Kankar Episode 2 – Dilemmas Of Arranged Marriages

This episode focused on the dilemmas of arranged marriages in our society. I found the scene in which the rishta people want a “tour” of the girl’s house very relatable – sadly I must say that been there done that! When parents are getting their first girl or even boy married, they are absolutely clueless as to how to deal with such situations and end up saying yes to every foolish farmaish that comes their way! Some, who are in a position to do so, learn to tell such people off in a polite manner, those who do not have a choice sadly have to put up with such requests and much more! It is not just the boys’ family who wants to take a good look into the house of the girl they might be marrying their son to but I have even seen girls’ families desperately wanting to see the boy’s house even after their daughter has been married into the family. These are such wrong customs and they need to be shunned. Everything that we saw in today’s episode had surely been inspired from real life incidents and indeed was very relatable, like all other Umera Ahmed scripts. But the real question is that was it engaging enough? Sadly, I have to say that it wasn’t. The pace of the show is certainly slow and I have a feeling that this is the way it is going to be. All the plays that Aabiz raza has directed till now; Zard Mausam, Mujhe Roothne Na Dena and Maseeha, to name a few which I followed have been slow paced. Umera Ahmed’s plays as well have been stretched unnecessarily since Shehr-e-Zaat.


Faiqa’s sister also faced a dilemma when it came to marrying her son with her sister’s daughter Arzoo. Sikandar is not the least bit interested in marriage or getting married to Arzoo for that matter. He wants to know Arzoo better before he makes a final decision and his mother doesn’t want no for an answer. Fahad Mustafa’s character seemed cold and distant. I expected the bond between or more like the chemistry between the mother and son to be more appealing and apparent but it wasn’t. Fahad Mustafa is definitely one of those male actors who need to wear less make up.


Kamal’s sister seems to be facing problems as well as far as her daughter’s (Uroosa Siddiqui) marriage is concerned. She is stuck with a long enagement with no hope in sight.  She doesn’t have the guts to ask the boy’s family what they want since she has been given a cold response once before too and cannot afford to break the engagemtn off too. Most certainly, all that we saw today was ghar ghar ki kahani. I am sure many many people could relate to it but will this ghar ghar ki kahani click with the audience in this day and age when there are a few other more intriguing and interesting dramas on air which keep you on the edge of the seat?

kankar 3

Kiran’s character is definitely the most likeable part of the play for me till now. She has a carefree attitude and I love her confidence. In the next episode, we may see Kiran and Sikandar meet for the first time since we saw Kiran begging Arzoo that she wanted to meet Sikandar. Kiran and Sikanadar seem poles apart already; Kiran is fun and carefree and Sikandar seems like a very toffee-nosed individual. Kiran and Arzoo are very close to one another and we saw Arzoo going against her mother’s will and giving Kiran the photographs of the engagement. The relationship between the three sisters is also another extremely relatable part of the show, which has been shown nicely. It is so good to see sisters who get along for a change and have a “normal relationship – no good sister versus bad one scenario.


Overall, this episode was strictly okay. I agree with and could relate to every single happening in the play but I think the viewers will have to get used to the slow pace of the drama and accept it for what it is if they want to enjoy it. Expecting fireworks is just going to disappoint the viewers. Please share your opinions about this latest episode.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Now Humtv is airing Turkish dramas too. I don't understand why they all are doing this. First hum started airing horrible shows like Tanhai, Ullu baraye furokht nahi, jiya nay jaye, humnasheen, mera bhi koi ghar hota, ek pagal larki. Just to name the most recent. Now they want to start playing Turkish shows. What's next?? What happened to all those celebrities who were against it?? Honestly I expected better from Sultana Appa. All I know is that I will never watch Turkish dramas.
    Also Fatima you said that their are shows airing that keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. Which dramas are you talking about??? Please let me know. I've been trying to find a show that interests me. So far the only drama I love and is airing is dil e muzter. However I will follow this show because I am a HUGE fan of Sanam Baloch. But I feel they should have chosen someone else instead of Fahad. I am really angry that they replaced Fawad and Sanam in the drama bin roye ansoo. I really want to see them together in another drama.

    • Viewer I understand your frustration. Yes Dil-e-Muzter has to be the most happening show that is on air right now. I actually like Rehaii, it has a strong message, it was too in your face in the begining but the direction and acting has been top notch right from the get go and I am enjoying the pace of the show too. Was it one of those shows you gave up on in the begining? If you did i recommend that you catch up. Why didn't you like it? Because of the boldness of the script? Nauman Ijaz is such a gifted actor, his presence alone can make a drama watchable for me. Silvatein has been very engaging and happening too, although lately the story is going around in circles. Did you watch Talkhiyaan? If you didn't then you must. I am watching Nanhii too, it maybe bold but again Sajjal is doing a great job. Also, it is really good to see Javaid Sheikh doing completely different. I really like Sanam Baloch too, she is truly gifted and undoubtedly the best thing about this play till now. Ullu Barai Farokht for me Is also of interest because of Nauman Ijaz. There are a lot of things about it which are distasteful but its happening enough. I do agree with you we newd more shows like Dastaan and Durr-e- Shehwar; entertaining shows which you can watch with your family.

  • AoA Fatima,
    watched the drama, and found it extremely realistic as well…however again its quite slow paced :( i hope that the story unfolds to be an interesting one..!
    i agree, fahad's makeup should be less :p and as usual sanam is the cherry on top..!

    • Yes she is Esha – I had been waiting to see her in a good role since Roshan Sitara, which proved to be a waste. It is always great to hear from you, thank you for following the reviews and for commenting.

  • Askm , I do agree to your most of the points. One thing I don't understand how you missed to comment— the background song . The singer is in so much pain that the words are not coming clearly. Is this the way to put feeling and intensity in the song. I hope the director and producer should do something about this.


    • You are right Ehsan, I like the lyrics but like you said it isn't actually melodious or touching.

  • After watching Zindagi Gulzar Hai, I have not yet started watching another drama from the same writer. I was not sure about wasting time watching this drama and I noticed your review about the first episode. I read those but did not watch the episode because reviews did not attract me to watch it. Today, I again read your views and now I am convinced that even reading your reviews of each episode gives enough information about the episode not worth watching.
    I strongly believe in watching boy's or girl's house not even once but frequently before finalizing the relationship. There is so much lies, fake and fraud people in our society (I am sorry to say but this is reality). People give you so much false information in the beginning and portray girl or boy being the best in the world. I honestly have many examples in my own family where they were deceived by people about their financial status, about their children education, about their children health, about their children previous commitments, about their children age, about their children skills and abilities etc. Even in some cases, there were mentally retarded bother and sister in the house but their parents lied about that and afterwards, the girl had to suffer a lot in her in-laws because those mentally retarded grown up children were very violent. I strongly suggest to my brothers and sisters and friends about paying surprise visits to the families where they are planning to marry their children. I also strongly recommend them not to hurry in taking decisions about their children proposals. Many things get disclosed with time.

    • AJQADIR I can tell you have had some bad experiences but generally I am not in favor of touring the house and I will never allow anyone to tour mine. Yes, they are more than welcome to visit often and even without telling. Requesting for a "formal" tour of the house just does not seem politically correct.

    • Tanveer, sorry I gave up on it. I watched the last episode but honestly speaking I didn't have much to say about it.

      • mirat ul uroos lost its charm gradually due to a slow pace drama.

        it is another example of drama, which is dragged without any reason, and then just ended in a sudden. First director seems to have ample time in prolonging drama, and then suddenly hurriedly wrapped it up in last episode. In the last episode suddenly there was an extra marital affair and after that "sab hansi khushi rehnay lagay" like a fairy tale.

  • Viewer I think Tanhai is watchable show. Its not something that is very differently presented but its a nice family oriented show. Totally agree about Turkish dramas.I was shocked after hearing that news. Our channels promoters are waisting our show themselves. We have people full of talent and can compete with any international actors across the world. OUR industry is biased in his own country. Hum tv brought pakistani dramas audience back but it seems soon every one will stop watching Hum tv. REALLY SAD. Bin roye aanso is one of most awaited show but lost its charm when fawad n sanam replaced. Knakaar goona be next big hit after Rehani and dile muztar

  • Liked your review on episode 2 of Kankar. Honestly, the only reason why I am watching the show is Sanam Baloch.Her acting is effortless. She is a natural. Apart from that, it's a no no!! Oh by the way I was reading your review on one of the episodes of Rihaai..I simply love it. Although sometimes a little bit tedious. But I am surprised you did ot even once didn't mention the actor who plays Akmal.

    • Saleem I did not review Rehaii, one of the fellow reviewers Sheeba was reviewing it and yes she did a great job. Yes the actor playing Akmal (Danish Taimoor) is a very talented actor and I have to say that I haven't liked him better in any other role.

  • Very good drama, and Its very close to reality. Sanam Balouch is a fabalous actress.

  • I really like this drama so far. I like your review when you say many of the scenes are comparable to real life. But when you say its slow paced, which drama isn't? ZGH was so slow paced, they dragged it so much in the beginning. I love how they are showing the bond between the 3 sisters and cousin Arzoo. The scene where the 2 ladies came to see Erum and were only concerned about how the house looked was scripted and directed so well because I'm sure many girls can relate to that. I'm going through the rishta phase also, and living in Canada, I can say that the same stuff happens here – it is quite stressful. The scene between Erum and Kiran when they were laying in bed talking was great; when Kiran confesses how stressful it can be going through rishtas. It really lowers a girls confidence and morale. I really like the drama because I can relate to it, and also learning how this whole rishta thing works.

    • Oh and forgot to mention, I love Sanam Baloch's acting. She does justice to pretty much any role she has played so far.

    • Sara, I agree with you, I did mention that Umera Ahmed's plays were being stretched needlessly since Shehr-e-Zaat. In fact most of our dramas are stretched, personally I love plays like Durr-e-Shehwar and Mera Naseeb, every episode has something great to offer and when they end you think you could do with a couple of episodes more. I liked all the scenes that you mentioned too and agree with you that most of the girl living in Pakistan and even those who live outside Pakistan but go through the whole rishta process can relate to the happenings. Like I said been there done that!

  • fatima u right , pace of the show is quite slow and fahad should wear less make up, its very irritating .
    but i will follow this show because of sanam and i think later on it will deliver a good message as the story unfolds .
    i have a complaint , i did comment on last review of ZGH but u didnt response . i did check various times but no answer ……

    • Oh, i am so so sorry Fatima, i try my best to reply to everyone. I am really sorry I didn't reply to you, I hope you understand. It won't happen again. You have been very kind to me and it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Please keep reading the reviews and keep commenting. i am glad we are on the same page:) Yes, Sanam Baloch is the lifeline of Kankar till now, I simply love the way she breathes life into all her characters.

  • It really is very slow. I wish there wes some way that we could communicate this to the writers and directors because Iam seriously very tired of and annoyed by these turtle paced dramas. If you dont have enough story or script , doint produce it then because it is very irritating for the viewers. I used to watch seasons like castle etc on star world and now that the channel is not available anymore I was forced to switch to pakistani dramas. I guess I am just used to the suspence and fast pace and I find these extremely irritaing because of the slow pace. pakistani damas have potential and are relatable but a lot of improvement in scrift as well as the budgets are required. I am not saying that they shouldnt represent reality, but there should be some glamour or clafssy romance. I I wanted to be depressesd by the conditions of the country I would turn on the news channel, not hum tv. I am just wishing I can convey my concern via these messages and I hope it has some affect on the writers , producers.

    • Hello Mariya, welcome aboard, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, your feedback is highly valued. I hope that our drama-makers are listening to what the public has to say. You are right at the end of the day we do watch dramas for the sake of entertainment. yes, i am also all for educating the masses through these dramas, I completely agree with you on all accounts. Are you watching Dil-e-Muzter? It is very engaging. Hope to see you here more often.

  • I agree with you on everything Fatima. But I want to see Sanam in a glamorous role and Fahad with less make up :p

  • Friday was never that boring :(
    So not going to watch this serial …tried to but left it in the middle, hero Sahab was wearing more make up them Miss Balooch …. what to comment ?????

  • I like this drama despite the fact it is slow paced. And probably, Fatima, it s the same reason which is keeping me alive to watch this play is Kiran. Nice character with brilliant performance. She is a combination of fun loving and a sensible character too. I like the fact that she stood up for her sister's bad proposal and judging it rightfully. As it was sad, it was bad manners as Kiran stated. Asking about the house and room and size of the house. It was a bitter reality. I like Kiran's family so far. Aarzoo seemed to be cute and will do fine hopefully in the next few episodes. Adnan's family facing hardships and how are they treated by their relatives was nicely depicted. Poor Rukhsar stuck in a no where land engagement, that is one reason of her bitterness. I a just curious now how will Sikander and Kiran get married? All is ok. Though never liked Fahad Mustafa that much and Sanam Baloch is over powering him so far.

  • I would just like to comment that so far the drama is ok. am not really impressed with fahads role and acting and I agree about the make up lol. I hope its not another susraal walay buray drama so bored of those and wish that drama makers would show both sides of the story. I have seen many families who know that the boy side dont want to marry thier daughter and push there way into the family and then complain that susraal have no kaddar for our daughter. pehele hi na rishta do if they dont want u.

  • Fatima I always read your reviews and enjoy those. I'm not happy with Kanker. Sorry to say but it is same type of boring story we watch every day. Why can't they show more of light and pleasant entertaining dramas . zindagi mein Aur rona dhona Kum hai kiya. Umera should leave us alone for awhile. Her drama are monotonous now. She should just work on telefilms le Behadd even if it is remake of old Ptv plays. What particular drama would you recommend amongst current lot?

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