Kankar Episode 4 – Sikandar’s Confession

This latest episode focused on Sikandar being adamant on not getting married to Arzoo and the aftermath of the “news” that he likes Kiran. The news that Sikandar likes Kiran spread like wildfire, everyone in Arzoo’s and Sikandar’s family found out about this latest development but Kiran had no clue what was going on. The call from Sikandar did get the alarm bells ringing in Kiran’s head but she obviously has no idea what was brewing in Sikandar’s head. I was hoping that we were going to find out why exactly Sikandar is so infatuated by Kiran – can’t call it love just yet! I wish he would have mentioned the reason while talking to his mother or in any way at all – this guy does not even write diaries so we have no way of knowing that what is it about Kiran that he likes so much. It happens quite often in our dramas nowadays that this “falling in love”, ‘wanting to marry a girl” happens a little too quickly without any real rhyme or reason. Well, I guess this is what we call love at first sight but it most certainly doesn’t sound convincing enough and definitely something one must put under the fantasy umbrella!


Fahad Mustafa was much more convincing today than in the previous two episodes but it will take time for me to get used to all the make-up. I have to say that I do not like anything about Sikandar’s character at all till now. He seems like a very selfish person who wouldn’t think twice before hurting someone. Yes, he does have a very valid point; he shouldn’t be forced to marry someone he does not like but couldn’t he try and talk to his mother about it nicely? I have to say though that the entire “not eating anything” tactic looked very familiar, I have seen sons using that tactic more than the girls and most of the times it works like a charm!

kankar4Sikandar is not the only one who is smitten by Kiran but poor Adnan is equally love-struck. Kiran has absolutely no plans of getting married anytime soon; she is definitely not interested in getting married to Adnan and Sikandar is a total no no of course. Although, Sikandar falls for Kiran, calls her (where did he get her number from by the way?) and confesses that he likes her but Kiran gets all the blame. This happens all the time in reality too; technically Sikandar didn’t really cheat on Arzoo because there was no commitment to begin with but even if men cheat on their fiancés or wives, it is always the “other woman” who gets all the blame. Kiran is completely unaware of what is going on but Arzoo and Sikandar’s mother blame her and sadly enough Arzoo also thinks that she may have something to do with what happened. What Sikandar’s mother said to Sikandar about Kiran belonging to a middle class household, “mohallay mei rehte hei, tum un ke ghar mei beth bhi nahi sako gay”, sounded awfully familiar. Didn’t we just see all of that happening in Zindagi Gulzar Hai? I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot of such things in the coming episodes.



The story is definitely getting a little interesting, one does wonder what is going to happen next and I also hope that it is done well too. I have to say that for an Umera Ahmed play, the dialogues are quite average, nothing mind-lowing. The play is still giving me the “been there done that” feeling a little too often. I was hoping that the relationship between Kiran and her father will be one that we will remember for a long time but Behroze Sabzwari’s role seems minimal. I feel that he is being wasted in this role; he is capable of doing so much more. Quite interestingly Kiran’s father wants to marry Kiran to Adnan but her mother isn’t very happy with the idea.

In short there was a great deal of talk about marriage proposals and issues relating to marriage in this latest episode. It seems like Arzoo and Kiran’s friendship is over, which is sad! Like always the nok jhok between the sisters added a very real touch to the drama. Overall, this was definitely a very well directed episode. The male leads in the play, Hassan Niazi and Fahad Mustafa both seem to be the weakest link till now.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Nice review for a recycled story. Actually I watch Kanker so I can enjoy the review so thanks Fatima.

    • That is very sweet of you Farah:) Thank you so much for following the reviews. I agree with you there, nothing new about the story yet but its getting slightly interesting, more like curiosity to find out what will happen next – definitely not a must-watch of course.

  • nice review Fatima…… i'm trying very hard but kankar is not appealing me at all. it seems like all the umera's stories i've read or seen were blended together n the product is kankar. nothing new or appealing, sister nok jhonk from ZGH, class differences from MU, ghareeb larki ameer larka from ZGH n daam, gud father-daughter relationship from DeS, cousins n rishta stuff from MU…… i need to know something something something really NEW about it. if someone finds any, please mention so that i can appreciate.

    • Aish I agree with you completely, it reminds me so much of ZGH at this point. Rich guy in love with a middle class lurki for God knows what reason and all the opposition from the family and the criticism is a bit too familiar. Haye if it was a father-daughter relationship like DeS, I may not have had issues with it but its not. Yes, we all need something new. Did you watch Talkhiyaan? All the episodes are available on DOL, I think you should watch that, it is depressing but very well executed.

      • havent seen talkhiyaan yet. i will be watching it in a couple of days. many people recomended it so expectations are very high already… :)

  • n to all the mothers out there who think clever middle class girls trap and use their sons as means of improving their status and class, sorry aunties but just forget about clever girls for a moment and think about all the tarbiyat and wisdom and values you gave to your sons. was it all that weak and shallow that a 'kal ki bachi' came with lehrata aanchal n qaatil muskurahat and your 'innocent baby' forgot all what you taught him for like good 20-25 years????

  • nice review as always, umera ahmed official page said the drama is based on short story "abhi to maat baaqi hai", but that story is started from third episode and many other characters not in original story are added, so it seems to mix these additional characters in the story ingredients from different past dramas are added in this drama too, like ZGH, DeS, Daam, MuU and even MZZBN. Still the play appeals as dialogs of umera are mostly simple and appealing and also sanam baloch acting is a highlight of this drama, but Fahad dont need to wear that much makeup, he has done countless dramas in his natural look which are not bad at all.

    • sorry its "wohi dil key thehar jaanay ka mausam" not "abhi to maat baqi hai", abhi to maat baqi hai is on the corruption in army and off course a drama cannot be made against the holy cow our army.

    • It is always great to hear from you Rashid Nazir, yes I heard from a few people too that the story is based on a novel. Yes, I agree with you our male actors really should be more comfortable with their complexions and the lipstick and eye-shade is totally unnecessary.

  • Superbly done review!! :D
    Yes although Kankar yet has to offer that X-facor, but still I definitely do find it more appealing than the majority of the others being aired these days..so despite all the repetition not at all a time wastage for me :-)

    • Esha, thanks a lot for liking the review. I am glad you are enjoying the show, I am also hoping that the story will get more interesting in the upcoming episodes.

  • @FATIma you r right tht the story seems a lil repeated so far but what i think is tht the real plot of the story will be different…what has been shown till now , is what they say "essentials for making up a story"..
    i think that plot of the story will be around Domestic violence n the issues tht a women had to face when she lives with a "man with issues"…that might be the reason Fahad Mustafa is taken as he portray a psychotic person really well.
    that's just my prediction..lets wait n watch what happens in the real turn of events.

    • MJ-F yes I also heard from people who have read the novel on which the drama is based that it is a story about domestic violence. I am waiting to be pleasantly surprised:) Thanks a lot for reading the review and for sharing your thoughts.

        • MJ-F, It is based on Umera Ahmed's novel "Wohi Dil Ke Thehr Jane Ka Mausam", it is a short story. I have heard that the novel is available online on Umera Ahmed's official facebook page in the photos section. You can also google it and find out if it is available or not or if someone here knows please post the link, thanks.

  • Great review Fatima . Sekander's character is just not working for me … I have heard this story is not a romance so perhaps it is meant to be that way …? I am tired of seeing these Ziddi women characters rich or poor …insistin their children marry someone completely different from whom the child likes …are they really that common ? it really makes no sense .

    • Thank you Sadaf, Even if they are that common I am not sure I want to see them on-screen over and over again. This is another story of a rich brat who fell for a middle class lurki for God knows what reason!!

  • If I choose one person to write all my dramas and stories, then we get Kanker. Umera please please give us a break. I am against foriegn dramas but now I should watch something Turkish. Don't like Sikanders makeup and his acting.

    • Farah I don't mind watching dramas written by the same person as long as the ideas are new but that is not the case, sadly. I don't like Fahad's acting too but lets hope that the central idea of the story will be different and most importantly it will be executed nicely.

  • Common on guys wait. Only four went on air. We will find soon why Sikandar love Kiran. Story just start.

  • Salam.
    It is always very interesting to read your reviews Fatima, even I don't find time to see the drama (lol). But as far as I have grasped, this play/drama doesn't seem to have the 'bling' other super-hit dramas had; no high-profile cast, nor a distinctive story. But some scenes as I know are carrying the drama forward, as they're very comical. But other than that, I think this this drama has been a flop until now. I can't see why people (including my younger sister) are attracted o it on the first-place. :) Anyways, it was my opinion — not an experienced outlook! :D

    • Urva thank you so much for sharing your opinion with us. I am glad that there are people who are enjoying the show, it may click with you at some point too since your sister watches it. I would lOve to hear from you more often, don't be a stranger now:)

      • That was nice of you to say. I do hope that this drama clicks me at some time. :) . :)

  • Hey fatima thanks for the review.What i like about kankar is some beautiful and true to life scenes.This episode also had one,the morning scene between kiran and her mom.It has to be my fav.A girl enjoys so much freedom at her mothers home.The scoldings and taunts nothing matter as if kise suna rahe hai pata nahi.No worries,no tensions.A golden period for a girl indeed at her parents home.Sigh!!!

  • Umera's in her Recent interview in an Urdu mag :

    *Ques: Digest main likhne waali khawateen bohat ziada likhti hain, ek likhne wali khatoon keh 3 ya 4 dramas be'yak wakt chal rahe hote hain…toh kia isse acha aur mi'aari drama likha ja skta he?

    Umera:Main khud bohat ziada likhana pasand nahi kerti aur yeh tasleem kerti hoon keh jo log bohat ziada likhte hain woh ek khas hadd se neeche aa jate hain. jis se majmo'ee tor per drama keh me'aar ko nuksan pohanchta he..8 SAAL MAIN AGAR MAINE 20 DRAMAS LIKHE HAIN TO ISKA MATLAB HE KEH MENE SAAL MAIN 2 YA KABHI 3 DRAMAS HI LIKHE HAIN…..
    here is the link : http://epaper.jehanpakistan.com/E-Paper/khi/10061
    BTW according to UA official page : "Umera have already quit scriptwriting and you will be reading her work more oftenly now"……………to woh saare log jo dunya jahan keh saare dramas chor ker SIRF UA k dramas dekhte hain phir kehte hain "Umera please give us a break" khush ho jain…..

  • Thanks fatima…btw i didnt watche a single epi till date but still i just love reading ur reviews….i agree wid u as i also fibd it a little boring….i m waitng for a new fawad mustafa's drama…
    So i just want to make a request that plz put ur review for the show DIL E MUZTAR….it is ,infact ,maybe jst for me, best show running on hum tv..(otherz are gud too

  • story itne maze ki nh but i m watching this drama just becz of SANAM Baloch.i love sanam baloch

  • @maria..thnx for the info dear but ot will be very nice if u gimme the link or the full name of that site…

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