Areeba Habib Talks About The Banning Of Jalan

Areeba Habib is fetching, and a captivating Pakistani Model turned Actress who is grabbing everyone’s attention with her performances. Her passion for arts motivated her to enter the Showbiz Industry. Coming from a non-artistic background so her struggles are quite obvious, yet they are worth the wait.

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Recently Areeba Habib is working on her new project “Jalan”. Due to some reasons “Jalan” was banned by PEMRA.

Sometimes a controversial story-line is all it takes for a Pakistani drama to grab eyeballs and ARY Digital’s Jalan is that one, the latest play that has created a massive stir on social media- for both the right and wrong reasons.

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 One of the most common complaints the critics have with Jalan is that it promotes a scandalous love triangle between a dreamboat of a guy, his wife, and sister-in-law. It also depicts toxic masculinity that thrives on our society.

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Lately Areeba Habib appeared in a interview in which she discussed about the banning of Jalan. She says that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, you should have waited for the ending before taking the decision of banning the drama. 

Further she says that this story is based on what actually happens in our society and this drama in the end will definitely leave a good message for the audience. 

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