadi k 3/4 yrs k baad larki used to ho jate hy sab bakwas sunany ki aur bardasht krny ki…nd then dy r called happily married couple…i think jahan larki walon ki sotch badalne chahye us say ziyada larkay walon ki sotch badalne chahye yeh baat k mera beta kuch bhe karey woh shohar hy he can do anything its wrong, its nt like ghareeb nd ameer its da fault in tarbiyat….aur agar larki ko maa baap ghar betha kr shadi toor dein tu koi gaurentte nahe k us ki nxt shadi hote hy yah nhe aur next husb chahye us sy bhe batar ho,tu maa baap becharey kahan jaein…..we need to change the thoughts of whole society.

    jab extreme pr baat puhnchy ge tu yahi maa baap apni bete ko apny paas bola letay hein bt dy try alot k un ki bete apny shohar k ghar bethe rahy ….

    hadees hy k qayamat k din Allah sab sy pehly shohar sy bewi k barey mein aur bewi say shohar k barey mein sawal krein gy” its sooo imp bcuz der relation lay da foundation of house….agar husb wife aik dosray sy ikhalaq sy paish nhe atey tu un k bachey bhe disturb nd complex rehty hein……
    here i must say k sikander ke mother agar chahein tu un ka ghar bass sakta hy bcuz jo bhe ho (here i must say)betay ko maa halki se tele laga dete hy nd den she wait for the fire…..have alot to say bt hope u understand wt i want to say..thnx

    • you are right…but being parents they must have protected their daughter….they could have punished her and scold her if she was wrong but parents should not scold their child before others…specially to a daughetr in front of such a critical relationship… MOTHER IN LAW……..it fuels the anger and 2ndlt it gives the impression that they have given their daughter in ur custody and you are free to do what you want…..or jahan tak larkay k ghar walon ki soch badalny ki baat hai…its an understood fact k hamari soceity men is kisam k issues ki waja he larkay or larkay ki family ki dominating soch hai

  • good review.well i really felt for kiran in this episode woh bichari kuch na ker ke bhi apne parents aur dosroon ki nazar mein ghalat ban gaye and what’s more dissappointing is that her mother didn’t even listen to her.but sanam and fahad both were superb in this episode and kankar has really improved a lot in terms of story and direction and umera ahmed has raised a very important issue about husband torturing the wife .

  • Loved your review Fatima….Sanam was simply Mind Blowing….Simply award worthy performances specially in the expressions…….The way she shows pain in her eyes was amazing…..But Sanam wasnt wrong, the mother should have supported her daughter instead, not exactly completely supported, but atleast to an extent.Our culture is wrong, for making the men always ascendancy
    Even i am man ….i oppose this monopoloy of men…I love this drama, it teaches our society so many things: 1) to never value or judge a couple and marriage and their happiness based on materialistic things. A lot of money DOES NOT equate to ever lasting happiness and peace in ones marriage. and 2) the whole idea of women self-blaming and self-loathing themselves because of their husband’s violence/ uncontrollable anger issues and 3) when ANY issue arrises carefully LISTEN to BOTH parties and not through third parties (i.e: in laws or parents)

  • I hope they r able I make their marrige work . Don’t want to see them separated
    It should be a happy ending . It’s not impossible for them to rise above
    The situation and live a happy and content life . I hope kiran does not
    Marry his cousin I the end .

  • Nice review Fatima. In my personal opinion, the first thing parents need to do in this situation is “ACKNOWLEGE their daughter’s pain”. That heals half the pain. Instead of saying that “it all must be your fault”, tell her that “I understand what you are going thru”. These kind of words give a person in trouble a lot of courage and patience to deal with the situation calmly without getting emotional. Our desi parents think if they acknowledge their daughter’s pain, “us ko aur sheh milay gee”. But it does not work that way. Apni aulad kay dukh ko samjho and then try to teach her (with your experience) how to deal with the situation tactfully. Parents should be partners with their daughters to solve her problems and soothe her, instead of supporting the person who is causing their child so much pain.
    Just imagine, if someone is bullying our child in school, or someone causes our child some pain/harm, do we ever support that person??? NO, we never do. But unfortunately, in our culture, no matter how much pain son-in-law causes to their daughter, parents support him…its so sad and heart breaking. This mentality needs to change. We always talk about parents rights, but children have some rights over their parents as well. We are responsible to bring them in this world, and its our job as a parent to protect them. Being a parent is not only about providing food and shelter, its our responsibilites to take care of our children’s emotional needs as well.

  • Yes I cannot resist agreeing you. This is what exactly happens when there is a social class difference between couple. Skiander continued to insult her and on the other hand, shaista proved her self a traditional saaas. Kiran was just a beautiful decoration piece for him , and he fought for her just like a stubborn child.Even i dont like Kiran mother and father attitude, she should have at least listen to her daughter.Correct step was taken by Kiran but her mother ruined every thing and she escorted her to her in laws home was just like accepting every blames for her daughter. We should be there for our sisters when they need us, by saying only that you are married and you have to deal your affairs at your own is harrowing. You are married but still belong to us is a right attitude in this regard.

  • a perfect review as always fatima, this episode was very close to reality, as they focused on verbal abuse which is widely common then physical abuse. Verbal abused is witnessed more as it is also commonly done in front of others too and sadly its considered by many an accepted right of husband by many whether we admit or not. Verbally abusing family of wife is also a common observation.

    The reaction of Kiran mother was also close to reality, I dont know but if perhaps, parents and guardian of a woman take stand for her in such cases, it will definitely benefit our society in large.

  • i think in next episode Kiran parents will going to feel guilty what they behave with her daughter before and where,s Kiran sister. I think she will support Kiran. Kiran need a her sister this time.

  • What a lovely depiction of the bitter realities of our culture ! Sadly even if with women liberty and education , still an ongoing social issue , the drama has highlighted beautifully that verbal abuse is equally painful as physical abuse. Also Kiran despite being not an financially independent woman with realtively modest family background is not ready to sacrifice her self respect on any cost , such a decision is understandably far easy for a working professional woman. West may have lost many values but at least women have no family pressures to spend their lives with such husbands ,…TU NAHI AUR SAHI , AUR NAHI AUR SAHI !

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