Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 9 – Going Strong

Zaroon I pity your thinking and you deserved every word of the insult that came your way today. Zaroon is a very chota admi for sure and he proved it today. That was one conversation which Kashaf should not have overheard, I really felt for her since she joined the university to study so that she could help her mother out of her misery but because of his own petty reasons a spoiled rich boy decided to take Kashaf up as a challenge and that just made things even more difficult for her. Kashaf totally won me over today, she was absolutely right about Zaroon and I am even happier now that she did not give into Zaroon’s charm. Zaroon has met his match for sure, the one week deadline must be ending soon enough and Zaroon is nowhere near achieving his ‘objective’. Kashaf has an answer to all of Zaroon’s zggquestions and more. Zaroon was so right in comparing Kashaf to a jigsaw puzzle; he couldn’t have drawn a more apt analogy. Anyone who enjoys assembling jigsaw puzzles would know that a puzzle seems even more appealing when it is very complicated and once you put all the pieces together the satisfaction you feel is unmatchable. Kashaf is the most complicated girl (jigsaw puzzle) Zaroon has ever come across and he will do anything to put all the pieces together!

Zaroon completely lost my vote today and For once I have to say that I agree with what Asmara had to say about Zaroon, he is a hypocrite, he is not sure if he wants to get engaged to Asmara but at the same time he won’t tell her to go on with her life and get married if she wants to. Until the last episode I thought that Zaroon just needed to grow up but boy was I wrong or what! Zaroon needs to learn a few lessons about girls in particular in life and Kashaf is the one who will teach him all those lessons the way he should be taught! When Asmara asks Zaroon about inviting Kashaf to Sara’s wedding, he tries to change the topic by saying “Maria ko tu buk buk krne ki adat hai” before he tells her that he did invite Kashaf, another reason why Zaroon lost my vote today. He does not even have the guts to say yes I did invite her so what!

Fawad Khan was at his best when he was fuming after the confrontation and Sanam Saeed owned the confrontation scene; Kahshaf’s instant reaction when she overheard the conversation and the way she pushed Zaroon was absolute delight to watch, action packed and exciting. I ZGH3must give due credit to the director Sultana Siddiqui for doing a wonderful job of directing that scene in particular and the whole episode in general. And of course the scene could not have been so perfect and the story so interesting if it wasn’t written so well, so a very special thanks to Umera Ahmed for penning down another exciting play for us.

Osama constantly kept on reminding Zaroon that he was wrong and I could not help but wonder how he managed to be friends with Asmara and Zaroon for this long. He seems like a decent boy and not a spoiled rich brat with lots of money and no feeling like his friends. Osama you need to find yourself some good friends! Osama’s friendship with Asmara and Zaroon is somewhat the same as Maria’s friendship with Kashaf; two people who are entirely different from each other.

ZGH11Kashaf’s feelings after the incident were completely relatable. She is a girl who holds her self-respect dearer than anything else and even after trying so hard to earn herself a respectable position in the university, there is absolutely nothing she can do to change the thinking of men like Zaroon. What she does not understand is that what Zaroon said about her said more about him than about her. Kashaf is the sort of person who reacts first and thinks later and that is exactly what happened this time around too. She decided to leave the University but it only took her a couple of days to realize that her decision was wrong. Kashaf is all set to go back to the university with the same confidence and assurance, you go girl!

There were no Nigar/Murtaza scenes today so I am sure there are many happy viewers out there who did not miss these two one bit. There was however mention of Nigar and Murtaza and I am sure we can all live with that! Rafia finds out about Murtaza spending the money on the house and is rightly heart broken. Kashaf will do her mother proud one day and I am wating for that day impatiently.

Mansha Pasha deserves praise for doing full justice to her role as Sidra and like always Sidra proved to be a great listener. The scenes with the two sisters in them were perfect and are a very important part of very episode.

The precap suggests that things move forward quickly in the next episode and I am impatiently looking forward to the next installment. Today’s episode was engaging and exciting and I have a feeling that Zindagi Gulzar Hai will keep us looking forward to more.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • today's episode was nice including the fiery library scene but aftermath was not well depicted,one more thing when did sir abrar warned zaroon about being careful about kashaf,am i the only one who missed that?

    • Haseeb as far as I can recall Sir Ibrar asked Zaroon to stay out of Kashaf's way in one of the previous episodes. How do you think the aftermath should have been portrayed?

      • oh i missed that one then and after the wedding i.e. the scene where kashaf tells her sister that zaroon gave her the card of her sister's wedding and that the date has gone by,in very next scene we see sara and the mother just sitting in the house relaxed and having tea or coffee,doesn't digest……..even if she came home after wedding she'd have been better dressed…….and in the novel kashaf couldn't bear the insult,she kept crying for weeks and feared going back to college because of backlash from zaroon,kashaf just throwing her bag and sitting on the bed looking upset just doesn't convey the intensity

        • Haseeb actually most girls do not dress up that formal all the time after getting married, I have seen girls wearing everyday clothes right from day one and honestly speaking i like it better that way;) no more dressing up like mithai ka daba lol. Oh, that is how it was in the novel, you know I am glad Kashaf changed her mind quickly because that just goes to prove how brave she is and also makes more sense because if she would have stayed at home longer , her mother would have gotten suspicious. what do you think?

  • I jst love sanam saeed in todays episode she deserve a salute…..and by the last time maine tickers k baare me aapke review per complain kari thi agar aapko yaad ho and then humtv ki web per bhi ja ker feedback me complain kaari thi and today surprisingly i think 1 bhi ticker nahi chala during drama agar mene ghor se dekha hai drama……i am seriously amazed k unho ne sunli humari baat..so thanku humtv..and this is first time i agree to u fully warna hameesha koi na koi baat sahi nahi lagti thi aapki but today i agree to each and every word of urs..and i m happy k i was from always on kashaf's side and today zaroon showed it y we should hate him…..

    • Wow Aiman that is great to hear, see that is the power of public opinion:) I am sure a lot of people are very thankful to you. I am glad we agree , yes absolutely I am definitely on Kashaf's side.

  • very good review Fatima, enjoyed both the episode and ur review:) last time someone was complaining about Kashaf's rudness, so we see here k her reaction(that was a positive thing)was directly related to that side(rude) of her character, wow what a characterization. agree with u about direction, the best thing is that the originality of characters is not spoilt in turning this novel into play.

    • Thank you Mrs. Asim, Yes I agree what Zaroon said today went to prove that Kashaf was right about him all along:) I am really into the characters and enjoying the show. Fawad Khan and sanam Saeed both are doing a superb job.

  • Fatima so here i am :)
    loved your review…today acting was outclass.hats off to fawad and sanam. And you are very right and i was thinking the same about osama he is a decent guy…and has no match with his friends.
    I heart somedays back that ZGH got 6.42 trp for the last show..i wish it would break all the previous records.

    • Xadee thank you so much for taking time out and commenting, it really means a lot to me. I have a feeling that ZGH is going to do really well since we are so into the characters and the story. I hope it breaks all records too:)

  • Loved the passionate altercation in the library but other then that what's killing me is the painfully slow moving plot. There is no point stretching a story to 20+ épisodes when the material is not there! There was nô character building scene that showed us a new side to someone's personnality a new perspective! Many scenes were the rehatching of old ones!

  • Umm you forgot to mention how offensive it was that Zaroon kinda tried to slap Kashaf.Dont guys these days know that they are NOT supposed to hit/slap girls?? i mean hello? manners? some dramas are making this vile act 'acceptable'.

    • Zaroon is definitely no gentleman so that scene was totally in line with his character. He did not hit or slap her. Trust me there are unfortunately many men like him out there who would react like this. I think the scene was spot on and found nothing that was exaggerated or not in line with the character. I am against showing physical abuse against women too but I did not find anything wrong with this scene since there was no hitting!

      • Dude its not at all about being a gentleman!! okay fine he could have thrown things in rage but he was literally coming on to her as if she was a macho man.He barely knew her! God knows wht he would ve done to her had she been his wife!!
        And i think thats an act not to be condoned! It is abuse/PHYSICAL HARASSMENT !! DONT make it NO BIG DEAL because it really is!! all this leads to domestic violence!! at least they should ve made people aware that guys arent supposed to act that way .Cmon teach our educated-jahil people some manners through dramas or you for that matter through your reviews.Thanks for the reply though!

    • Dude its not at all about being a gentleman!! okay fine he could have thrown things in rage but he was literally coming on to her as if she was a macho man.He barely knew her! God knows wht he would ve done to her had she been his wife!!
      And i think thats an act not to be condoned! It is abuse/PHYSICAL HARASSMENT !! DONT make it NO BIG DEAL because it really is!! all this leads to domestic violence!! at least they should ve made people aware that guys arent supposed to act that way .Cmon teach our educated-jahil people some manners through dramas or you for that matter through your reviews.

  • Enjoyed this ep :) loved the library scene…both SS and FK were superb…Zaroon is sooo wrong in sooo many ways but FK, at his smoldering best, doesn't let me hate him.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the episode Afia and thank you so much for taking time out and commenting:) lol Zaroon was so mean today that even the FK charm did not let me be biased;) Fawad Khan is brilliant as Zaroon and i simply love SS too.

  • This whole episode revolved around the confrontation of Kashaf and Zaroon only. I think more stuff could have been added except this fight. I was expecting more harsh words from Kashaf for Zaroon and now I am expecting her to file a complaint against him with the management to teach him a lesson. One thing that I do not agree with the writer when Kashaf complains nature about being unfair with her. Why she does not see that she was on top of the merit list and also got scholarship? Wasn't it blessing if she does not think it was purely by her hard work?

    • AJQADIR thank you so much for commenting:) I am really enjoying Kashaf's character, I think it is very real. The story is about shikway se shikayat tuk ka safar so i guess it will take kashaf some time to appreciate the good things in her life, for now you must put up with the shikwas!

  • Well Fatima i'd like to say that this episode was excellent and your review was icing on the cake!!!!!! and as for Kashaf i'm glad that she stood up for herself and this action of hers will inspire a lot of girls to stand up for themselves and how can i forget Zaroon he got a taste of his own medicine!!!! but anyways i'd like to say that everyone acted superbly especially Kashaf and Zaroon!!!!

    • Thank you so much noorie for reading the review and liking it. You are right Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed are doing are a wonderful job and the characters are very well etched out too.

  • Sanam Saeed is working hard to prove her talent in this drama and reaching the top In 'Talkhiyan' for her dialogue delivery and acting. Way to go!

    • agreed. but dont forget this drama totally surronding Kashaf's role only. I feel writer and director done better job then Kashaf's.

  • Fatima, today's review has come straight from your heart. Heart of a woman. A catchy episode infact. I will give Sanam Saeed 10/10 in dialogue delivery.

    • Shoaib absolutely right, it really did come straight from the heart. Sanam Saeed is doing a great job she deserves that score:)

  • Fatima ji aap ka review bahut acha hai, drama se zyada aap ke review ka intezaar rehta hai kai kab aap ka review aye tu hum sahi se drama ko samajh saken i love your review……aur kya aap mujhe bata sakti hain ke yeh comments ka set out kyon change kia gai he? aap ko tu pata hoga na ?

    • saira naseem thank you so much for following the reviews, it really means a lot to me. Are you talking about the comments layout on dramasonline? why, don't you like it? change acha hota hai na kiya khayal hai ap ka?

  • Bravo Kashaf, hats off to Zaroon! I have never cried like this in many years while watching a drama..( I am the sort of a person who cries even when reading a story/novel )
    Sanam and Fawad did full justice to their roles today, they were both so Real..and Mansha /Samina and Mansha / Sanam scenes were too poignant.
    I really look forward to every next episode, but the sad part of it all is that HUM TV management has yet not sorted out their issues with Dish Network USA and watching this play on internet is Excruciating to say the least.
    Fatima, if it was not for your reviews, I would have missed out on some important aspects of the story and dialogues as the uploaded versions are so tacky at times. So thank you and keep up with the Good Work. God Bless.

    • feruabba I hope the issues with Dish Network get sorted out soon, I know it has been too long already. Thank you so much for reading the reviews, I am glad they are proving to be helpful.

  • Loved the episode and your review was just right. Zaroon is a bad, bad person!! Well done Fawad you nailed him.As for kashaf , I felt so bad I almost cried when she was standing alone and considering what happend to her. Zaroon needs his head examined , but sadly there are people like that in life. I agree what is Usama doing with this obnoxious pair… Sheheryaar is improving but please keep working on it. A word for Asamra and that word is fool. people like her are such fools they spend their lives in negativity. Khair Mehreen Raheel was not too bad tthis episode..

    • Sadaf thank you so much for the comment. Sanam Saeed was absolutely brilliant today and FK was spot on as Zaroon, like always:) Yes Asmara is a fool, they get engaged in the next episode , lets see how things go from there.

    • She got married in this episode, they did not show the function. Zaroon gave Kashaf an invitation card too for the wedding but she decided not go.

  • kashif the great she has done a wonderful job .her acting her voice full with tears all is unmatchable.i cant stop me to cry .

    • Yes Saadia totally agree with you sanam Saeed is doing an amazing job as Kashaf, really enjoying her acting.

  • i agree with ' someone' that shouldnt have shown zaroon trying to hit kashaaf. hittung isnt acceptable in any circumstances so should have shown though furious, he didnt think of hitting.

  • zaroon ka character meri samajh se bahir he, bohat hi confused role he us ka, from the very first episode, zaroon's dialogues and role is quite weak and not much impressive( his personality is not clear). this drama could be more refined on dialogues and scripts for zaroon's character specially, kashaf is working great, it seems that writer has put all efforts only on kashaf's dialogues, this is what i feel after watching this drama.

    • i agree to an extent… i dont really know what to say about zaroons character either he is confused or in the middle of a transition from being a care free young adult into a head strong mature man ready to start a family

  • Fantastic episode and a very well written Review. Like I had commented last week, Umera's main leads are very un-hero/heroine like. Zaroon is actually a very shallow person. He is the average Uni guy who thinks only about his popularity and having a great time. He lives in the bubble of his arrogance and easy rich life and has no comprehension about the difficulties faced by others who are not from an affluent background. Kashaf's character is now also so much clearer. Her cynicism about Zaroon, her negativity, her constant cribbing makes so much sense now. She must have endured this sort of a behaviour from many rich class fellows over the years. FK must love playing Zaroon! Who else but Umera gives the actors an opportunity to exhibit a fantastic kaliedoscope of emotions!! He is marvellous as Zaroon and SS as Kashaf is fantastic.What amazing performances! Same must be said about Mansha Pasha and Samina Peerzada. They make the situation so much more poignant and the interaction between sisters is always so hear warming. Ayesha was much better this time. SM and MR again failed to impress. SM needs to work on his dialogue delivery. One of the most satisfying and amazing episode of a serial I have seen for a long long time!Well done Sultana! well done team ZGH!

    • NDL thank you for the comment:) You are right after what happened in this latest episode I think all of us understand better now the reason behind Kashaf’s bitterness. I think this was Shehryar Munawar’s first play so hopefully he will get better with time. Other than that everyone is doing a commendable job and yes the entire team of ZGH deserves credit for making this show what it is.

  • Aaj ki episode bohat achi thi. Sanam aur Fawad ki acting zabardast thi. Buss zaroon ko hath nahi uthana chahiay tha. Lagta hai log bohat jaldi bhool gaye hai Fawad ka Ashk.. :p
    Acha hoga agar Mansha lead role mein aaye

  • your Review about letest Episode was right and i was with Kashaf from the day she went to university… and its true its often happened in Unversities the guys who so called Ameer beghariye hue thinks middle class girls are made for flirt… but Kashaf I love you for today Episode the way you react is remarkable and this what i like the most in Kashaf Role… I saw myself in her just role and i was thinking in the same reaction k agar mere sath hota tu main bhe shaid yahi karte…. BROVO Kashaf you are the role model for so many girls … your mother should proud of u…

    • Misi thank you so much for liking the review and for commenting:) I hope i will be seeing you here more often now.

  • Great review, Fatima. As always. You brought out the finer details and the thought process so well. :)
    Yesterdays episode was as explosive as expected. The dialogues in the library was fantastic. When K said that she is not making a tamasha only of herself but of him as well, was super. She really let him have it. And rightfully so.
    I cried with K, when she broke down at home, now really believing that Allah did not love her, and I wanted to hit Z for his "bad behaviour', which is an understatement. But this just shows how well FK and SS were outstanding in their respective roles. Getting that very desired response from the audience.
    It was a pleasure that the only reference to Murtuza's 2nd wife was the revelation of her name. Also goes to show that, that household wasn't missed at all, and we welcome them being missing from the scene.
    I'm even more curious to know how Z and K will fall in love after this. I cannot imagine how in the world it can happen.
    Special mention of SIdra. She is a delight. Her acting and her being K's strength. So glad they show scenes between the 2 sisters in every episode. I hope they continue with that.

    • Thank you Roh:) You are so right about what K said, loved all of her dialogues and also Zaroon's because we finally saw Zaroon for what he is. I am glad that Kashaf decided to go back to the university soon enough. Yes Fk and SS are absolutely brilliant in their respective roles and I am also dying t find out how the two of them end up together, they hate each other right now!

  • Whoa! You seem to be as much furious at Zaroon as Kashaf was in today's episode (but rightfully so). Lol ;)
    Kudos to Sanam Saeed for those minutes of absolute brilliancy. She was amazing.
    What I really admired about that scene was that Kashaf gave Zaroon a piece of her mind yet didn’t have a breakdown in front of him. At least that jerk didn’t get the satisfaction of seeing how deeply she was hurt/insulted. But was that fight exciting or what!
    You’re right about the ‘fuming’ scene that came later…it was so REAL. Fawad Khan is playing the role of a vain, shallow, petty (the list can go on and on…) young man perfectly.
    Kashaf-Sidra scenes are always moving and their constant support for each other is a treat to watch. More so because they offer such a stark contrast to the ‘sister’ rivalry being shown in every other serial these days.
    Totally agree with your views about Osama. Wonder what happened to ‘birds of a feather…’
    Thankfully, the show will proceed on a faster pace now, judging from the preview.
    It’s interesting to see how Asmara hates Kashaf yet can’t resist mentioning her in conversations. Does she feel threatened by her…?
    ZGH keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait for the next episode XD

    • Fatima lol yes you are right i was really mad at him :) Thank you so much for reading the review and for commenting.

  • awesome episode…………zaroon and all the boys who have such mentality should be treated soo!!thanks khashf you done so our behalf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fatima can you convey onething to admin k plz dramy py comment dyny k liay wo e mail enter krny ki condition khtm krain so that those may also comment who dnt have personal i.d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can u plz tell me why thy put this condition now??????????????????????

    • roha I have asked the admin but honestly speaking I doubt that the rule will change, why don't you make an email address? it really is very easy to make one. what do you say? Having an account has alot of advantages too you know.

  • Well written by Umera. The performance wise all characters are fantastic. The story is feminist then balance, Zaroon Character is not as powerful as Kashaf's. Thatz the reason everyone like Kashaf's role. She has a big ground to play.

  • Good episode and superb review.You are right, the scenes between two sisters were perfect My heart goes out for Kashaf; felt really sorry for her.Superb dialoges and brilliant acting. Sanam Saeed was brilliant in this episode and Fawad almost perfect.

    • anwar sohail thank you so much for taking time out to read the review, for liking them and for commenting:) Yes sanam saeed was exceptional today and I simply love the characterization too. Fawad Khan and Sanam saeed have an exceptional on screen chemistry and both of them own their roles as Kashaf and Zaroon.

  • Thank you for such a nice review Fatima. :) I totally agree to each & every word that you've said but I'd contribute my opinion too. I feel Zaroon is in literal sense a contradicting character. He loves to hang out with girls but doesn't know how to extend some respect to them. He can accept Asmara as his friend or to some extent girl-friend too. He can not accept that girl as a life partner who is already throwing herself on him. Like any typical man out there he has made Khashaf his target because she is not getting carried away by him or his presence. He is so conservative that he can mingle with any girl but will get married to sati savitri only, if he is so clear about his views so why hang out with Asmara; knowing her feelings clearly to begin with? I so don't like his character.

    Kashaf's character, not because the story revolves around her – has so much depth & rationalities that anyone would like to see. I totally love her character. Even though she is someone who is not happy with the things around & whine about a small thing like a pen but walks with her head held high because she knows she has some goal to achieve unlike many out there who go out to study just because they want to flash their degrees in their social circle.

    & now keeping technicality in mind, I guess Fawad Khan needs to work on his dialogue delivery. He literally mutters at times & it gets really hard to understand what he is saying. Even in this episode I actually had to up the volume 3-4 times to get what he said, nor could my husband understand his dialogues in particular. May be because he looks down while speaking & the boom mic on the head doesn't really catch the sound properly. We don't see such problem with anyone else because they are pretty much clear at while speaking but Fawad Khan really needs to work on this, gets really annoying actually!

    • Zahra i totally agree with you about Zaroon and Kashaf and yes Fawad Khan does do that very often. there are many times when we are just left wondering what he said. Other than that I think he is doing a great job as Zaroon as he can easily pass for the spoiled college boy and his expressions are sometimes better than his dislogue delivery. Thank you so much for taking time out and commenting, it really means a lot to me.

    • I too had to strain my ears to understand what Zaroon said in the library before kashaf confronted him. But I think most of that was because the background music was too loud when he spoke. I finally got the dialogues fully after I watched a re-run on a you tube channel where the guy publishes it with subtitles.

      • Roh I watched the scene again and i could hear everyone else very clearly. Can't wait to have youtube back, subtitles sound great!

  • outstanding drama ever…..Best Acting By Everyone……Especially sanam saeed….excellent acting…keep it up….the drama will rock the world….

  • i loved two scenes the most in this episode,…the library one and the second one when zaroon n kashaf were on stairs…and
    i watched them several times…dialogues were more than AWESOME……uff…
    although i have read the novel but these were a treat to watch….

    • Uneza I agree with you both the scenes were very nice. This whole episode deserves to be watched over and over again:)

  • Kashaf is re-introducing us to the long lost concept of self-respect, Khuddari, as we say in Urdu. So few of the new generation of any culture have this. Although I don't like here shikayatein against Allah, i do like her self-respect. It is a lesson ALL people, male and female, can learn from.

  • Absolutely agree with your review! It was a great clash, FK and Sanam were both superb!! So you finally agree Zaroon was actually plotting ..and not just immature!! Kashaf told him that's fore sure, loved her dialogues …..very inspiring!!
    I am so looking fwd to how they ever get together, as it seems impossible! Looks like it moves on swiftly next episode, very excited now, getting better and better:)

    • SK Yes you were so right about Zaroon:) I completely agree with you after watching this episode. Yes I am also dying to find out how they finally get together, a lot to look forward to, can't wait:)

  • fantastic episode, nice review fatima ,conversaion between the two sister is v heart touching,sidra's role is excellent the way she support her sister ,mother is too good, waiting for the next episode

    • Yes Baachaa it was a fantastic episode indeed:) Yes the chemistry between Mansha Pasha and Sanam saeed is exceptional and the scenes are well scripted and directed. Thank you so much for following the reviews and commenting.

  • that particular episode absolutely shaded complete light over zaroon and asmara characterization and their disgusting mentality about other people. infact the people who born with silver spoon in their mouths perceive world around within bubble of their lavish lives where they find nothing exciting with in their lives so come up with offensive ways of giving satisfaction to themselves no matter in that process of immense level of ecstasy, how many innocent hearts they riding over to. They dont feel themselves at any fault as their faulty upbringing fail them to realize the extent of their moral declination. zaroon a contradictory from the very beginning of the play is trapped from his inner core distorted thought patterns where his self is basically split up into two major poles. the polarization of his personality is literally make himself to attain the level where convergence of two may occur thereby making him having a balanced personality. in the name of modernization he is compelling hard to adapt to the so-called western culture in the name of elite social norms. basically forefathers of such people belong to middle class where values exist and in attempt of laddering up to higher class they consciously negate their very basic core. that is where conflict evolves from. same is the case with zaroon, where he's trying to hard to adapt with his socail class but the very inner self of him resists to do it. so, he gets attracted to kashaf on unconcious level but denies the fact and reasoning it as attempts to degrade and breaks off her strong, adamant personality traits as she refuses to bend before his charms despite of all his attempts. she has become a challenge to his bruise ego and to satisfy his quench he can go to any extent. in this process he overlooks the fact what will he do when strongly be knocked off by the opponent who is not less than him in any way possible but might be much better than him in many aspects of life. a person who gets everything in life which he even thinks of how can be expected on to take it on himself when someone rejecting his charms all the time and nothing is going in his favor. his frustration is so evident that he makes it a chess game where for winning he can go to any extent of moral deterioration. the counter attack from kashaf's side was very fanastic and timely. its like the absolutely correct time to knock out the spoiled brat to his very inner core of self that he and the other like him won't dare to do it with others. its an overall lesson to all of them with such sick mentality trashing people especially girls like garbage. well delivered and well-directed episode so far. hats off to the entire team of ZGH. well done keep up the good work.

  • some commentator also mention that in some scenes FK was literally mumbling thereby making it difficult for viewers to figure out what exactly he said so he really in need of improvising his dialogue delivery a little more.

  • now the real turning point would be where two completely contrasting personalities come face to face after achieving something out of life after so long. i hope the needed lesson zaroon might learn till then and come up with much refined and sensible personality.

  • now the real turning point would be where two completely contrasting personalities come face to face after achieving something out of life after so long. i hope the needed lesson zaroon might learn till then and come up with much refined and sensible personality.

  • after their library clash kashaf will give him a damn till the time comes when they come face to face. kashaf will be changed all together more charming and irresistable. if the things go as in the novel then zaroon starts loving kashaf frm university days but realize when re-met her after so long. he wants to marry her, seeking help frm sir abrar. nothing wud going to work until the state come when he's would be in the verge of pleading kashaf to get married with him as he loves her. at first she wont agree but circumstances will force her to step in wedlock.

  • Excellent review Fatima and superb episode that I can watch again and again. Just loved the library scene very nicely directed SS was awesome she really stole the show just wanted to share something here about this scene is that Sultana Siddiqui mention in utho jago pakistan that according to the novel zaroon actually hit Kashaf but Sultana Siddiqui didn't let him hit her heads off to Sultana ji for that. I just loved how she pushed him, I agree that Zaroon is a hypocrate and a bad person who doesn't care about people's emtion. I like Osama's character he is such a nice guy and u r right that he doesn't fit in his friend's circle. Honestly I am liking SM in his charater. Sister scene's are superbly done I can totally relate to that I have that bond with my sis also. I am glad that there was no second wife scenes in todays episode I can totally live without them. Fatima while I am typing the text color is light gray i can harfly see it very annoying can you have them fix that thanks,

    • UAg yes the library scene was absolutely classy and thank you for sharing what Sultana Siddiqui said about it in the launch show. Fawad Khan was brilliant but this episode belonged to Sanam Saeed for sure. I hope the plays goes forward with the same pace and intensity. UAg will get the problem fixed:) Thank you for letting me know. SM just needs to do something about his posture, it is always the same and his dialogue delivery is very unimpressive too. But this i think was his first drama so he will hopefully only get better with time.

  • Hi Fatima!
    I wanted to ask you if you watched the drama raju rocket. I love that drama and I am so sad to see it finish. Now I have nothing to watch at 9 pm. What did you think of that drama. I fell madly in love with Danish taimoor because of this show. Do you know of aiza khan and him are back together or not. I really wish that they would get married. They make such a great couple.

    • Sana I am sorry I did not watch Raju Rocket. It must have been good since you liked it so much. I honestly don't have any updates on Danish and Ayza, I am so sorry but yes they look cute together.

  • OMG, its such a stunning drama, I love the strapping character, none of other, Samina Perzada.. She fits the part in estimable approach…
    Simply, tremendous.

    & of course, Kashaf, remarkable and sentimental.. She is flawless in her capabilities and emotions, the tone she is using is, Impressive.

    Zaroon is too good in his character, but I am agreeing with the majority of pplz here, the way he talk is really un-cleared and quite rude in manners. I think he should improve the vocal quality of him.
    OMG, Asmarah, is really rude and arrogant, I hate the way she criticize Kashaf and stay probing the instant to disgrace her, I really dislike her dressing and above all the way she talk in drama. Her overall get up is totally repulsive.

    • Just saw your comment, you are right about sanam saeed, really like her as Kashaf. Fawad Khan can leave you guessing at times but that is only every now and then otherwise he is great as Zaroon.

  • Fatima,
    i found some weak points in the direction of last episode, when zaroon came to meet kashaf in university , and sits besides kashaf on stairs, the angle of camera was too wrong and it was like zaroon was too closed to kashaf, in fact he was quite on distance to her.

    • Muzna you are right, also in one of the previous episodes when the taya asks Rafia to vacate the house the close up was larger than life like they are in our Punjabi films lol.

      • lolxxx, thats true….

        But , i love the excellence of acting none of other, Samina Peerzada, she is a class and i love the tone of her in all the sequences of drama..

        • Muzna Samina Peerzada never fails to impress and rest of the actors are doing a great job too, don't you think?

  • Sanam Saeed was a 2nd rated actress before doing this role. But now she is a top rated actress in spite of her ever spot and expressionless face. Actually the character of Kashaf Murtaza was so popular since the novel was published in 1998, that whoever would have done it in a well directed play. was likely to become Super Star overnight. I know everyone has not read this novel but who ever once reads it can't forget this particular character. I mean the character is so strong. All the actors playing the role of university students are too old to be university students. A student reached in university at the age of 19 or 20 after completion of Bachelors.

    • Well…sanam was not a 2nd rated actress before doing kashaf's role…….sanam k acting career me Daam aur Mera Naseeb , Mata e Jaan jaise Hits hain….esp Mera Naseeb is the 1 which brought sanam saeed into lime light…which was jst her 2nd drama and a great hit…and after that Mata e jaan…again she was superb in that too..infact she was the only reason many paople used to watch Mata e Jaan..and now Zindagi Gulzar and Talkhiyaan…..so basically what i m trying to say is that…sanam was a top rated actress even before Zindagi Gulzar Hai bcuz of her remarkable acting skills….

      • Sanam was a 2nd rated actress before doing this role. This is a fact . She never played a lead role before ZGH which got popularity. Even her name was un-known to most of the viewers. Talkhiyan started after Zindagi Gulzar Hai and is directed by Khalid Ahmad who is playing the role of Kashaf's Taya jan that is her paternal uncle and Waseem Abbass's brother. I recently saw her in a vulgar video of a song on some channel in which she was dancing with extas. Ali Saleem ( Begum Nawazish Ali) is also in this video. I don't know what is the song and who sung it. I only stopped remote button seeing her face.

        • O hello…we the viewers dont have any concern with stars personal life….so stop spreading any such news regarding any1…ur desperation to make sanam a second rated actress shows tht u r smwhat jeols of her …sounds like envious of her..may b bcuz of some personal reason i guess ..i dnt knw…and for ur kind info Mera Naseeb me sanam ka lead role hi tha agar aapne ghor se dekha ho drama… to there were two female leads i.e sanam and syra..infact sanam was more appreciated by people bcuz of her acting then syra…….

  • I don't watch tv plays regularly. Can anybody tell whether Umera Ahmad's first novel HAM KAHAN KAY SACHCHAY THAY is dramatized or not yet?

  • >