Zidd – Episode 06!

Hmmmm, in my opinion this episode failed to deliver completely. I now feel that the main leads have nothing much to offer that’s why the supporting cast is getting a lot more coverage than required. It was a completely filler sort of an episode with just a few bits & bobs that were revealed about all the characters.

So, seems like Saman has not come to terms with the betrayal yet. At the moment she is just wandering not only in the streets but in her life too. She has lost that drive, that motivation that she had & right now she is just completely depressed but knows that no one has ever been able to understand her, therefore, she is just keeping it to herself. On the other hand, Omar is trying really hard to make this marriage work & bring Saman back to normal but I don’t know if his constant reminders about his first marriage & Saman’s engagements are going to help at all? I just don’t understand why every conversation they have ends at a mention of their previous relationships? I didn’t quite understand what Omar was trying to imply by telling Saman that he hasn’t questioned her for being ‘engaged’ twice before & how much she was into those relations? I really think their track has become stagnant for now & isn’t offering much, plus I also have a feeling that it’s going to be like that because I don’t see anything coming either. As per my assumption; all there’s left in this track is for Saman to fall completely in loveee with her husband & ta-da, that’ll be the end.

I have always found Nousheen Shah a very effortless actor but somehow I feel she pushed herself too hard this time. May be this was her very first appearance in this drama, that’s why she was made to make it loud & in-your-face but it just didn’t deliver at all. She has wrecked her life, she hasn’t completed her degree & is jobless but I must say, for a jobless student, she does live in a fancy apartment. I think she’s up for no good & will somehow involve Saman in her life but it’s too early to be assuming things about her character, so I am ready to see what her story has to offer. For now, all I got to understand about her is that she doesn’t know how sugarcoat things & she is quite blunt as well.

I felt that the whole Pakistani student thing was very much forced in this episode. There were almost 3 – 4 conversations about him but the funny part is, his name wasn’t mentioned at all, so yes, I found the whole gumnaam student bit very boring because it just didn’t think he contributed to this episode at all except for dragging it to say the least. I must say, this is the very first time I’m getting to watch Rabab Hashim perform & I must say she has a bright future ahead because as it may seem; acting comes very naturally to her. I find her acting, her character & her aura very impressive.

So, it was Saman’s birthday but she chose to spend it with a random chummy guy who even photographed her & she didn’t seem to mind at all but she was seen awkward around her husband. Yes, I do understand that the sense of betrayal has knocked her down but we were made to believe that Saman knows how to troubleshoot things in her life, so why isn’t she at least trying to pick up the pieces & move on? Yes, headstrong people can be emotional, they can be weak too but it would be much appreciated if she takes control of the situation rather than roaming around aimlessly.

The preview suggested that we’re once again going to see a lot of drama happening in the supporting characters’ lives but I have a feeling that Saman will somehow connect to all of them because she has nothing much to do in her personal life. I think she will bond well with Qasim Uncle & I am interesting to see that because I like his character a lot & I think he will guide Saman, inspire her & will become a father figure for her, which’ll be great.

On a random note, it looks like all these ladies were made to do their makeup themselves & they’ve done a pretty hideous job there because no matter how novice a makeup artist is, they’d never make such mistakes in the makeup. Their foundations (except Nousheen’s) aren’t matching their skin-tones & they do need quite a bit of concealing which is completely missing from their faces. Anyways, share your thoughts about this episode please.

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