Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 04.

So things have started to shape up a bit in the drama. Story is progressing but there were some of those moments where connecting the dots seemed difficult. Was it a flaw in the direction or bad editing – some scenes just didn’t go with the flow in the revelation of the story.

Arham has actually started to open up in front of Areeba & he is showing interest in her. That was in fact shown nicely that Arham felt degraded at the mention of the word sympathy where he himself expected it to be love. He uttered to himself that he has failed in love before but didn’t want it to happen again, which eventually will now. Everyone has become quite vocal about Arham & Areeba. Areeba’s never ending questions about Arham & her insightful conversations with Arham have been noticed by the whole family. Sara is taking her pride in being the first one to speak openly about Areeba’s feelings towards Arham. It was such a white lie where Areeba claims to only have the emotional sympathy with him instead of letting her friend know what her true feelings were. I think it was a bit odd that knowing Narmeen & her attitude, Areeba still asked her about the tiff between her & Arham.

Where Shahiq himself is conscious of Narmeen’s meaningless displays of public affections, he on the other hand is also trying for his marriage to work out with Narmeen. He was all furious at what she did in front of Arham & his parents but still he managed to tell how much he missed her. Where Shahiq is coming to terms with the fact that he is married to Narmeen & he is trying his best to accept her as his wife, Narmeen, by all means is perfectly pushing all the wrong buttons to disappoint him.

Even though when Narmeen knew how shallow her relation was with her Mamu & his family, why did she get married to her cousin in the first place? She knew that she almost hates them all, so why destroy the peace of their family? I really couldn’t get why she stepped back when Shakeel tried to bless his Bahu? It is kind of annoying to see Narmeen blowing every single thing out of proportion.

What I couldn’t quite get was that at one point Arham leaves the house at the mention of Areeba’s sympathy with him but on the other hand Shahiq & Narmeen are seen discussing their wedding? Parents, who have never made it obvious & are unaware of the growing feelings between them, Shahiq mentions that Areeba is quite happy with the proposal? I really didn’t get how did the situation surface without any sound background?

Arham & Areeba still have to patch things up but Narmeen actually has left the house because of their discussion on their wedding? I feel this was quite a flaw in either the direction or the editing. Where Areeba herself has not even admitted to anyone that she likes Arham, Shahiq made such a statement about her being happy with the idea of their wedding? Where did it come from? & even when nothing has actually happened, Narmeen found her ways to voice her opinions about their relation. I think what Shahiq did was absolutely right because Narmeen did cross her limits. Where Shahiq on his own is happy about Areeba being Arham’s wife, Narmeen has accused him of his hidden ulterior motive of having Areeba around him.

The episode was a bit interesting but there were some loop-holes which were quite clear. Arham once again didn’t forget to mention k ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai’ & I was like ohkay bhai jaan, we get your point, can we move ahead? & I don’t really understand the use of the word Khuda where as the only word suitable for our Almighty is Allah! For the sake of the drama, the title fits well but in the dialogues I guess the lesser or no use of this word would be perfect.

The preview of the next episode was interesting as well & what seemed more interesting was a lie that Narmeen’s mother uttered about Shahiq hitting his wife. I really want to see what happens next because despite some flaws I am interested in knowing how the things will unfold.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • Great analysis.

    Although I like the set up of the show and am dying to know what the great secret is…I can’t help focus on the flaws.

    I was completely confused with how they went from the fight between Arham and Areba to the other two discussing their wedding? I thought I missed something and went back to watch on the internet. So after Sharhiq throws Narmeen out of the bedroom they go back to Arham as if he has just come out into the garden after his fight with Areba….the continuity did not work at all…it’s as if they forgot to include a few scenes.

    2nd thing I don’t like is the way Ahsan delivers his lines. I get he is angry but does he need to screech like a little girl? I also am having a hard time accepting the actress that plays Areba, her acting leaves a lot to be desired. Now it could be because I don’t like the character. She is a guest in her friend’s house and she is all preachy judgemental and nosy. There are times when I want to scream at her … leave it alone and leave him alone it is not your business!

    So why did I watch the episode and why will I watch the next one? I want to know the secret!!!! Just tell me and I will be out of here!

    • Thank you so much ShellJA. Even I agree that the main strong point of the drama is the hidden truth. I guess this is the reason they have delayed it just so much so that the viewers keep on coming back for it but end up watching the whole serial. 4 episodes & still no sign of the main point is a bit too dragging.

      Even I couldn’t get hold of the transition between those two scenes where Arham is just crying & on the other hand Shahiq mentions that Areeba is happy with the proposal??? I was like COME AGAIN! I really don’t get how can the whole team behind the camera make such a huge mistake or just do the scenes without any thinking? & their conversation came out of just NO where, I guess that scene would’ve suited best for episode 5 right after they had set some basis of their wedding. Parents involve hue nahi, rishta pakka hua nahi, Areeba Arham ne feelings confess aur admit ki nahi but Narmeen ne ghar hi chorh diya???

      Areeba is being a bit too much plus on one hand Sarah doesn’t let go off the secret in front of her friend but on the other Shakeel; in the presence of Areeba, at the dinning table speaks negatively about Arham. I mean if they don’t want Areeba to know then they should’nt be speaking subliminally in front of her too. Areeba mentions she thinks it’s her responsibility to take care of the family but HELLO! I don’t see her taking care of anyone else except Arham & yeah she is giving those headaches to Sara (poor soul) by her continuous cross questioning! LOL!

  • Wat a detailed review Zahra…Agree with you.. alot of loopholes in the drama… plus the scenes from past looks like something happening now… it takes a minute or two to distinguish that this is from the past… !! :D Keep writing

    • Thank you so much SE. I saw this transmission in which they spoke so highly about this drama. They way actors praised the director, I thought I was in for something amazing but I am sorely disappointed.

      There’s a very immature feel to the whole drama which I didn’t expect from such an experienced director. Hope we don’t see more of such loop holes & the drama improves. :D

  • Areeba is getting more annoying and nosy with every passing episode; her sermons are putting me to sleep! The play has a good cast and the picture quality is great but like you mentioned the direction is not impressive at all, which kills half of the fun. I am watching it out of sheer curiosity as well, lets see for how long!

    • I swear, being an outsider, she looks really odd poking her nose into Arham’s life & matter plus one thing is really funny that even though Arham yells at her, She Just Doesn’t Get The POINT!!!

      Plus I hope she fixes her makeup a tinsy bit, her grey foundation doesn’t do justice to her face. :|

      • I agree with you ladies, Areba is the main lead with Arham and I feel no sympathy or connection of any sort with her. It is really hard to feel what she feels and like her when she is so annoying. I think it has to do with the way the actress plays her with a stone face. I have not liked the character of a lead before but if the actress plays it well you kind of appreciate what is happening on scream but there is nothing here.

        it’s too bad.

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