Unseen Beautiful Pictures of Karan Johar’s Kids

It was just a few days back that Karan Johar celebrated the birthday of his twins children Roohi and Yash who were born to Karan through surrogacy in 2017. The birth of these two beautiful souls was a new opening of happiness in Karan’s life who felt that being a father is the best feeling of the world. From the world outside, almost all his friends and family supported him in the decision he took and love Roohi and Yash like anything in the world.

Karan has often seen sharing pictures of his children on Instagram and do update his fans and followers over the progress of the kids as being the centre of all his attention.  He do talk about them all with his heart in different interviews and it was in an interview with Aarbaz Khan where he did share his thought about people asking that his children look more like foreigners and do not resemble him or his family. Here is what he said to that:


” I don’t want to get into the details but I feel like these people have a lot of free time to sit and stare and zoom into my children’s ears, nose, hairs, and sit and comment on them. I mean it’s okay if one of them says how will you give the love of mother and father. I mean its the new age of life. How do they know I don’t have a mother and a father in me, where I can get my child the love of both parents.”


Roohi and Yash are surely amazing as kids and are loved by all the celebrities whether it be Sidharth, Varun, Kareena or Shahrukh. Here are a few unseen and lovely pictures of the kids, have a look!


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