Kankar Episode 7 – Faiqa’s Plan Backfires!

The turn of events in today’s episode was totally unexpected. Faiqa’s plan completely backfired, even after all her “efforts” to ensure that Kiran does not get married to Sikandar, the result was quite contrary to her expectations. Faiqa did her homework well no doubt but she was obviously not expecting Sikandar’s parents to go to Kiran’s house with the proposal for a second time. Jamal’s decision to accept the proposal was a consequence of Irim’s enagemnts breaking off and Faiqa’s direct involvement in the whole issue. That of course was not the sole reason because of which Jamal accepted the proposal; he also feels that Sikandar will prove to be a good husband. Ayesha’s fears that Faiqa and Shaista haven’t expected Kiran as Sikandar’s wife and that would create problems for her daughter may just be prove to be true very soon.


The addition of Kiran’s friend in the drama is definitely a good one; she is the voice of reason. I totally agree with her; Kiran is not duty bound to please Arzoo or anyone else after everything that has transpired between the two families. Her advice to Kiran was spot on; Kiran really should think about what her parents want now and stop trying to please Arzoo because that may just prove to be an impossible feat.

Sikandar takes a U turn once the marriage is finalized which goes to show that to him his happiness comes before everything else. I must add here that I really like Sikandar’s father’s character; he is a very wise and fair person. I also really like Kamal’s character; he has a very high opinion of his brother despite of everything that his wife may say and is also very sensible. Both the women on the other hand are complete opposites! I couldn’t but wonder though that why did Jamal have such a low opinion of his brother. The things he said about him in the first episode went to show that for some reason he did not like him at all.

Adnan does not protest the way Sikandar does; for him his family comes before his own wishes. Rukhsar will obviously feel partially responsible for what has happened since she was the one who wouldn’t let her mother go to Kiran’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. I really enjoyed the scene in which Rukhsar gives Faiqa a piece of hee mind and Faiqa listens so patiently. The only reason she listened to Rukhsar’s rants was because she was very focused on convincing her mother!

The preview for the next episode showed that Sikandar and Kiran will finally meet face to face first time after the engagement, Sikandar asks Kiran directly if she is happy with the engagement or not – what will be Kiran’s answer? Whatever it may be I guess we all know by now that it won’t change Sikandar’s mind at all. Faiqa and her husband continuously argued all through tonight’s episode; how did they manage to stay together for all these years?


Tonight’s episode was very well directed like always. The story has finally picked up pace and I even enjoyed all the conversations today. All the scenes were short and to the point. The aftermath of Irim’s engagement breaking off wasn’t overdone and we didn’t see Kiran crying all the time either. I have to say that Aabis Raza has put in his heart and soul to direct this project and it shows, it is nothing like few of the other plays I had previously watched which were directed by him. All the actors seem very comfortable in their respective roles and unlike I have absolutely no complaints now as far as the acting is concerned. I am definitely looking forward to the next installment.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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  • yes todays episode have all the ingredients of successful recipe, and quite much progress happened in this episode. A well mentioned point, it seems to be first play of Aabis Raza where his skill is on top, otherwise his previous production like Zard Mausam failed to impress due to utter slow pace of story. In this episode human behaviors like jealousy of Faiqa, compromise and sacrifice of a brother and son Adnan for her family, love and affection in the sisters of Kiran and her sisters are portrayed very well. It is somewhat uniqueness of umera script, that not only main characters but relationships of these characters are also shown and discussed.

    • Yes, it seems like Aabis Raza has really brushed up his skills and Hum TV is giving him bigger projects now, Kadurat has also been directed by him and it looks quite intense. Your observations are spot on, thank you so much for adding to the review.

  • Hi Fatima how are you? Great review ! Getting better , I was thinking about you today.saw Malala at Un sending the excellent message to young girls about education , very brave girl,god bless her. Was very emotional for me to listen to her. I hope you donot mind writing about Malala. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

    • Hi Ranjan, i am fine, how are you? of course not, i don't mind at all. Yes Malala's speech was very emotional and her bravery is very inspiring.

  • Nice review fatma, tells me the complete story. prefer to read your reviews but won't watch this drama-specially after AunnZara. People seem to be getting used to Kanker it just like we are used to load shedding.

    • Farah thank you for following the reviews even though you don't like the show. Yes, Aunn Zara is something special for sure, I am really enjoying it too.

  • As in previous weeks, an excellent review put up by you! :)
    This week's episode was engaging and gladly, not as slow as it seemed from the few initial installments. The characters are real, which makes you glued on to the screen. The acting was beautiful and natural, from all characters!
    Hoping to see Kiran and Sikander develop a good bond soon.

    • Thank you so much Esha, your encouraging words mean a lot to me, you are always so positive. Yes, really looking forward to finding out where the story goes from here. I am especially looking forward to the meeting between Kiran and Sikandar in the next episode:)

  • hi Fatima..i love your reviews and articles……kankar has a powerful story….well its a mixture of humsafar and zindagi gulzar hai..

    • Its different from Humsafar and Zindagi gulzar hai. I really like Kankar and it has a powerful story

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