Fareeda Shabbir Talks About Husband’s First Wife

Shabbir Jan is a veteran actor who is married to another senior star Fareeda Shabbir. Fareeda is Shabbir Jan’s second wife and the couple has two children, a son and a daughter. Their daughter Yashmeera has also joined the industry recently. They were guests on Madeha Naqvi’s show and talked about their personal life.

Fareeda Shabbir Talks About Husband's First Wife

Shabbir Jan was married before and had six kids. He later on worked with Fareeda and they got together. They had a beautiful life after that. Fareeda shared that she did not have kids from her previous relationship but Allah blessed her with two children when she got married to Shabbir. Shabbir was already a father to six kids who he has taken care of.

Fareeda Shabbir Talks About Husband's First Wife

Here is what he said:

Fareeda Shabbir also shared that her daughter, actress Yashmeera Jan will also be tying the knot soon. She said that her son in law to be is a very humble gentleman and she is very happy with her daughter’s choice. Shabbir Jan is also very fond of him and they are like friends. He is someone they want to see with their daughter as he is very caring and respectful.

Fareeda Shabbir Talks About Husband's First Wife

This is what Shabbir Jan and Fareeda Shabbir revealed:

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