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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 02

This episode did not give out much except a few points to ponder over. A few things were done nicely but a bit of the dialogues seemed repetitive. The actors have worked out really well but seems like there is still something missing which is not coming across to us.

First off, I should say, the background sound effect in each one of Narmeen’s scene was absolutely annoying. They don’t have to make it so ‘sansani-khez’ whenever Narmeen’s on the screen. Ohkay, she is the bad girl, we are getting the point loud & clear. So, they don’t need to make it a bit more louder by resorting to such sounds. Narmeen & her mother, both are actually sorry excuses of human beings. Narmeen, for sure has some issues but her mother is adding fuel to the fire. Even though, she has married her daughter in the family of her own brother, she is actually giving her tips to destroy their household.

Apparently & even actually Areeba seems like a real nice person but her repetitive questions & probing doesn’t do good to her character. As told, she happens to be their childhood friend but it was a bit odd that she didn’t know that Arham & Narmeen have been in some sort of a relationship before. She kept on saying that she wasn’t interested in knowing what was going on but her timely questions to Sara spoke the opposite. Areeba is totally oblivious of what has happened to Arham in the past, also the point was  made clear by Sara when she said my parents love when you come to stay with us, followed by Areeba’s statement that I have come to stay at your home in the past too but never felt so uneasy before. Having said all this, I still don’t get how she can be unaware of Arham’s behavior. I feel there has been some sort of a miscalculation in the direction where the things kept on being repetitive & didn’t seem to move forward.

Narmeen just stays in her room as Shahiq said but I really don’t get how does she get the time to sneak out & actually torture Arham? I feel being in a family full of people, one can’t do it. This was a bit, which to me, looked unreal. Where she is just always annoyed & stays in seclusion manages to go out & pinch Arham every now & then. Where everyone is attentive towards Arham, it looks unreal that Narmeen can actually taunt him openly. What made her look more artificial was her sudden change of hair-styles. Aisha Khan has crossed her sweet 20’s so I guess she should stick to the get-ups that compliment her age. Those girly accessories, braids & kurtas seemed off her character. She is a married lady in the drama so it would’ve saved her a hassle looking like a married woman, in stead of trying to pull off the look which doesn’t suit her age nor her character.

Shahiq seems least bothered about Narmeen & he isn’t even trying. Even when he does, he knows Narmeen is not going to be happy so he just goes with the flow. I feel he will eventually be a person who would be able to maintain a balance between his wife & his family. Narmeen mentions that she loves Shahiq but another interesting fact was how she was being suspicious of Areeba & Shahiq. Which gave me an insight into her character where she must’ve done this all with Arham before like she mentioned to her mother ‘ghar mai pehle bhi aisa ho chuka hai aur abb phir Areeba ko rakh liya’.

Of all the things, I loved the conversation Sara & Arham had. Arham was apologetic of his sudden outburst but what made it more nice was when he himself knew what the problem was. He hates being guilty when he knows he is not but just because his family thinks he is, he is ready to surrender. Another dimension of Arham’s situation was revealed that in the past when he was on talking terms with Narmeen, he was religious & was trying to be a practicing Muslim. Where Narmeen showed absolute disagreement to his choices, Arham was determined at what he chose. I feel this aspect would’ve been the one which drove Narmeen against Arham. Narmeen must have tried to spoil his faith because he kept it as his priority even before her, for which she must’ve conspired something horrendous.

I do look forward to the next episode but on the other hand I wish they reveal what has happened in the past, now. A little more drag will definitely won’t be needed because they have set the plot nicely where everyone’s looking forward to know what actually happened.

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