Another Couple Got Married At The Age Of 19

Another Pakistani couple got married at the age of 19. This is a good thing to hear that the upcoming generation is trying to follow Sunnah. Instead of wasting each other’s life by being in a time-pass relationship, they are getting married to live a halal relation. 


After Asad and Nimra, another young couple gave an interview telling their love story and how they got married. Ahmar fell in love with Hunza at his cousin’s wedding. He then tried to approach her to talk about his feelings. Ahmar, being a smart boy, involved his family and offered a marriage proposal to Hunza. 


Hunza completed her A levels while Ahmar recently finished his FA. Their family supported them, and they ended up with a married couple. Many youngsters meet new people, get attracted to them, start dating, and then get involved in a haram relationship. 

Hunza Ahmar

Hunza and Ahmar have this special message for all the viewers ”If you truly love someone, marry them!” Marriage will save you from the mistakes that you will regret in the future. 


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  • They will soon regret this decision. Marriage is a life long commitment not for legitimizing physical (haram) relationships.

    • Why would they regret and how could you say that they or anyone who marry early is legitimizing jst for sex feminism is good but not everytime sis

  • Is finishing education not a priority, they will lived with the parents,he will go to school,be a father ,the girl will stopped education to raised the kids ! Is this not a problem ,that the parents not seeing ?

    • That’s about thinking for people like you marriage is about having child what if they both go to same School and college and gets grey together…never think positive… hat’s off to you..

      • I think you live in lalaland! How is this possible that two people as young as these are married and are so self restrained that avoid physical relations with each other to avoid conception. At this young age unless the parents are backing the kids they are not at all in a capacity to support leading a affordable living in today’s inflationary period.

  • How is the boy going to support his family?This has nothing to do with sunnah . In Islam you are supposed to get married when you have the financial means to raise a family. This boy is only going to create a burden for his parents. Not to mention that taking care of children requires maturity and patience. It’s never advisable to have a family at such a young age . Please don’t associate such reckless behaviour with Islam

    • actually early marriage is liked in islam to save the youngsters from haram relationships .if the parents are supportive the couple can carry on their education and work for a independent future.

    • Agreed 100%———nikaha is not a joke——aaj Acha laga/lgi —— shadi kr lo ——-phir Kuch reh lo tang aa jao to bye ——- immature minds need counselling ——parents must play a sensible mature role instead of doing according to their kids will

  • may Allah swt put baraka in their marriage. a very good gesture if both side parents support this can work out well .in shaAllah.

  • Yar shaadi krnay main itnay obligations, ab agar chuo kr date martay to kia wo theek hota? Bajaye hum dua karain unki khush haali or kamiyabi ki, ulta us par etiraaz!!! Agar Islam k ilawa maashray ja reference dete to shayad modern lagta……
    Wese bhi zaruri nh k auladain hi hojain, main maqsad zina say bachna hai… aaj kal to number mangay jatay hain janab, rishta to burha honay say 4 saal pehlay manga jata hai unfortunately!

  • Han oltay kam kartay raho chup k.. Pharhae zyada zarori hai.. Logo ko haq kam pe takleef our jaiz bat pe takleef hoti hai aj kal. Aysay lagta hai Ka kharcha in sab ne otbana hai. Pathetic people..

  • Getting married so young may earn you laurels of following Quran and Sunnah; but do you realize the family setup then and till late among many Muslim nations was different and accomodative . Havelis and abodes would be inherited from forefathers, crops were grown in the combined fields and food was prepared in common kitchens. While on the one hand it did not create chaos for feeding one or many more mouths, it was also comfortable to adjust and adopt and adorn the new page of life as it would not be different from what the newcomer had left behind. The boy of course would have to change little except enjoy a company of a wife, not be bothered about education and service rather join the men working in the fields or any other setup , say a jinning mill or sugar factory where manual labor and not mental efforts were required.
    The girls on the other hand have turned out very confident but lack lustrous. They abhor cooking, like sleeping, shirk all types of toil and even when they are served in bed turn out unhappy at the sight of the in-laws and very miserable situations crop up. They may end up with the girl landing at her parents or a complete breakup. Everything going fast forward and creating misery all around. As we say
    جتنی ہے عمر چھوٹی، اتنی ہے عقل چھوٹی
    چاہو اگر بڑائئ، کہنا بڑوں کا مانو ۔
    So, what else can be the solution to a more peaceful and fruitful transition through the teens into a cultivated future where every member of the society is a responsible and aspiring adult, the Shaheen of Allama Iqbal who has innumerable, incermountable peaks in front of him and thus he has not much time to think, talk or get into any indecency or intolerable behavior .
    Male, female attraction or the luster or lack luster at such a young age in the present age is not what should be advocated by the maestros of piety and purity. Please advocate the achievements of good education, innovation, industriousness, spiritual and mental and moral and material specialization. Be skilled. Be hands on. Be an engineer, be a doctor, be a scientist, be a teacher, be a torchbearer. Be a professional.
    Just imagine if all weddings start taking place at nineteen, twenty who will then join the universities? We would have no professionals. By twenty, twentyone the couples would be parents, by thirty eight (38) they could start getting their children married and by forty, forty one they would be grandparents. Many, many more mouths to feed and no proper professionalism at anything! So we would be a hand-to-mouth society, contributing nothing to society except manual labor which could be utilized inland or be exported. Like exporting raw material doesn’t pay as a finished product should; exporting unskilled man power as compared to professional services is very disrespectful , while promoting professionals earns foreign exchange as well as laurels.
    Please promote lofty ideals in the minds of your children. Make them career oriented, goal oriented, achievers and not deceivers. Don’t allow them timeto think of love or pornography or marriage or any other sort of errands which cause wastage of time and energy, takes you nowhere except a wife who may soon get disgruntled and leave. Marriage should not be the means to the end; rather it should be at the end of other achievements and bring pleasure intolerable life when you have toiled towards it and enabled yourself to a healthy, balanced, satisfying family life. Please do not advocate early marriages. What will be their survival rate? What would be their future? A mind that doesn’t go beyond love and marriage or unhealthy relationships would not be able to maintain balance and think into the future prospects and prosperity of his family. Chances are they can further go astray.

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