Mere Humrahi Episode 5 – The Wedding!

So the wedding finally happened this week. That was sure a long wait for the viewers who had been waiting for the wedding since the past 4 episodes. Once again I found the episode a bit dragged with the whole wedding and the never ending rituals.

photo(11)Till the last minute, Haaniyah was waiting for Ahad to come back. She might have agreed to marry Ahmed, but she is not going to forget Ahad anytime soon. It is going to take a long time for her to adjust to this new situation. Ahmed and Haaniyah both were feeling awkward in each other’s company as it was clearly seen during the wedding and in their bedroom later on. Though Ahmed did try to act normal but Haaniyah barely looked at him and tried her best to maintain distance. I personally would have preferred if they had shown some interaction between Ahmed and Haaniyah when Haaniyah was about to get married to Ahad. I was expecting the scene from the promo to be shown where Ahmed asks Haaniyah to find a bride for her, but the scene was most probably edited out. I could barely relate with their scenes because I did not know what equation they shared with each other before marriage.

photo(14)I was also expecting to see the ring scene from the promo, but that too was not shown. After seeing how uncomfortable Haaniyah was, Ahmed decided not to give her the wedding ring just now. I hope he gives her the ring in the future when Haaniyah has come to terms with the situation.

They also showed people’s reaction when they saw Ahmed in place of Ahad on the stage and the two families reluctance to answer their questions. I am glad they showed these scenes because it would have been completely illogical for people not to notice such a big change. That would have been a huge loophole in the story.

photo(10)There were two scenes which I really liked in this episode. First was the one in which Ahmed gives Haaniyah his hand to help her out of the car. The second was the one in which he feed her kheer to do the rasam. Soniya Hussain did not have many dialogues in this episode but she still managed to convey her feelings well through her expressions in some scenes. In other scenes, she had that stoned expression with the resigned look on her face. She looked absolutely lovely in the wedding dress she had adorned. Even Fahad Mustafa did a wonderful job as Ahmed, his expressions during the whole wedding and then later was spot on.

photo(13)It is going to be interesting to watch how Ahmed and Haaniyah both adjust to the new situation and what will be Haaniyah’s reaction once Ahad comes back in the house. We will see him returning back to the house very soon.  We can expect some violent reaction from him after seeing Haaniyah as his brother’s wife.

They really need to progress the story now! It took 4 episodes for one day to finish; I hope we do not have to wait another four weeks for the next day to get over. The story has a lot of potential and from the spoilers I have seen so far, there are a lot of interesting sequences coming up in the show. I hope our patience would be rewarded soon and we would see some progress in the storyline.

Do share your views about the episode!

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Mariam Shafiq



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  • Finally one day is passed, and Shaadi Khaana Baadi is done. As you said the story has potential, it definitely has great potential.
    The show has a filmi touch which is not bad, in this episode I think they shown too much “rona dhona” of Haaniyah. There were also continuity issues, like when Haaniyah was at home her makeup and lipstick were different, when she reached wedding hall her makeup was different, hair style of haaniyah mother was different at home, and changed in wedding hall. These small issues are normally taken care by co-director, but still on the whole its a nice show.
    Khalid Malik (Brother of Haaniyah) is wearing too much big frame glasses, and when his face is focused, the frame of glasses looks even more bigger. Seeing Mahira Abbasi (Haaniyah Bhabhi) after a long time, she used to be bit healthier and fresh before but in this drama she just look a bit off color.

    • Thanks for commenting Rashid!

      Oh yes, these issues are very common in every other drama. They are quite noticeable and the creatives need to pay attention to these minor details.

      I am not liking Mahira Abbasi at all. She needs to work on her acting. And plus her character is so very annoying! She doesn’t look fresh anymore, she is so overloaded with makeup in all her scenes.

      I did not pay much attention to Khalid Malik’s glasses, but now come to think of it you are right. :)

  • Mariam Lol @ “I hope we do not have to wait another four weeks for the next day to get over.” …. :D the pace of drama really irritates me… i watch it in bits… still i understand easily what happened in the whole episode… :p agree with u guys about the filmy touch in the drama… chlo it is different from other dramas in this way :D …. No hopes that the story will move on quickly in future episodes…

    • Thanks for commenting Silver eyes.

      Yes, the pace really needs to pick up. Some scenes are dragged to the limit.
      Lol, even i am liking the filmi touch.. Makes it more interesting to watch :)

      Hehe, but we can expect some good scenes between Ahmed and Haaniyah now.

  • Finally, i can acess this page.. Phew..

    I just want to kick Haniyaah.. She is still calling out ofr that stupid Ahad?? I mean does she not realize what he has done with her? “Us ko to Ahmed kai qadmun mai gir kar umar bhar wafa ka wada karna chaiyhe” And instead she is trying to be as far away from his possible..

    PS: Is it just me or you guyz think as well that Shehzad needs to upgrade his skills??

    • Well Amna, if Haniyaah accepts Ahmed the very first day, then the drama will end right away what charm will left in it. They will show gradually Haniyaah will accept Ahmed as her life partner, afterall they have to complete time for 16-20 episodes.

      On Shahazad acting, yes shahzad has serious issues with his expression , infact soniya hussain also overdone her roles a bit so far in the serials she has appeared

      • Ya the 20+ episodes are a major issue..

        ya, i guess without this, the drama cannot progress.. Lets see how the story unfolds

    • Sorry for the inconvenience guys! This website is facing some technical issues which would be resolved in a few days. Thanks for being so patient!

      “Us ko to Ahmed kai qadmun mai gir kar umar bhar wafa ka wada karna chaiyhe”
      LOL Amna! It will take her some time to adjust but she will eventually. Her chant of Ahad is seriously very annoying!

      Oh yes, he needs to! He needs to work on his expressions! He has the same expression everytime.

        • We will see the gradual change in her in the upcoming episode. You can expect some awkwardish cute scenes between Haaniyah and Ahmed now. :)

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